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  • Love Addict (2018)
  • 93 min | Comedy
Love Addict (2018)
93 min | Comedy

Gabriel can't resist a beautiful woman. But his womanizing attitude is taking a toll on his career and social life. He decides to hire a life coach to help him.
Yaël Cojot-Goldberg (original idea) (screenplay) | Thomas Vincent (collaboration) | Daive Cohen (adaptation) | Frank Bellocq (adaptation)
Casting Director

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Release date
Apr 18, 2018 (France)


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49 cast members
Name Known for
Kev Adams
Gabriel Gabriel   See fewer
Mélanie Bernier
Marie-Zoé Marie-Zoé   See fewer
Marc Lavoine
Tonton Joe Tonton Joe   See fewer
Sveva Alviti
Henriette Henriette   See fewer
Michael Madsen
Mr. Dickinson Mr. Dickinson   See fewer
Claude Perron
Régine Régine   See fewer
Stéphane Debac
Gérald Gérald   See fewer
Maxime Gasteuil
Benoît Benoît   See fewer
Clémence Faure
Karine la pyromane Karine la pyromane   See fewer
Guy Lecluyse
Le médecin Le médecin   See fewer
Julie Gayet
Martha Martha   See fewer
Baptiste Lorber
Mathias Mathias   See fewer
Marc Riso
Serge Serge   See fewer
Éric Naggar
M. Debreuil M. Debreuil   See fewer
Julien Ratel
M. Bertrand M. Bertrand   See fewer
Rebecca Azan
Sophie Sophie   See fewer
Marco Panzani
Jacques Jacques   See fewer
Valérie Baurens
Mme Mallarmé Mme Mallarmé   See fewer
Pétronille Moss
Nadège Lemoine Nadège Lemoine   See fewer
Marion Creusvaux
Pauline la voisine Pauline la voisine   See fewer
Big John
Martin le voisin Martin le voisin   See fewer
Majid Berhila
Directeur Général 8 Directeur Général 8   See fewer
Jean-Marc Bellu
Chauffeur de taxi 2 Chauffeur de taxi 2   See fewer
Paloma Coquant
Camille / Cécile Camille / Cécile   See fewer
Camille Moutawakil
Collègue open-space Collègue open-space   See fewer
Colette Kraffe
Martine Martine   See fewer
Méliane Marcaggi
Patricia Patricia   See fewer
Christophe Duthuron
Le médecin 2 Le médecin 2   See fewer
Philippe Rigot
Médecin 3 Médecin 3   See fewer
Pauline Moulin
Docteur en hypnose Docteur en hypnose   See fewer
Sabine Pakora
Femme marabout Femme marabout   See fewer
Niseema Theillaud
Mme Roland (as Niseema) Mme Roland (as Niseema)   See fewer
Lola Andreoni
Juliette coloc Juliette coloc   See fewer
Jeanne-Marie Ducarre
Mélanie coloc Mélanie coloc   See fewer
Yelu Bao
Stéphanie coloc Stéphanie coloc   See fewer
Andy Cocq
L'homme Oyster looké L'homme Oyster looké   See fewer
Antony Cointre
L'homme Oyster débardeur L'homme Oyster débardeur   See fewer
Constance Labbé
La blogueuse aguicheuse La blogueuse aguicheuse   See fewer
Jara Ezo
La blogueuse café La blogueuse café   See fewer
Ava Baya
La blogueuse cri La blogueuse cri   See fewer
Nitsa Benchetrit
Fashion Lady Fashion Lady   See fewer
Tatiana Karma
Femme qui pleure Femme qui pleure   See fewer
Charlotte Forlay
Blogueuse mode (uncredited) Blogueuse mode (uncredited)   See fewer
Lucile Jaillant
La chauffeuse de taxi (uncredited) La chauffeuse de taxi (uncredited)   See fewer
Cidney Khosta
Chef d'entreprise (uncredited) Chef d'entreprise (uncredited)   See fewer
Caroline Le Quang
Fille 'Les Bains' (uncredited) Fille 'Les Bains' (uncredited)   See fewer
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