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  • Breakthrough (2018)
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Breakthrough (2018)

Heaven will be challenged by tough decisions, pushed to her potential, and embraces her destiny that God has planned; His grace over her life will position her path to overcoming adversities which will propel her to greatness.
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Release date
Jun 28, 2018 (United States)


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79 cast members
Name Known for
Charmin Lee
Lisa Turner Lisa Turner   See fewer
Karon Riley
Officer Lorenzo Daryl Officer Lorenzo Daryl   See fewer
Tony J. Scott
Mayor Michael Turner (as Tony Scott) Mayor Michael Turner (as Tony Scott)   See fewer
Sean Anthony Baker
Pastor Camon (as Sean Baker) Pastor Camon (as Sean Baker)   See fewer
Deetta West
Grace Drye Grace Drye   See fewer
Nasir Rahim
Officer Terry Johnson Officer Terry Johnson   See fewer
Skyler Semien
Heaven Cooper Heaven Cooper   See fewer
Barry Piacente
Grandpa Grandpa   See fewer
Lem Collins
William Jenkins William Jenkins   See fewer
Shay Mack
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Trionna Moore
(Stacey) Nurse #1 (Stacey) Nurse #1   See fewer
Brandon Alston
Justin Turner Justin Turner   See fewer
Eli T. Peña
Jimmy Turner Jimmy Turner   See fewer
Portia Cue
Faith Drye Faith Drye   See fewer
Ashley Davidson
Dispatcher Dispatcher   See fewer
Janie King
Extra Extra   See fewer
Ricci Gibson
Nurse #2 Nurse #2   See fewer
Rod Minger
Coach Smith Coach Smith   See fewer
Shavonia Jones
Janice Tucker Janice Tucker   See fewer
Irina Labouz
Amy Thomas Amy Thomas   See fewer
Mickie Banyas
Store Manager (Clara) Store Manager (Clara)   See fewer
Jeannine Oliver
Hospital Receptionist Hospital Receptionist   See fewer
LaDonna S. Jackson
Ms. Townsend Ms. Townsend   See fewer
Nicki Oh
Extra Extra   See fewer
Rich Robertson
Dustin Skinner Dustin Skinner   See fewer
Desiree Galloway
Nosey Neighbor Nosey Neighbor   See fewer
Khole Livsey
Young Heaven Young Heaven   See fewer
Justin Robinson
Officer Keith Melton Officer Keith Melton   See fewer
Andre Cato
Extra Extra   See fewer
Cassandra Hollis
Savannah Savannah   See fewer
Paige Fraliz
Jenna Lowe Jenna Lowe   See fewer
Giselle DiBlasi
Rebecca (Performing Arts School Receptionist) Rebecca (Performing Arts School Receptionist)   See fewer
TiJuan Mosley
Dr. Young (as Tijuan Mosley) Dr. Young (as Tijuan Mosley)   See fewer
Darin Sahler
John Thomas John Thomas   See fewer
Aston Greene
Jared Cooper Jared Cooper   See fewer
Emma Jagus
Extra Extra   See fewer
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