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  • Cheaper by the Dozen (2022)
  • PG
    107 min | Comedy, Family
Cheaper by the Dozen (2022)
107 min | Comedy, Family

The raucous exploits of a blended family of 12, the Bakers, as they navigate a hectic home life while simultaneously managing their family business.
Frank B. Gilbreth Jr. (novel) (as Frank Bunker Gilbreth Jr.) | Ernestine Gilbreth Carey (novel) | Craig Titley (story) | Kenya Barris (story) (written by) | Jenifer Rice-Genzuk (story) (as Jenifer Rice-Genzuk Henry) (written by) (as Jenifer Rice-Genzuk Henry)
Casting Director
Kim Coleman (as Kim Taylor-Coleman)
Production Designer
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Updated Mar 16, 2022

Release date
Mar 18, 2022 (United States)


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73 cast members
Name Known for
Gabrielle Union
Zoey Baker Zoey Baker   See fewer
Zach Braff
Paul Baker Paul Baker   See fewer
Timon Kyle Durrett
Dom Clayton (as Timon Durrett) Dom Clayton (as Timon Durrett)   See fewer
Brittany Daniel
Melanie Melanie   See fewer
Cynthia Daniel
Michele (as Cynthia Daniel Hauser) Michele (as Cynthia Daniel Hauser)   See fewer
Simeon Othello Daise
Chris (as Simeon Daise) Chris (as Simeon Daise)   See fewer
Alijah Francis
Drag Race Announcer Drag Race Announcer   See fewer
Cynthia Murell
Paul's Sister Paul's Sister   See fewer
Easton Zalamea
Danny Chen Danny Chen   See fewer
Kyrie Mcalpin
8 Year Old Deja (as Kyrie McAlpin) 8 Year Old Deja (as Kyrie McAlpin)   See fewer
Nicole Kornet
Calabasas Player Calabasas Player   See fewer
Carlos Santos
Basketball Announcer Basketball Announcer   See fewer
Bryce Adam Brown
Nerdy Friend #1 Nerdy Friend #1   See fewer
Dylan Kento Curtis
Nerdy Friend #2 Nerdy Friend #2   See fewer
Lauren Gaw
Kayla Kayla   See fewer
Nancy Harding
Real Estate Agent Real Estate Agent   See fewer
Sierra Swartz
Kimmy Baron Kimmy Baron   See fewer
David St. James
Steve Security Guard Steve Security Guard   See fewer
Abby Elliott
Tricia Tricia   See fewer
Amber Kellehan
Clerk (as Amber Nichole Kellehan) Clerk (as Amber Nichole Kellehan)   See fewer
Jake Getman
Dylan / Friendly Student Dylan / Friendly Student   See fewer
Matthew Bellows
Calabasas Coach Calabasas Coach   See fewer
Lola Raie
Talia Talia   See fewer
Erika Medina
Karen Pool Club Mom Karen Pool Club Mom   See fewer
Karen Armstrong
School Receptionist School Receptionist   See fewer
John O'Brien
Principal Principal   See fewer
Annie Tezuka
Female Shopper Female Shopper   See fewer
Christina Anthony
Airline Attendant Airline Attendant   See fewer
Rafael Cabrera
Neighborhood Man Neighborhood Man   See fewer
Ron Funches
Seth's Neighbor Seth's Neighbor   See fewer
Niam Saharan
3 Year Old Haresh 3 Year Old Haresh   See fewer
Jacob Sandler
Mean Kid #1 Mean Kid #1   See fewer
Elias Murphy
3 Year Old DJ 3 Year Old DJ   See fewer
Annalyn Black
4 Year Old Harley 4 Year Old Harley   See fewer
David Villar
Bert the Birdman Bert the Birdman   See fewer
Logan Sigston
Town Car Driver Town Car Driver   See fewer
LaTonya Swann
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Emilie Bezler
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Taylor Thomas
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Mykell Wilson
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Jacob Dimenstein
Dancer (as Jacob Marc Dimenstein) Dancer (as Jacob Marc Dimenstein)   See fewer
Joseph Slaughter
Dancer (as Joe Slaughter) Dancer (as Joe Slaughter)   See fewer
Mark Jirgis
Baby Haresh Baby Haresh   See fewer
Kanyinsola F. Agboola
Guest (uncredited) Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Laura Linda Bradley
Pink Lady (uncredited) Pink Lady (uncredited)   See fewer
Ren Burttet
Officer (uncredited) Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Teddy Day
Water Gun Kid (uncredited) Water Gun Kid (uncredited)   See fewer
Mathew Trent Hunnicutt
Neighbor (uncredited) Neighbor (uncredited)   See fewer
Dano iFergus
Pedistrian Office Worker (uncredited) Pedistrian Office Worker (uncredited)   See fewer
Tiffany Jackson
Basketball Player (uncredited) Basketball Player (uncredited)   See fewer
Marie Kelli
Assistant Coach (uncredited) Assistant Coach (uncredited)   See fewer
Bryan Kreutz
Pompous Pool Dad (uncredited) Pompous Pool Dad (uncredited)   See fewer
Sarah Owens
Cotton Candy Vendor (uncredited) Cotton Candy Vendor (uncredited)   See fewer
Radcliff Redding
Zoey's Dad (uncredited) Zoey's Dad (uncredited)   See fewer
Lyonne Sakamoto
Ming (uncredited) Ming (uncredited)   See fewer
Savannah Starr
Trisha's Daughter (uncredited) Trisha's Daughter (uncredited)   See fewer
Isaac William
Two Men & A Truck Mover (uncredited) Two Men & A Truck Mover (uncredited)   See fewer
Alaina Wilson
Employee (uncredited) Employee (uncredited)   See fewer
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