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Dream Weaver Chronicles

Unity: 300 Days Part 2 (Season 1, Episode 12)
TV Episode | Drama

300 Days of the epidemic. 300 Days of change. 300 Days of survival.
Casting Director
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Updated Feb 23, 2017

Release date
Feb 23, 2017 (United States)


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71 cast members
Name Known for
Ya Zi
Roamer Roamer   See fewer
Taylor Ann August
tatiana preston tatiana preston   See fewer
Gabriel A. Bernstein
Conner O'Brien Conner O'Brien   See fewer
Michael A. Blank
Randy McGrady Randy McGrady   See fewer
Roy Boatner
Roamer Roamer   See fewer
Rita Buchan
Mary Sanders Mary Sanders   See fewer
Lovey Burns
Tiffany Baker Tiffany Baker   See fewer
Jessica Cheek
Maggie Quill Maggie Quill   See fewer
Tammy Cheek
Roamer Roamer   See fewer
Teo Ciltia
Zayne DeMarcos Zayne DeMarcos   See fewer
Isabelle Daoust
Zoe Adams Zoe Adams   See fewer
Italist Dsom
Roamer Roamer   See fewer
Calvin Elliott
Daryl Harris Daryl Harris   See fewer
Melissa Elliott
Meredith Eliis Meredith Eliis   See fewer
Kayla Fields-Rivera
Ember Garcia Ember Garcia   See fewer
Todd Allen Fischer
Joe Ellis Joe Ellis   See fewer
Loida D. Garcia
Natalie Miller Natalie Miller   See fewer
Brooke Herrera
Tammy Presley Tammy Presley   See fewer
Taylor Herrera
Caroline Masters Caroline Masters   See fewer
Jannelle Herrington
Candice Mays Candice Mays   See fewer
Gregg Huston
Donnie Brooks Donnie Brooks   See fewer
Carol Jean Ihnken
Callie Wright Callie Wright   See fewer
Gavin Johnson
Roamer Roamer   See fewer
Tekesia Johnson
Nikki Mays Nikki Mays   See fewer
Kat Kemmet
Officer Sarah Rosbeck Officer Sarah Rosbeck   See fewer
Lina Lenis
Felicia Dunbar Felicia Dunbar   See fewer
Aimee Lindsey
Molli Haze Molli Haze   See fewer
Brenna Lindsey
Sonya Chase Sonya Chase   See fewer
Elena Logan
Rose Marie Rose Marie   See fewer
Kennedy Logan
Katelynn Snow Katelynn Snow   See fewer
Beauty Joy Lorenze
Patricia Gunn Patricia Gunn   See fewer
Benjamin Mainville
Officer Danny Wilkes Officer Danny Wilkes   See fewer
Jerome Mathis Jerome Mathis   See fewer
Alexa McGrory
Layla Dunbar Layla Dunbar   See fewer
Cheyenne E. McGrory
Mylee Dunbar Mylee Dunbar   See fewer
Taylor Mejia
Tatiana Preston Tatiana Preston   See fewer
Bazma Najem
Monica Opal (as Bazma Alotaibi) Monica Opal (as Bazma Alotaibi)   See fewer
Traci L. Newman
April Lawrence April Lawrence   See fewer
Emre Orun
Malek Jones Malek Jones   See fewer
Phill Palmer
Donald Parson Donald Parson   See fewer
Bruce Pobanz
Roamer Roamer   See fewer
Bradford Pyle
Roamer Roamer   See fewer
Nathan Pyle
Roamer Roamer   See fewer
Maya Redding
Deborah Hill Deborah Hill   See fewer
Gloria Rice
Roamer Roamer   See fewer
Alicia Sage
Sophia Mathis Sophia Mathis   See fewer
Linda Salvin
Jessica Rose Jessica Rose   See fewer
Kat Sanzo
Stephanie Gale Stephanie Gale   See fewer
Angelica Severns
Sarah Ellis Sarah Ellis   See fewer
Jimi Shawndi
Roamer Roamer   See fewer
Shanel Sparr
Nicki Gates Nicki Gates   See fewer
Allison Stanley
Krystal Whitfield Krystal Whitfield   See fewer
Jason Terry
Eli Sampson Eli Sampson   See fewer
Vickie Treulieb
Gabriella Agostino Gabriella Agostino   See fewer
Kelly Weaver
John Thomas John Thomas   See fewer
Jordie Witt
Brandy Hopper Brandy Hopper   See fewer
Leah Edmondson Wood
Marci Lane Marci Lane   See fewer
Taylor Beverly Young
Robyn Bennett Robyn Bennett   See fewer
Taylor Zimmerman
Dax Lane Dax Lane   See fewer
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