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  • Frank and Ava (2020)
  • 110 min | Biography, Drama, History
Frank and Ava (2020)
110 min | Biography, Drama, History

Before he was chairman of the board. He was just a man, desperate for a woman, clinging to a dream. The story of Sinatra as never told before and Ava Gardner, the woman who saved him, by breaking him. Based on true stories.
Willard Manus (written by) | Rico Simonini (screenplay)
Casting Directors
Megan Foley | Chuck Marra | Stephen Snyder (additional casting)
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Release date
May 14, 2020 (United States)


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101 cast members
Name Known for
Harry Dean Stanton
Sheriff Lloyd Sheriff Lloyd   See fewer
Eric Roberts
Harry Cohn Harry Cohn   See fewer
Lukas Haas
Officer Josenhans Officer Josenhans   See fewer
Jonathan Silverman
Mannie Sacks Mannie Sacks   See fewer
Domenick Lombardozzi
Jack Keller Jack Keller   See fewer
Dionne Warwick
Lady Singing the Blues Lady Singing the Blues   See fewer
Eliza Roberts
Sheilah Sheilah   See fewer
Ed O'Ross
Sgt. Haney Sgt. Haney   See fewer
Logan Sparks
George Evans George Evans   See fewer
Michael Woods
Joe Nelis Joe Nelis   See fewer
Robert Miano
Hank Sanicola Hank Sanicola   See fewer
Richard Portnow
Walter Winchell Walter Winchell   See fewer
Neil Sandilands
Zinnemann Zinnemann   See fewer
Joanna Sanchez
Louella Louella   See fewer
Robert Catrini
Billy Wilkerson Billy Wilkerson   See fewer
Hettie Lynne Hurtes
Dorothy Fuldheim Dorothy Fuldheim   See fewer
Chris Moss
Howard Rushmore Howard Rushmore   See fewer
Jerry Hauck
Robert Harrison Robert Harrison   See fewer
Lora McHugh
Mercedes McCambridge Mercedes McCambridge   See fewer
Carmine Caridi
Carmine Carmine   See fewer
Emrhys Cooper
Montgomery Clift Montgomery Clift   See fewer
Carlo Mendez
Luis Miguel Dominguin Luis Miguel Dominguin   See fewer
Isabella Sanchez
Carmen (Spanish Maid) Carmen (Spanish Maid)   See fewer
Tawny Amber Young
Doti (Girl in Pool) Doti (Girl in Pool)   See fewer
Demi Mann
Stewardess Annie Stewardess Annie   See fewer
Robin Arcuri
Stenographer Liz Stenographer Liz   See fewer
Dexter Cross
Young Frank Young Frank   See fewer
Lisa Blake Richards
Sheriff's Wife Sheriff's Wife   See fewer
Marcus Shirock
George Reeves George Reeves   See fewer
Charlotte Taschen
Flapper in Speakeasy Flapper in Speakeasy   See fewer
Danny Pardo
Mario CabrĂ© Mario CabrĂ©   See fewer
Michael Alaimo
Barber Nunzio Barber Nunzio   See fewer
Julia Silverman
Dolly Sinatra Dolly Sinatra   See fewer
Silvia Spross
Marlene Dietrich Marlene Dietrich   See fewer
Paola Saulino
Alida Valli Alida Valli   See fewer
Jacqui Holland
Lana Turner Lana Turner   See fewer
Michael Raynor
Meyer Lansky Meyer Lansky   See fewer
Brenda Arteaga-Walsh
Party Girl Party Girl   See fewer
Joseph le Compte
Paper Server (as Joseph Le Compte) Paper Server (as Joseph Le Compte)   See fewer
Devai Pearce
Mrs. Heckler Mrs. Heckler   See fewer
Patrick Peduto
Photographer Photographer   See fewer
Bill Devlin
Deputy Jimmy Deputy Jimmy   See fewer
Bobbie Lee Jr.
George Jacobs George Jacobs   See fewer
Luc Austin
Frank Jr Frank Jr   See fewer
Johnny Crear
Angelo Angelo   See fewer
Keira McCarthy
Nancy Jr Nancy Jr   See fewer
Dianna Camacho
Lauren Bacall Lauren Bacall   See fewer
Chuck Marra
Howard Howard   See fewer
Peter Soli
David O Selznick David O Selznick   See fewer
Gerard Boeke
Ciccio Ciccio   See fewer
Phil Ursino
Rizzo (as Philip Ursino) Rizzo (as Philip Ursino)   See fewer
Bud Sabatino
Detective Detective   See fewer
Harrison Held
Bartender After Hours Club Bartender After Hours Club   See fewer
Eric Bare
Heckler #2 Heckler #2   See fewer
Sashile Wood
Lena Horne (as Sashille Woods) Lena Horne (as Sashille Woods)   See fewer
Blake Elarbee
Musician Musician   See fewer
Malea McGuinness
Piano Singer at Selznick Party Piano Singer at Selznick Party   See fewer
Maria Elena Infantino
Outdoor Singer / Secretary Outdoor Singer / Secretary   See fewer
Kevin Olsen
G-Man / Heckler #1 G-Man / Heckler #1   See fewer
Rino Barillari
Fan guy Fan guy   See fewer
Rob James
Joe Louis Joe Louis   See fewer
Nadeea Volianova
Zsa Zsa Zsa Zsa   See fewer
Igor Kogan
Musician Musician   See fewer
Scotty Bowers
Self (as G. Scotty Bowers) Self (as G. Scotty Bowers)   See fewer
Rebecca Holopter
Dorothy Dorothy   See fewer
Olivia Soli
Young Ava Young Ava   See fewer
Alex Sugarman
Musician Musician   See fewer
Elenora Puglia
Fan Girl Fan Girl   See fewer
Sol Hamburg
Dr. Irving Goldman Dr. Irving Goldman   See fewer
Morris Safren
Musician Musician   See fewer
Stephanie Carolina Aviles
Cigarette Girl Cigarette Girl   See fewer
Jessica Erickson
Marilyn Maxwell Marilyn Maxwell   See fewer
Maisie Claffey
Young Tina Sinatra Young Tina Sinatra   See fewer
Donald Barrett
Actor (credit only) Actor (credit only)   See fewer
San Blakkert
Carmen Miranda Carmen Miranda   See fewer
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