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  • Looking for Teddy (2018)
  • 82 min | Comedy
Looking for Teddy (2018)
82 min | Comedy

A father enlists the help of an airport employee on a quest to find his daughter's teddy.
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Nessim Chikhaoui (collaboration) | Julien Hervé (screenplay) | Philippe Mechelen (screenplay)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Jun 20, 2018 (France)


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39 cast members
Name Known for
Kad Merad
Michel Barré Michel Barré   See fewer
Malik Bentalha
Sofiane Sofiane   See fewer
David Salles
Thierry Thierry   See fewer
Guy Marchand
Le beau Francis Le beau Francis   See fewer
Isabelle Sadoyan
Marie-Luce Gramont Marie-Luce Gramont   See fewer
Enya Baroux
Marie-Christine Gramont Marie-Christine Gramont   See fewer
Gabriel Washer
Maxence Maxence   See fewer
Alain Rimoux
Le châtelain Le châtelain   See fewer
Elie Semoun
Gouthard Gouthard   See fewer
Claire Viville
L'hôtesse Sarah L'hôtesse Sarah   See fewer
Vanessa Ponce
L'hôtesse Vanessa L'hôtesse Vanessa   See fewer
Manda Touré
Vendeuse duty-free Vendeuse duty-free   See fewer
Julia Vignali
Femme Michel Femme Michel   See fewer
Jehanne Pasquet
Fille Michel Fille Michel   See fewer
Thierry Garcia
Chanteur Chanteur   See fewer
Sandy Rieger
Hôtesse retraite Hôtesse retraite   See fewer
Olivier Baroux
Le père de Marie-Christine Le père de Marie-Christine   See fewer
Florence Maury
La mère de Marie-Christine La mère de Marie-Christine   See fewer
Méliane Marcaggi
La mère du gamin La mère du gamin   See fewer
Ilan Bechter
Gamin station-service Gamin station-service   See fewer
Christophe Duthuron
Prof amphithéâtre Prof amphithéâtre   See fewer
Marilou Aussilloux
Etudiante fliquette (as Marilou Aussiloux) Etudiante fliquette (as Marilou Aussiloux)   See fewer
Quentin Serres
Etudiant pas balance Etudiant pas balance   See fewer
Farida Ouchani
Maria la gouvernante Maria la gouvernante   See fewer
Fabrice Cals
Convive Convive   See fewer
Alexandra Mercouroff
Anne-Catherine adoption Anne-Catherine adoption   See fewer
Michel Scotto di Carlo
Guy-Patrick adoption Guy-Patrick adoption   See fewer
Fabienne Galula
Léa la concierge Léa la concierge   See fewer
Ludovic Berthillot
Fred le concierge Fred le concierge   See fewer
Gwenaël Clause
Patron du bar Patron du bar   See fewer
Fatah Boudia
Homme container Homme container   See fewer
Anastasia Augst
Actress Actress   See fewer
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