The Last Warrior (2017)
114 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

When Ivan meets his new friends in another place called Belogorie, his quest on the new country begins with sparkling immortals effect within love in the pass from his childhood up on his time .
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George Kallis (as Dzhordzh Kallis)
Production Designer
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Release date
Oct 19, 2017 (Russia)


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55 cast members
Name Known for
Mila Sivatskaya
Vasilisa Vasilisa   See fewer
Elena Yakovleva
Baba Yaga Baba Yaga   See fewer
Sergey Burunov
Vodyanoy Vodyanoy   See fewer
Evgeniy Dyatlov
Dobrynya Dobrynya   See fewer
Svetlana Kolpakova
Molodaya Baba Yaga Molodaya Baba Yaga   See fewer
Aleksandr Semchev
Chudo-Yudo Chudo-Yudo   See fewer
Yuriy Tsurilo
Ilya Muromets Ilya Muromets   See fewer
Wolfgang Cerny
Alyosha Popovich (as Volfgang Cherni) Alyosha Popovich (as Volfgang Cherni)   See fewer
Yuriy Mirontsev
Strazhnik 1 Strazhnik 1   See fewer
Maksim Dakhnenko
Strazhnik 2 Strazhnik 2   See fewer
Oleg Chevelyov
Strazhnik 3 (as Oleg Chevelyov-Topol) Strazhnik 3 (as Oleg Chevelyov-Topol)   See fewer
Igor Ivanov
Glavnyy strazhnik Glavnyy strazhnik   See fewer
Dmitriy Lysenkov
Strazhnik-neudachnik Strazhnik-neudachnik   See fewer
Nikolay Shrayber
Tolstyy strazhnik Tolstyy strazhnik   See fewer
Alexander Seteykin
Molodoy strazhnik (as Aleksandr Seteykin) Molodoy strazhnik (as Aleksandr Seteykin)   See fewer
Andrey Rebenkov
Boyarin 1 Boyarin 1   See fewer
Anton Dyorov
Boyarin 2 Boyarin 2   See fewer
Igor Shternberg
Tyuremnyy nadziratel Tyuremnyy nadziratel   See fewer
Karina Zvereva
Devushka na priyome u Svyatozara Devushka na priyome u Svyatozara   See fewer
Ruslan Dzhaybekov
Muzh zakazchitsy Muzh zakazchitsy   See fewer
Artyom Volobuyev
Politseyskiy 1 Politseyskiy 1   See fewer
Sergey Kalashnikov
Politseyskiy 2 Politseyskiy 2   See fewer
Vladimir Lukyanchikov
Okhrannik 1 Okhrannik 1   See fewer
Vladislav Stepchenko
Okhrannik 2 Okhrannik 2   See fewer
Elena Lemeshko
Vospitatelnitsa Vospitatelnitsa   See fewer
Marina Zubanova
Poklonnitsa Poklonnitsa   See fewer
Aleksey Dyakin
Brat poklonnitsy Brat poklonnitsy   See fewer
Anna Galinova
Medsestra Medsestra   See fewer
Igor Yashanin
Ivan v detstve Ivan v detstve   See fewer
Artyom Bashenin
Khuligan 1 Khuligan 1   See fewer
Aleksey Onezhen
Khuligan Khuligan   See fewer
Gleb Blinov
Malchik v bolnitse Malchik v bolnitse   See fewer
Marina Kaletskaya
Adminstrator Adminstrator   See fewer
Ivan Zamotaev
Zvukovik Zvukovik   See fewer
Natalya Varnakova
Ofitsiantka Ofitsiantka   See fewer
Lena Kuo
Koldunya Koldunya   See fewer
Sergey Muravyov
Rezhissyor Rezhissyor   See fewer
Sergey Safronov
Vedushchiy TV Show Vedushchiy TV Show   See fewer
Olga Venikova
Devushka Devushka   See fewer
Pavel Misailov
Tolstyak Tolstyak   See fewer
Stepan Sereda
Malchik na piru Malchik na piru   See fewer
Liliya Lavrova
Vedushchaya Vedushchaya   See fewer
Suanne Braun
Actress (voice) Actress (voice)   See fewer
Chris Kaye
Ivan (voice) (version: English) Ivan (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Andrey Trushin
Warrior Warrior   See fewer
Vladimir Ipatov
Boyarin (uncredited) Boyarin (uncredited)   See fewer
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