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  • Short | Short, Crime
Cadillac Respect
Short | Short, Crime

Salvatore Allante a sociopath who is the head of an Italian crime syndicate physically destroys everything and everyone around him except for his one true love. Enter Salvatore's mind as his life spirals into madness.
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Updated May 22, 2017


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55 cast members
Name Known for
Eric Roberts
Mayor Deville Mayor Deville   See fewer
John Schneider
Commissioner Lemont Commissioner Lemont   See fewer
James Duval
Governor Hughes Governor Hughes   See fewer
Larry Hankin
Mr. Hankin Mr. Hankin   See fewer
Noel Gugliemi
Franco Espera Franco Espera   See fewer
Butch Patrick
Retired Police Chief Retired Police Chief   See fewer
Dawna Lee Heising
Kristi Catera Kristi Catera   See fewer
Lynn Lowry
Senator Aurora Senator Aurora   See fewer
Jake Roberts
Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Jake 'The Snake' Roberts   See fewer
Rodney Rush
Tommy Palomino Tommy Palomino   See fewer
Jon Bailey
Narrator Narrator   See fewer
Gerald Okamura
Grandmaster Okita Yoshinari Grandmaster Okita Yoshinari   See fewer
Aki Aleong
Sonny Fei Sonny Fei   See fewer
Mel Novak
Rev. Dragan Mesaros Rev. Dragan Mesaros   See fewer
Troy Fromin
Detective Moretti Detective Moretti   See fewer
Clem Caserta
Vincent Allante Vincent Allante   See fewer
Paul Van Scott
Derek Solenberg Derek Solenberg   See fewer
James Balsamo
Detective Eldorado Detective Eldorado   See fewer
Katarina Severen
Freya Allante (as Katarina Leigh Waters) Freya Allante (as Katarina Leigh Waters)   See fewer
Melody Peng
Dana Qichao Dana Qichao   See fewer
Alyss Winkler
Donna Winters Donna Winters   See fewer
Dylan Postl
Swoggle Swoggle   See fewer
Kat Leroy
Vesna Farkas (as Kath Leroy) Vesna Farkas (as Kath Leroy)   See fewer
Moses J. Moseley
Chris Ayers Chris Ayers   See fewer
Joshua Basili
Benjamin Laurenzi Benjamin Laurenzi   See fewer
Alicia Guastaferro
Rosalia Ferrari Rosalia Ferrari   See fewer
Dorien Rose Duinker
Alexius Allante Alexius Allante   See fewer
Razor Rizzotti
Frank Luciano Frank Luciano   See fewer
Laura Ellen Wilson
Zaria Calais Zaria Calais   See fewer
Gregory Blair
Charlie Fleetwood Charlie Fleetwood   See fewer
Mark Behar
Nightclub Manager (as Bruce Jenner) Nightclub Manager (as Bruce Jenner)   See fewer
Nika Ostoic
Gabrijela Calais Gabrijela Calais   See fewer
Alexandre Alonso
Angelo Allante Angelo Allante   See fewer
Murphy Lee
Cedric Benson Cedric Benson   See fewer
Michelle Lewis
Andrea Sims Andrea Sims   See fewer
Clinton Harris
Andrew Hawk Andrew Hawk   See fewer
Laura Saxon
Brynja Calais Brynja Calais   See fewer
Nikolas Grasso
Salvatore Allante Salvatore Allante   See fewer
Shawn Alli
Marcus Corday Marcus Corday   See fewer
Suzana Trifkovic
Emiliana Vinci Emiliana Vinci   See fewer
Elio Antonini
Rico Allante Rico Allante   See fewer
Barry Altelaar
Valdimar Axelsson Valdimar Axelsson   See fewer
Ras Kass
Jason Holloway Jason Holloway   See fewer
Blaze Ya Dead Homie
Jimmy the pimp Jimmy the pimp   See fewer
Mariana Preda
First Love First Love   See fewer
Natalie Lawton
Princess Princess   See fewer
Taylor Burskey
Lucy Parker Lucy Parker   See fewer
Gary Kiser
Daniel Lewis Daniel Lewis   See fewer
Michael Robert Leonard
Jack 'The Butcher' Cornell Jack 'The Butcher' Cornell   See fewer
Luíz Castro
Detective Ramos Detective Ramos   See fewer
Tom Pacheco
Maximiliano Maximiliano   See fewer
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