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  • The Silent Natural (2019)
  • 140 min | Biography, Family, History
The Silent Natural (2019)
140 min | Biography, Family, History

William Hoy was one of the first Deaf Major League Baseball players in the 1800's. Being deaf, he introduced hand signals for strike and ball to the game and overcame many obstacles to become one of the greatest players of his time.
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David Risotto (story by) | Steve Sandy (researcher)
Production Designer
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Updated Jun 2, 2019

Release date
Aug 25, 2020 (United States)


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63 cast members
Name Known for
Vernon Wells
Sarah's Father Sarah's Father   See fewer
Sam J. Jones
Jacob Hoy Jacob Hoy   See fewer
Sheree J. Wilson
Rebecca Hoy Rebecca Hoy   See fewer
Tyler Mane
Tommy McCarthy Tommy McCarthy   See fewer
Courtney Gains
Tug Wilson Tug Wilson   See fewer
Anne Lockhart
Mrs. Hart Mrs. Hart   See fewer
Barry Livingston
Frank Selee Frank Selee   See fewer
Kathleen Kinmont
Mrs. McCall Mrs. McCall   See fewer
Richard Herd
Mr. Beagle Mr. Beagle   See fewer
Barry Pearl
Milwaukee Owner Milwaukee Owner   See fewer
Andy Stahl
John Lowery John Lowery   See fewer
Clarence Felder
Edgar P Sawyer Edgar P Sawyer   See fewer
James Stokes
Umpire Umpire   See fewer
Bill Billions
Milwaukee Manager Milwaukee Manager   See fewer
John Cioffi
Reds Player Reds Player   See fewer
Rachel McCubbin
Mabel Watson Mabel Watson   See fewer
Anthony Arrigo
Kenton Player 1 Kenton Player 1   See fewer
Richard Leo Hunt
Milwaukee Pitcher Milwaukee Pitcher   See fewer
Ani Kyd Wolf
Sarah's mother Sarah's mother   See fewer
Sean Wallace
Blacksmith Blacksmith   See fewer
Miles Barbee
William 'Dummy' Hoy William 'Dummy' Hoy   See fewer
Michael Loos
Milwaukee Centerfielder Milwaukee Centerfielder   See fewer
Tim Emery
Stan Waller Stan Waller   See fewer
Matt Green
Backround Backround   See fewer
Ray Fite
Angryman Angryman   See fewer
Jestin Burns
Frank Hoy Frank Hoy   See fewer
Hunter A. Cleary
Young John Hoy Young John Hoy   See fewer
Christian Hetrick
Con Murphy Con Murphy   See fewer
Jeremy Quiroga
Edward Dundon Edward Dundon   See fewer
Kate Sanford
Ruth Murphy Ruth Murphy   See fewer
Eli Finch
Pressly Pressly   See fewer
Justin Fiser
Preacher Preacher   See fewer
Mark White
Doorman Doorman   See fewer
Evan Logsdon
Frank Lowery Frank Lowery   See fewer
Turner Vaughn
Ellsworth Huston Ellsworth Huston   See fewer
Dave Sanford
Background Background   See fewer
Avery Owens
Fredrick Lowery Fredrick Lowery   See fewer
Rick Hendrickson
Mr. Crouse Mr. Crouse   See fewer
Cameron B. Williams
Young Smith Hoy Young Smith Hoy   See fewer
Wesley Holder
Van Dyke Van Dyke   See fewer
Dan Vermeersch
Townsperson Townsperson   See fewer
Jamie O. Bell
Fleet Walker (as Jamie Bell) Fleet Walker (as Jamie Bell)   See fewer
Angelo Tate
Newspaper Man Newspaper Man   See fewer
Andy Riggs
Umpire Umpire   See fewer
Kris Page
Milwaukee Umpire Milwaukee Umpire   See fewer
Aiden Owens
Willie Lowery Willie Lowery   See fewer
Daryl Phillipy
Tom Lovett Tom Lovett   See fewer
Gary Crouch
Background Background   See fewer
Emma Phipps
Fan Watching Game Fan Watching Game   See fewer
Luther Willson
Background Background   See fewer
Jason Hayes
Walt Kinzie Walt Kinzie   See fewer
Jonah Prost
Young Bully Young Bully   See fewer
Frances Vermeersch
Townsperson Townsperson   See fewer
Jaxson Pendley
Young Frank Hoy Young Frank Hoy   See fewer
Chad Fuller
Barber / Umpire Barber / Umpire   See fewer
Lea Hutton Beasmore
Train Station Pedestrian (uncredited) Train Station Pedestrian (uncredited)   See fewer
Craig Cope
Train Conductor (uncredited) Train Conductor (uncredited)   See fewer
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