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  • Charlatan (2020)
  • Unrated
    118 min | Biography, Drama, History
Charlatan (2020)
118 min | Biography, Drama, History

The life of successful Czech healer Jan Mikolasek, who diagnosed and healed people using his intuition and strong familiarity with plants, set against the background of the events of the totalitarian fifties.
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Marek Epstein (written by) | Martin Sulc (idea) | Jaroslav Sedlácek (idea)
Antoni Lazarkiewicz (as Antoni Komasa-Lazarkiewicz)
Production Designer
Milan Býcek (as Milan Bycek)
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Release date
Jul 23, 2021 (United States)


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58 cast members
Name Known for
Ivan Trojan
Jan Mikolásek Jan Mikolásek   See fewer
Josef Trojan
Young Jan Mikolásek Young Jan Mikolásek   See fewer
Juraj Loj
Frantisek Palko Frantisek Palko   See fewer
Jaroslava Pokorná
Mühlbacherová Mühlbacherová   See fewer
Jirí Cerný
Zlatohlávek - duty solicitor Zlatohlávek - duty solicitor   See fewer
Miroslav Hanus
Interrogator Interrogator   See fewer
Ladislav Kolár
President Zápotocky President Zápotocky   See fewer
Martin Sitta
General General   See fewer
Jan Vlasák
Mikolásek's janitor Mikolásek's janitor   See fewer
Milena Sajdkova
Postwoman Postwoman   See fewer
Magdaléna Borová
Young Woman Young Woman   See fewer
Daniela Vorácková
Adult Johana Adult Johana   See fewer
Adam Hrdy
Little Boy Little Boy   See fewer
Pavlína Storková
Boy's Mother Boy's Mother   See fewer
Jan Budar
Clerk Mrazek Clerk Mrazek   See fewer
Matej Sumbera
Jan's Friend Jan's Friend   See fewer
Frantisek Beles
Deserter Deserter   See fewer
Philipp Schenker
Officer (as Phillip Schenker) Officer (as Phillip Schenker)   See fewer
Martin Mysicka
Jan's father Jan's father   See fewer
Melika Yildiz
Young Johana Young Johana   See fewer
Lenka Veliká
Jan's Mother Jan's Mother   See fewer
Frantisek Trojan
Alois Mikolásek Alois Mikolásek   See fewer
Éva Bandor
Slovak Woman Slovak Woman   See fewer
Igor Bares
Professor Kajtl Professor Kajtl   See fewer
Tomás Jerábek
Secret Policeman Secret Policeman   See fewer
Filip Brouk
Job Applicant Job Applicant   See fewer
Marek Epstein
Man in the Line Man in the Line   See fewer
Joachim Paul Assböck
Fritz Kiesewetter Fritz Kiesewetter   See fewer
Jana Kvantiková
Frantisek's wife Frantisek's wife   See fewer
Jana Olhová
Frantisek's mother Frantisek's mother   See fewer
Pavel Svaton
Patient in Jail Patient in Jail   See fewer
Bernhard Schütz
Dr. Ullrich Dr. Ullrich   See fewer
Claudia Vaseková
Interpreter Interpreter   See fewer
Miloslav Marsálek
Housekeeper Housekeeper   See fewer
Jan Novotný
Prosecutor Prosecutor   See fewer
Ales Tybl
Actor Actor   See fewer
Ivana Sulcova
Actress Actress   See fewer
Jan Lakota
Actor Actor   See fewer
Jan Meduna
Actor Actor   See fewer
Petr Stach
Actor Actor   See fewer
Lukas Novotny
Prison guard (uncredited) Prison guard (uncredited)   See fewer
Matej Frantisek Preisler
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
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