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  • Disposable (I) (2017)
  • 80 min | Thriller
Disposable (I) (2017)
80 min | Thriller

The truth can be a real killer.
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Daniel Cayarga | Tom Downing (as Tommy Beardmore)

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Updated Mar 17, 2017

Release date
Mar 17, 2017 (United States)


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45 cast members
Name Known for
Tom Downing
Bill Thompson (as Tommy Beardmore) Bill Thompson (as Tommy Beardmore)   See fewer
Emily Dennis
Julie / Simone West Julie / Simone West   See fewer
Drew Cooper
Delmar Ogilvie Delmar Ogilvie   See fewer
Daniel Sobieray
Bill Thompson Bill Thompson   See fewer
Kitty Robertson
Laura Sinclair Laura Sinclair   See fewer
Jeffrey Alan Solomon
Jack Simms Jack Simms   See fewer
Rich Colozzi
Dr. Cummings Dr. Cummings   See fewer
Jay Thomas Fox
Captain O'Donnell Captain O'Donnell   See fewer
Shea Pacheco
Wife (as Shea Whitehead) Wife (as Shea Whitehead)   See fewer
Dharmik Patel
Torres Torres   See fewer
Arsi Nami
Psychiatrist Psychiatrist   See fewer
Alexa Serowik
Cheerleader Cheerleader   See fewer
Leila Stricker
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Derek Russo
Big Guy Big Guy   See fewer
Richard Wingert
Michael Michael   See fewer
Mark Davies
NeoCon Man NeoCon Man   See fewer
Marty Whittle
Grandma Grandma   See fewer
Kristin Keller
Salon Girl Salon Girl   See fewer
Amanda Rodriguez
Smoker (as Amanda Benett) Smoker (as Amanda Benett)   See fewer
Couirey Eckmayer
Male Reporter Male Reporter   See fewer
Lissa DeLorenzo
Girl on Boat (as Lissa Delorenzo) Girl on Boat (as Lissa Delorenzo)   See fewer
Lindsay Payne
Dancer / Girl Dancer / Girl   See fewer
Mikaela Happas
Jeep Girl Jeep Girl   See fewer
Angye Bueno
Girl in Car Girl in Car   See fewer
Carla Callado
Window Shopping Girl Window Shopping Girl   See fewer
Danny Jelaca
Hair Stylist Hair Stylist   See fewer
Shannon Bender
Customer Customer   See fewer
Arlo Baumal
Son (Baby) Son (Baby)   See fewer
Elizabeth Dossett
Volunteer Volunteer   See fewer
Tiffany Cayarga
Missing Girl Missing Girl   See fewer
Annie Olmsted
Woman on the Subway Woman on the Subway   See fewer
Craig Newman
Patient Patient   See fewer
Ron Jackson
Policeman #1 Policeman #1   See fewer
Jason Van Beever
Policeman #2 Policeman #2   See fewer
Josh Coleman
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Seth Benoit
At The Bar At The Bar   See fewer
Everett Wood
Driver #1 Driver #1   See fewer
Bruce Burns
Driver #2 Driver #2   See fewer
Alex Cayarga
Kid #1 Kid #1   See fewer
Felix Cayarga
Kid #2 Kid #2   See fewer
Adam Schaffer
Elevator Witness Elevator Witness   See fewer
Carla Collado
Girl by window Girl by window   See fewer
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