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The Man in the High Castle

Kasumi (Through the Mists) (Season 3, Episode 8)
TV Episode | 49 min | Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Juliana realizes time might be running out, but recruiting supporters continues to prove challenging. Tagomi finds himself in a dangerous life-or-death struggle. In therapy, Helen Smith crosses a line. Kido pursues his target in the Neutral Zone.
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Eric Ellis Overmyer (as Eric Overmyer)
Philip K. Dick (based on the book by) | Frank Spotnitz (developed by) | William N. Fordes (written by)
Production Designer
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Updated Oct 5, 2018

Release date
Oct 5, 2018 (United States)


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45 cast members
Name Known for
Alexa Davalos
Juliana Crain Juliana Crain   See fewer
Rupert Evans
Frank Frink Frank Frink   See fewer
DJ Qualls
Ed McCarthy Ed McCarthy   See fewer
Joel de la Fuente
Inspector Kido Inspector Kido   See fewer
Brennan Brown
Robert Childan Robert Childan   See fewer
Bella Heathcote
Nicole Dörmer Nicole Dörmer   See fewer
Chelah Horsdal
Helen Smith Helen Smith   See fewer
Michael Gaston
Mark Sampson Mark Sampson   See fewer
Jason O'Mara
Wyatt Price Wyatt Price   See fewer
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Nobusuke Tagomi Nobusuke Tagomi   See fewer
Rufus Sewell
John Smith John Smith   See fewer
Kenneth Tigar
Himmler Himmler   See fewer
Tamlyn Tomita
Tamiko Watanabe Tamiko Watanabe   See fewer
Jeffrey Nordling
Dr. Daniel Ryan Dr. Daniel Ryan   See fewer
Arnold Chun
Kotomichi Kotomichi   See fewer
Laura Mennell
Thelma Harris Thelma Harris   See fewer
Ty Olsson
Major Tod Metzger Major Tod Metzger   See fewer
Giles Panton
Billy Turner Billy Turner   See fewer
Ben Cotton
Earle Earle   See fewer
Janet Kidder
Lila Jacobs Lila Jacobs   See fewer
Jeremy Schuetze
Klaus Hein Klaus Hein   See fewer
Bob Frazer
Danny Carter Danny Carter   See fewer
Malcolm Masters
Cameraman Cameraman   See fewer
Bill Dow
Dr. Eric Zuckereyck Dr. Eric Zuckereyck   See fewer
Lisa Baran
Beautiful Girl Beautiful Girl   See fewer
Yuta Takenaka
Kempeitai Investigator Kempeitai Investigator   See fewer
Marlie Collins
Chic Club Singer Chic Club Singer   See fewer
Kirby Morrow
GNR Commanding Officer GNR Commanding Officer   See fewer
Anthony Shim
Kempeitai Detective Mishima Kempeitai Detective Mishima   See fewer
Paul Dzenkiw
SD Agent Matthews SD Agent Matthews   See fewer
Shauna Johannesen
Sabra Woman Sabra Woman   See fewer
Eric Breker
SD Agent Farkas SD Agent Farkas   See fewer
Justin Stone
German Stormtrooper #1 German Stormtrooper #1   See fewer
Mike Li
Yakuza Man (as Mike Li) Yakuza Man (as Mike Li)   See fewer
Kevan Ohtsji
Russell Sato Russell Sato   See fewer
Tristan Jensen
Grand Palace Bartender Grand Palace Bartender   See fewer
Michael Kopsa
Luftwaffe General Luftwaffe General   See fewer
Jessica Dawn Keeling
Dancer (uncredited) Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
Montana Moore
Dancer (uncredited) Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
Moishe Teichman
Sabra Elder (uncredited) Sabra Elder (uncredited)   See fewer
Nadia White
Dancer (uncredited) Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
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