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  • Loro 1 (2018)
  • 104 min | Biography, Drama
Loro 1 (2018)
104 min | Biography, Drama

A film about the life of Silvio Berlusconi.
Paolo Sorrentino (story) (screenplay) | Umberto Contarello (screenplay)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Sep 20, 2019 (United States)


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42 cast members
Name Known for
Toni Servillo
Silvio Berlusconi Silvio Berlusconi   See fewer
Elena Sofia Ricci
Veronica Lario Veronica Lario   See fewer
Riccardo Scamarcio
Sergio Morra Sergio Morra   See fewer
Euridice Axen
Tamara Tamara   See fewer
Fabrizio Bentivoglio
Santino Recchia Santino Recchia   See fewer
Roberto De Francesco
Fabrizio Sala Fabrizio Sala   See fewer
Dario Cantarelli
Paolo Spagnolo Paolo Spagnolo   See fewer
Anna Bonaiuto
Cupa Caiafa Cupa Caiafa   See fewer
Giovanni Esposito
Mariano Apicella Mariano Apicella   See fewer
Ugo Pagliai
Mike Bongiorno Mike Bongiorno   See fewer
Ricky Memphis
Riccardo Pasta Riccardo Pasta   See fewer
Duccio Camerini
Rocco Barbaro Rocco Barbaro   See fewer
Yann Gael
Michel Martinez Michel Martinez   See fewer
Lorenzo Gioielli
Senatore Senatore   See fewer
Alice Pagani
Stella Stella   See fewer
Caroline Tillette
Violetta Saba Violetta Saba   See fewer
Iaia Forte
Nuotatrice Nuotatrice   See fewer
Michela Cescon
Marinella Marinella   See fewer
Mattia Sbragia
Fedele Confalonieri Fedele Confalonieri   See fewer
Roberto Herlitzka
Crepuscolo Crepuscolo   See fewer
Milvia Marigliano
Signora Telefonata Signora Telefonata   See fewer
Giulia Alberti
Presentatrice Tv Presentatrice Tv   See fewer
Claudia Conte
Actress Actress   See fewer
Paolo Buglioni
Ernesto Morra Ernesto Morra   See fewer
Marina Evangelista
Local Products Presenter Local Products Presenter   See fewer
Tommaso Foglio
Nipote di Berlusconi Nipote di Berlusconi   See fewer
Giulio Greco
Pool Party Guest Pool Party Guest   See fewer
Lena Pia Hammerstingl
Runway Model Runway Model   See fewer
Lorenzo Marte
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Giulia Pagnacco
Jayne Mansfield Jayne Mansfield   See fewer
Alina Person
Invitata festa Villa Morena Invitata festa Villa Morena   See fewer
Jessica Piccolo Valerani
Antonellina Antonellina   See fewer
Giulia Rinallo
Cubista Cubista   See fewer
Fabio Rossini
Capo Scorta Santino Capo Scorta Santino   See fewer
Pasqualina Sanna
Noemi Letizia Noemi Letizia   See fewer
Gigi Savoia
Elio Letizia Elio Letizia   See fewer
Giulia Todaro
Miss Lato B Miss Lato B   See fewer
Andrea Seno
Self - bodyguard (uncredited) Self - bodyguard (uncredited)   See fewer
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