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  • Brillantissime (2018)
  • 95 min | Comedy, Romance
Brillantissime (2018)
95 min | Comedy, Romance

After getting dumped on Christmas Eve, Angela must rebuild her life surrounded by her rebellious teenager, her tyrannical mother, her hysterical best friend, and a weird psychologist.
Geraldine Aron (play My Brilliant Divorce) | Lionel Dutemple (adaptation) (screenplay) | Michèle Laroque (adaptation) (screenplay) | Benjamin Morgaine (adaptation) (screenplay)
Production Designer

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Release date
Jan 17, 2018 (France)


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51 cast members
Name Known for
Kad Merad
Docteur Steinman Docteur Steinman   See fewer
Gérard Darmon
Georges Georges   See fewer
Rossy de Palma
Charline Charline   See fewer
Arthur Jacquin
Hot Stick Hot Stick   See fewer
Marthe Villalonga
Copine bridge 1 Copine bridge 1   See fewer
Nora Vlady
Svetlana Svetlana   See fewer
Michèle Moretti
Copine bridge 2 Copine bridge 2   See fewer
Doïna Laroque
Copine bridge 3 Copine bridge 3   See fewer
Claudine Coster
Claudine Claudine   See fewer
Patrice Quarteron
L'homme Meetic L'homme Meetic   See fewer
Valérie Leboutte
La femme rue La femme rue   See fewer
Éric Denize
L'homme rue (as Eric Denize) L'homme rue (as Eric Denize)   See fewer
Stéphanie Papanian
L'hôtesse L'hôtesse   See fewer
Jean Benguigui
Le boucher Le boucher   See fewer
Gino Colombo
Le passager dans la file Le passager dans la file   See fewer
Charlie Dupont
Patient 1 Patient 1   See fewer
Moussa Maaskri
Patient 2 / Caissier sex-shop Patient 2 / Caissier sex-shop   See fewer
Pierre Palmade
Patient 3 Patient 3   See fewer
Nadège Beausson-Diagne
La cliente fruits La cliente fruits   See fewer
Georges Neri
Le vieux monsieur Le vieux monsieur   See fewer
Nicole Rubi
Nicole Nicole   See fewer
Jean-Patrice Mege
Le vendeur fleurs Le vendeur fleurs   See fewer
Thérèse Chimili
La vendeuse fleurs La vendeuse fleurs   See fewer
Sandrine Lacroix
L'infirmière réa L'infirmière réa   See fewer
Nicole Galy
La prof de danse La prof de danse   See fewer
Dominique Rémy
Serveur terrasse Serveur terrasse   See fewer
Julia Vignali
La gynécologue La gynécologue   See fewer
Frank Cicurel
L'élève présentateur L'élève présentateur   See fewer
Éléonore Costes
Larcy (as Eléonore Cortes) Larcy (as Eléonore Cortes)   See fewer
Alfred Cremisi
Le rabbin Le rabbin   See fewer
Philippe Lacheau
Parachutiste 1 Parachutiste 1   See fewer
Tarek Boudali
Parachutiste 2 Parachutiste 2   See fewer
Élodie Fontan
Parachutiste 3 Parachutiste 3   See fewer
Julien Arruti
Parachutiste 4 Parachutiste 4   See fewer
Michel Bompoil
Supporter foot Supporter foot   See fewer
Xavier Bacquet
Vendeur Truffaut Vendeur Truffaut   See fewer
Laure Rivaud-Pearce
Réceptionniste clinique Réceptionniste clinique   See fewer
Frédéric Poma
Professeur école campus Professeur école campus   See fewer
Simine Iemma
Homme concert public Homme concert public   See fewer
Marvin Sun Leuh
Copain Hot Stick Copain Hot Stick   See fewer
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