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  • Rottentail (2018)
  • TV-MA
    106 min | Comedy, Horror
Rottentail (2018)
106 min | Comedy, Horror

Peter Cotton, a scientist that works on rabbits and infertility, learns that the military wishes to use his work to create superhuman soldiers. Cotton is bitten by an experimental mutant rabbit and changes into the evil Rottentail.
Kurt Belcher (graphic novel) | David C. Hayes (created by) (graphic novel) | Kevin Moyers (graphic novel) | Brian Skiba
Casting Director
Production Designers
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Release date
Apr 12, 2018 (United States)


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70 cast members
Name Known for
Dominique Swain
Anna Banana Anna Banana   See fewer
Corin Nemec
Peter Cotten aka Rottentail Peter Cotten aka Rottentail   See fewer
William McNamara
Jake Mulligan Jake Mulligan   See fewer
Gianni Capaldi
Dr. Serius Stanley Dr. Serius Stanley   See fewer
Vincent De Paul
Principal Meyers Principal Meyers   See fewer
Laurie Love
Mayor Riggs Mayor Riggs   See fewer
Tank Jones
General Phelps General Phelps   See fewer
Omid Zader
Victor Victor   See fewer
Mark Speno
Dr. Major Donnelly Dr. Major Donnelly   See fewer
Randy Oppenheimer
Doctor James Lopez Doctor James Lopez   See fewer
Phoenix Jd Gabe
Church Cowboy Parishoner Church Cowboy Parishoner   See fewer
Elizabeth Isaacson
Church Parishoner Church Parishoner   See fewer
Lisa Palenica
Parishioner Parishioner   See fewer
Emily Mena
Destiny Destiny   See fewer
Tim Court
Military Man Military Man   See fewer
Gianna Frangella
Young Mandy Young Mandy   See fewer
Nadia Henry
Nurse 1 Nurse 1   See fewer
R.K. Anderson
Thomas (as Richard Anderson) Thomas (as Richard Anderson)   See fewer
Terrence Ward
Security Guard #2 Security Guard #2   See fewer
Aaron Lee
Marty Marty   See fewer
Brian Woodman
Baptism Cult Guy Baptism Cult Guy   See fewer
Zoe Tanton
Young Anna Young Anna   See fewer
Jack Skiba
Baby Jack Jack Baby Jack Jack   See fewer
Cristiana Cole
Jake Mulligan's assistant Jake Mulligan's assistant   See fewer
Jamie Skiba
Mandy Panda Mandy Panda   See fewer
Kyuubi Arbogast
Hot Tub Girl 1 Hot Tub Girl 1   See fewer
Solomon Carranza
Cult Guy Cult Guy   See fewer
Kahilan Skiba
Young Lori Young Lori   See fewer
Jennifer Young
Peter's Mom Peter's Mom   See fewer
Pat Kaye
Cult Woman Cult Woman   See fewer
Travis McIntire
Healed Cult Guy Healed Cult Guy   See fewer
Jai Raja
Front Desk Guard Front Desk Guard   See fewer
Annika Huckeba
Church Lady Church Lady   See fewer
Lauren Arrazola
School Kid 4 School Kid 4   See fewer
Dante Dunogan
Young Larry Young Larry   See fewer
Alexander Skiba
Chocolate Bunny Brett Chocolate Bunny Brett   See fewer
Cole Kober
Cult Kid Cult Kid   See fewer
Christian Espinoza
Parishioner (credit only) Parishioner (credit only)   See fewer
Mike Zimmerman
Dead Soldier Dead Soldier   See fewer
Morgan Elisa Anderson
Apartment Neighbor Child Apartment Neighbor Child   See fewer
Dominic Dixon
School Kid 3 School Kid 3   See fewer
Arija Kruze
School Kid 2 School Kid 2   See fewer
Tommy Win
Young Peter Cotten Young Peter Cotten   See fewer
Joey Evans
Guard Danny Guard Danny   See fewer
Jay Evans
Front Desk Guard Front Desk Guard   See fewer
Tyler Skiba
Jake Mulligan Jr. Jake Mulligan Jr.   See fewer
Brian Johnson
Healed Cult Guy 2 Healed Cult Guy 2   See fewer
Bradley McBride
Young Officer Bob Young Officer Bob   See fewer
Todd Peterson
Officer Bob Pope Officer Bob Pope   See fewer
Jake Roberts
Young Jake Mulligan Young Jake Mulligan   See fewer
Jayden Hill
Young Thomas Young Thomas   See fewer
Mario Lanza
Sargent Slaughter Sargent Slaughter   See fewer
Jenine Galante
Victoria Victoria   See fewer
Wayne Lindy
Hazamat Hazamat   See fewer
Brett Boicken
Punched Cult Guy Punched Cult Guy   See fewer
Ella McHugh
Church Parishoner Church Parishoner   See fewer
Jack Kober
Cult Kid 2 Cult Kid 2   See fewer
Jennifer Anderson
Apartment Neighbor Apartment Neighbor   See fewer
Dalyn Viker
Parishioner Parishioner   See fewer
Savannah LaBerge
Church Parishioner Church Parishioner   See fewer
Marcus Ellsworth
Peter's Dad Peter's Dad   See fewer
Alexa Lanza
High School Student High School Student   See fewer
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