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  • Daddy (III) (2017)
  • Not Rated
    134 min | Action, Biography, Crime
Daddy (III) (2017)
Not Rated
134 min | Action, Biography, Crime

Spanning the 1970s and 1980s, this is the sensational true story of Arun Gawli, who grew up in Mumbai's impoverished Dagdi Chawl, to become a dreaded don, politician, and rival of India's most powerful crime boss, Dawood Ibrahim.
Ashim Ahluwalia | Sachin Dharekar (Associate screenplay and dialogue writer) | Asad Hussain (dialogue) | Arjun Rampal | Ritesh Shah (dialogue)
Deepa Bhatia | Navnita Sen (as Navnita Sen Datta)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Sep 8, 2017 (United States)


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123 cast members
Name Known for
Arjun Rampal
Arun Gawli Arun Gawli   See fewer
Aishwarya Rajesh
Zubeida Mujawar / Asha Gawli Zubeida Mujawar / Asha Gawli   See fewer
Nishikant Kamat
Inspector Vijaykar Nitin Inspector Vijaykar Nitin   See fewer
Rajesh Shringarpure
Rama Naik (as Rajesh Shringarpore) Rama Naik (as Rajesh Shringarpore)   See fewer
Usha Naik
Arun's Mother Arun's Mother   See fewer
Deepak Damle
Phamplet Bandya Phamplet Bandya   See fewer
Raj Arjun
Rafique Rafique   See fewer
Vijay Sanap
Salim Gurda Salim Gurda   See fewer
Maqsood Goon 1 Maqsood Goon 1   See fewer
Sujit Acharya
Judge 3 Judge 3   See fewer
Prabhakar Ahire
Rama Killing Inspector 1 Rama Killing Inspector 1   See fewer
Farhan Akhtar
Maqsood (modeled on Dawood Ibrahim) Maqsood (modeled on Dawood Ibrahim)   See fewer
Mir Amar
Samad Khan Samad Khan   See fewer
Maqsood Gang Girl 4 Maqsood Gang Girl 4   See fewer
Deepti Avlan
Vijaykar's Wife Vijaykar's Wife   See fewer
Arun Brother 2 Arun Brother 2   See fewer
Ajinkya Band
Ganpati Band Ganpati Band   See fewer
Amar Banerjee
Gulab (Father) Gulab (Father)   See fewer
Naresh Banker
Jail Tiffin Carrier Jail Tiffin Carrier   See fewer
Sonika Barwa
Rama's Teen Bride Rama's Teen Bride   See fewer
Nitin Bhajan
Uma (Rama's Brother) Uma (Rama's Brother)   See fewer
Kiran Sharadrao Bhalerao
Manish Duggal Manish Duggal   See fewer
Nitin Bodhare
Matka Den Customer Matka Den Customer   See fewer
Ganpati Band Ganpati Band   See fewer
Arun Bodyguard 1 Arun Bodyguard 1   See fewer
Kamna Singh Chandel
Mhatre's Maid (as Kamna Singh) Mhatre's Maid (as Kamna Singh)   See fewer
Senior Inspector 2 (Mhatre Killing) Senior Inspector 2 (Mhatre Killing)   See fewer
Raymond D'Souza
BRA Gang Member 5 BRA Gang Member 5   See fewer
Sanjay Dadheech
Papa Gawli Papa Gawli   See fewer
Pratibha Date
Rama's Mother Rama's Mother   See fewer
Kid (On stage) Kid (On stage)   See fewer
Prashant Deshpande
Politician Shinde Politician Shinde   See fewer
Sanjay Dev
Prosecution Lawyer Prosecution Lawyer   See fewer
Sara (Zubeida Sister) Sara (Zubeida Sister)   See fewer
Kid Geetha (6 yrs) Kid Geetha (6 yrs)   See fewer
Thug Thug   See fewer
Vinendra Dinkar
Investigation Officer2 Investigation Officer2   See fewer
Nidhi Gambhir
Last Case Reporter Last Case Reporter   See fewer
Kiran Giri
Ganpati Song Singer 2 Ganpati Song Singer 2   See fewer
Eid Muslim Politician Eid Muslim Politician   See fewer
Anand Ingle
Babu Reshim Babu Reshim   See fewer
Union Thug Union Thug   See fewer
Young Shooter Boy 4 Young Shooter Boy 4   See fewer
BRA Gang Member 1 BRA Gang Member 1   See fewer
Hridaynath Jadhav
Investigation Officer1 Investigation Officer1   See fewer
BRA Gang Member 2 BRA Gang Member 2   See fewer
Vidyadhar Joshi
Politician Politician   See fewer
Raj Karan
Investigation Officer 3 Investigation Officer 3   See fewer
Majid Khan
Judge 2 Judge 2   See fewer
DCP 2 DCP 2   See fewer
Maqsood Goon 4 Maqsood Goon 4   See fewer
Sharan Makkar
Judge 1 Judge 1   See fewer
Young Shooter Boy 3 Young Shooter Boy 3   See fewer
Maqsood Gang Member 4 Maqsood Gang Member 4   See fewer
Richa Meena
Geeta Gawli Geeta Gawli   See fewer
Aatif Miyariwala
Baby Geeta 1 Baby Geeta 1   See fewer
Maqsood Gang Member 2 Maqsood Gang Member 2   See fewer
Underage Girl (Whorehouse) Underage Girl (Whorehouse)   See fewer
Mohd Mudassir
Rama's Kid Rama's Kid   See fewer
Dead Body (Fake Arun) Dead Body (Fake Arun)   See fewer
Arun Bodyguard 2 Arun Bodyguard 2   See fewer
Satya Narayan
Stenographer Stenographer   See fewer
Kid In Tunnel 3 Kid In Tunnel 3   See fewer
Politician 3 Politician 3   See fewer
Shubda Nayak
Female Lawyer Female Lawyer   See fewer
Vijay Nikam
Ashok Joshi Ashok Joshi   See fewer
Senior Inspector 1 (Mhatre Killing) Senior Inspector 1 (Mhatre Killing)   See fewer
Maqsood Goon 3 Maqsood Goon 3   See fewer
Girish Pal
Sachit Sachit   See fewer
Sandip Pandey
Politician 2 Politician 2   See fewer
Sahil Singh Parashar
Ice Cream Vendor (as Sahil Parashar) Ice Cream Vendor (as Sahil Parashar)   See fewer
Navya Patel
Baby Geeta 2 Baby Geeta 2   See fewer
Raju Patel
Parekh Bhai Parekh Bhai   See fewer
Arun Sister 2 Arun Sister 2   See fewer
Arun Sister 1 Arun Sister 1   See fewer
Young Shooter Boy 1 Young Shooter Boy 1   See fewer
Pratik Rajh
Witness in Court Witness in Court   See fewer
Maqsood Gang Member 1 Maqsood Gang Member 1   See fewer
Asha Bodyguard 2 Asha Bodyguard 2   See fewer
Hrudaynath Rane
Parasiya (Matka Den Owner) Parasiya (Matka Den Owner)   See fewer
Rama Killing Inspector 2 Rama Killing Inspector 2   See fewer
Kid with Cash Kid with Cash   See fewer
Maqsood Gang Girl 2 Maqsood Gang Girl 2   See fewer
BRA Gang Member 4 BRA Gang Member 4   See fewer
Kid In Tunnel 2 Kid In Tunnel 2   See fewer
Maqsood Gang Member 3 Maqsood Gang Member 3   See fewer
Kid In Tunnel 4 Kid In Tunnel 4   See fewer
Mir Sarwar
Actor Actor   See fewer
Uma Sawe
Reporter 2 Reporter 2   See fewer
Tejash Shah
Mahesh Mahesh   See fewer
BRA Gang Member 3 BRA Gang Member 3   See fewer
Jai Sharma
Reporter 1 Reporter 1   See fewer
Nd Sharma
Giridhar Tyagi Giridhar Tyagi   See fewer
Richa Sharma
Maqsood Gang Girl 3 Maqsood Gang Girl 3   See fewer
Shivam Sharma
Mhatre Shooter Raju Mhatre Shooter Raju   See fewer
Young Shooter Boy 2 Young Shooter Boy 2   See fewer
Saheb Singh
Body Guard Body Guard   See fewer
Tito Singh
Suresh Baje Suresh Baje   See fewer
Yash Sher Singh
Ameer Lambu Ameer Lambu   See fewer
Kid In Tunnel 1 Kid In Tunnel 1   See fewer
Natasa Stankovic
Dancer in the song Zindagi meri dance dance Dancer in the song Zindagi meri dance dance   See fewer
Asha Bodyguard 1 Asha Bodyguard 1   See fewer
Kid with message on back Kid with message on back   See fewer
Maqsood Gang Girl 1 Maqsood Gang Girl 1   See fewer
Maqsood Goon 2 Maqsood Goon 2   See fewer
Jayshankar Tripathi
Politician (as Jayashankar Tripathi) Politician (as Jayashankar Tripathi)   See fewer
Sanjay Vichare
MLA Mhatre MLA Mhatre   See fewer
Arun Brother 1 Arun Brother 1   See fewer
Arvind Wahi
Police Commissioner Police Commissioner   See fewer
Pappu Borivali Pappu Borivali   See fewer
Ganpati Song Singer 1 Ganpati Song Singer 1   See fewer
Female Judge Female Judge   See fewer
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