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  • The Protégé (2021)
  • R
    109 min | Action, Thriller
The Protégé (2021)
109 min | Action, Thriller

Rescued as a child by the legendary assassin Moody, Anna is the world's most skilled contract killer. However, when Moody is brutally killed, she vows revenge for the man who taught her everything she knows.
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Martin Campbell (directed by)
Richard Wenk (written by)
Moshe Diamant (produced by) | Yariv Lerner (produced by) | Christopher Milburn (produced by) (as Chris Milburn) | Arthur Sarkissian (produced by) | Robert Van Norden (produced by) (as Rob Van Norden)
Photek (music by) (as Rupert Parkes)
Angela M. Catanzaro (edited by)
Production Designer
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Release date
Aug 20, 2021 (United States)


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44 cast members
Name Known for
Michael Keaton
Rembrandt Rembrandt   See fewer
David Rintoul
Edward Hayes Edward Hayes   See fewer
Ray Fearon
Duquet Duquet   See fewer
Ori Pfeffer
Athens Athens   See fewer
Robert Patrick
Billy Boy Billy Boy   See fewer
Velizar Binev
Don Preda Don Preda   See fewer
Eva Nguyen Thorsen
Young Anna Young Anna   See fewer
Alexandru Bordea
Anna's Father (as Alex Bordea) Anna's Father (as Alex Bordea)   See fewer
Tanja Keller
Anna's Mother Anna's Mother   See fewer
Sara Maria Groseanu
Anna's Sister 1 Anna's Sister 1   See fewer
Alina Wang
Anna's Sister 2 Anna's Sister 2   See fewer
Taj Atwal
Seema Seema   See fewer
Caroline Loncq
Claudia Claudia   See fewer
Gamba Cole
Benny Benny   See fewer
Richenda Carey
Mother Lucia (as Richena Carey) Mother Lucia (as Richena Carey)   See fewer
Dimitar Nikolov
Lucas Hayes Lucas Hayes   See fewer
Aida Economu
Anna's Friend 1 Anna's Friend 1   See fewer
Madalina Anea
Anna's Friend 2 Anna's Friend 2   See fewer
David Sterne
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Lili Rich
Doll's Friend Doll's Friend   See fewer
Kent Sherwood
Tough Biker Tough Biker   See fewer
Ekaterina Baker
Technician Lotta Technician Lotta   See fewer
Temirkhan Tursungaliyev
Border Guard Border Guard   See fewer
Carmen Palcu
Shop Clerk Shop Clerk   See fewer
Kiante Elam
Hitman Hitman   See fewer
Duk Minh Than
Da Nang Taxi Driver Da Nang Taxi Driver   See fewer
Don Michael Paul
Steverino Steverino   See fewer
Chunsheng He
Fisherman 1 Fisherman 1   See fewer
Tiechen Zhang
Fisherman 2 Fisherman 2   See fewer
Miylin Georgieva Noveva
Nun Bringing the Papers Nun Bringing the Papers   See fewer
Hai Anh Kong Vu
Boy Playing the Flute Boy Playing the Flute   See fewer
Marc Jenner
Deputy (uncredited) Deputy (uncredited)   See fewer
Dorin Zaharia
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
Florin Zhang
Bodyguard (uncredited) Bodyguard (uncredited)   See fewer
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