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  • Bloody Romeo (2021)
  • 128 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery
Bloody Romeo (2021)
128 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Some mysterious events are the talk of the town. Amongst these strange incidents there is an introvert, soft hearted guy Romeo; he is happy being single until one day he meets Layla.
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Mukesh Asopa (created by) (story by) (written by) | Anushree Deshpande (screenplay)
Mukesh Asopa (p.g.a.)
Casting Directors
Mukesh Asopa (head of casting) | Twinkle Asopa

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Updated Oct 31, 2021

Release date
Nov 1, 2021 (United States)


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52 cast members
Name Known for
Akshay Asopa
Young Romeo Quadros Young Romeo Quadros   See fewer
Mukesh Asopa
Romeo Quadros Romeo Quadros   See fewer
Natalie DP
Layla Peruz (as Natalie D.P.) Layla Peruz (as Natalie D.P.)   See fewer
Richard Cole
Orion Gagnon Orion Gagnon   See fewer
Emanuel Pantora
Massai (as Emanuel Prince) Massai (as Emanuel Prince)   See fewer
Fady Ghali
Omid Peruz Omid Peruz   See fewer
Vivek Jain
Newell Albright Newell Albright   See fewer
Rajat Sahi
Roy Quadros Roy Quadros   See fewer
Mark Aloe
Hank Quadros Hank Quadros   See fewer
Tracy Mclean-Low
Nice Garcia Nice Garcia   See fewer
James L. Tuff
Andrew Campbel Andrew Campbel   See fewer
Marcus Djan Adams
Waiter - Dan Waiter - Dan   See fewer
Justin Amaral
News Reporter 1 News Reporter 1   See fewer
Dean William Armstrong
Speaker 1 Speaker 1   See fewer
Jesse Artates
Ida Albright Ida Albright   See fewer
Brent Baird
Aimless Man Aimless Man   See fewer
Lyndsay Bannon
Detective Detective   See fewer
Shannon T. Bentley
Anna Anderson Anna Anderson   See fewer
Yazmin Chavez
News Reporter 2 News Reporter 2   See fewer
Wesley Coughlin
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Saumya Das
Speaker 2 Speaker 2   See fewer
Paul Ebejer
Drug Dealer Drug Dealer   See fewer
Taylor Efford
Gracy Hanover Gracy Hanover   See fewer
Paroma Ganguly
Talissa Talissa   See fewer
Greg Gibbons
Matt Hemsworth Matt Hemsworth   See fewer
Cassandra Gruia
Officer Peyton Officer Peyton   See fewer
Alwayne Harris
Office Associate Office Associate   See fewer
Martin Huss
Mike Anderson Mike Anderson   See fewer
Carmine Iacono
Bahram Dalir Bahram Dalir   See fewer
Nida Javed
Morena Diaz Morena Diaz   See fewer
Jai Kohaal
Police Officer J.Lennan Police Officer J.Lennan   See fewer
Mark Logtenberg
Salix's Father Salix's Father   See fewer
Louise Lupo
Mrs. Hopkins Mrs. Hopkins   See fewer
Mark Lutley
Police Officer C. Brown Police Officer C. Brown   See fewer
Rick Poplawski
Mr. Berwin Mr. Berwin   See fewer
Sadie Rose
Kateryna (as Sadie Baramikova) Kateryna (as Sadie Baramikova)   See fewer
Chantal Russell
Anya Lozowski Anya Lozowski   See fewer
Janice Savona
Daisy Clark Daisy Clark   See fewer
Karsh Singh
Nathan Singh (as Utkarsh Singh) Nathan Singh (as Utkarsh Singh)   See fewer
Shaleen Sutherland
Leena Hope Leena Hope   See fewer
Candice Tuff
Dancer With Layla (as Candi Tuff) Dancer With Layla (as Candi Tuff)   See fewer
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