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  • The Long Road Home Abandon Hope (Season 1, Episode 7)
  • TV-MA
    TV Episode | 44 min | Action, Biography, Drama

The Long Road Home

Abandon Hope (Season 1, Episode 7)
TV Episode | 44 min | Action, Biography, Drama

With a diminishing supply of ammunition, Bourquin struggles to signal helicopters in a desperate attempt to get the men out alive.
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Mikko Alanne (created by) | Amy Louise Johnson (story editor) | Kelly Wiles (story editor) | Martha Raddatz (book)
Production Designer
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Updated Dec 10, 2017

Release date
Dec 12, 2017 (United States)


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67 cast members
Name Known for
Michael Kelly
Gary Volesky Gary Volesky   See fewer
Jason Ritter
Troy Denomy Troy Denomy   See fewer
Kate Bosworth
Gina Denomy Gina Denomy   See fewer
E.J. Bonilla
Lt. Shane Aguero Lt. Shane Aguero   See fewer
Jon Beavers
Sgt. Eric Bourquin Sgt. Eric Bourquin   See fewer
Noel Fisher
Pfc. Tomas Young Pfc. Tomas Young   See fewer
Darius Homayoun
Jassim Al-Lani Jassim Al-Lani   See fewer
Sarah Wayne Callies
Leann Volesky Leann Volesky   See fewer
Jorge Diaz
Spc. Israel Garza Spc. Israel Garza   See fewer
Ian Quinlan
Spc. Robert Arsiaga Spc. Robert Arsiaga   See fewer
Jeremy Sisto
Sgt. Robert Miltenberger Sgt. Robert Miltenberger   See fewer
Thomas McDonell
Spc. Carl Wild Spc. Carl Wild   See fewer
Carter Redwood
Spc. Pedro Guzman Spc. Pedro Guzman   See fewer
Joey Luthman
Spc. Jonathan Riddell Spc. Jonathan Riddell   See fewer
Patrick Schwarzenegger
Sgt. Ben Hayhurst Sgt. Ben Hayhurst   See fewer
Roland Buck III
Spc. Rafael Martin Spc. Rafael Martin   See fewer
Joshua Brennan
Sgt. Jackson Sgt. Jackson   See fewer
Karina Ortiz
Lupita Garza Lupita Garza   See fewer
Katie Paxton
Amber Aguero Amber Aguero   See fewer
Kenny Leu
Sgt. Eddie Chen Sgt. Eddie Chen   See fewer
Jill Blackwood
Belinda Miltenberger Belinda Miltenberger   See fewer
Jennifer Griffin
Thaunia Hardie Thaunia Hardie   See fewer
Yesenia Garcia
Angel Munoz Angel Munoz   See fewer
Devyn Placide
Pfc. Derrick Perry Pfc. Derrick Perry   See fewer
Ian Pala
Spc. Seth Weibley Spc. Seth Weibley   See fewer
Christopher Dontrell Piper
Sgt. Reginald Butler Sgt. Reginald Butler   See fewer
Luis Amory
Ssg. Alfonso Miranda Ssg. Alfonso Miranda   See fewer
Mike Davis
Cpt. Dylan Randazzo Cpt. Dylan Randazzo   See fewer
Alex Ross
Sgt. Jerry Swope Sgt. Jerry Swope   See fewer
Ezekiel Z. Swinford
Spc. Matt Fisk Spc. Matt Fisk   See fewer
Micah Pediford
Cpl. Shane Coleman Cpl. Shane Coleman   See fewer
Garrett Graham
Cpt. John Moore Cpt. John Moore   See fewer
Jordan Elsass
17 Year Old Eric 17 Year Old Eric   See fewer
Charlie Ray Reid
8 Year Old Eric 8 Year Old Eric   See fewer
Ky Wulfe
Danny Bouquin Danny Bouquin   See fewer
Brayden Scott
Alex Volesky (as Brayden Barone) Alex Volesky (as Brayden Barone)   See fewer
Stella Rose
Mina Aguero Mina Aguero   See fewer
Parker Weathersbee
Elijah Aguero Elijah Aguero   See fewer
Josh Blaylock
Spc. Packwood Spc. Packwood   See fewer
Ammie Masterson
School Nurse (as Ammie Leonards) School Nurse (as Ammie Leonards)   See fewer
Peter Karas
Essam (as Peter Malek) Essam (as Peter Malek)   See fewer
Rana Haddad
Samira Samira   See fewer
Austin Alexander
Bourquin's Father Bourquin's Father   See fewer
Karina Dominguez
Social Worker Social Worker   See fewer
Brandon Charles Chesser
SPC Jonathan Denny SPC Jonathan Denny   See fewer
Derrick D. Edmond
SGT. Eddie Gonzales / Insurgent SGT. Eddie Gonzales / Insurgent   See fewer
Madison Godfrey
Sgt. Bellamy Sgt. Bellamy   See fewer
Justin Hall
SPC Arambula SPC Arambula   See fewer
Joshua Hawkins
U.S. Army Spc. Hendrickson U.S. Army Spc. Hendrickson   See fewer
Michael Myles Hayes
Churchgoer (as Michael Hayes) Churchgoer (as Michael Hayes)   See fewer
Andrew Michael Johnson
SPC Joshua Rogers SPC Joshua Rogers   See fewer
Devonne Palmer
Corporal Allan Alexander Corporal Allan Alexander   See fewer
Bruce Peacock
SSG Haubert SSG Haubert   See fewer
Ronnie Sanders
Wedding Reception Wedding Reception   See fewer
Franklin Silverio
SPC Acevedo SPC Acevedo   See fewer
John Trentacoste Jr.
SPC Sean Crabbe SPC Sean Crabbe   See fewer
Felix Ortiz Cruz
Insurgent (uncredited) Insurgent (uncredited)   See fewer
Shafayet Faraizi
Rashid / Insurgent (uncredited) Rashid / Insurgent (uncredited)   See fewer
Cherif Gacis
Mahdi Army (uncredited) Mahdi Army (uncredited)   See fewer
Dorianna Gilbert
Chaplain Kid (uncredited) Chaplain Kid (uncredited)   See fewer
Joseph Marshall
Soldier (uncredited) Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Charlie Parrish
Burkholder (uncredited) Burkholder (uncredited)   See fewer
Kimberly Ryans
Church Goer (uncredited) Church Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
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