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Orange Is the New Black

Pissters! (Season 5, Episode 3)
TV Episode | 57 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Linda begins to see the prison in a new light, while Judy grows desperate to escape. With darkness falling, the inmates compile a list of demands.
Jenji Kohan (created by) | Rebecca Angelo (written by) (staff writer) | Lauren Schuker Blum (written by) (staff writer) | Molly Smith Metzler (executive story editor) & 2 more
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Jun 9, 2017

Release date
Jun 9, 2017 (United States)


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74 cast members
Name Known for
Taylor Schilling
Piper Chapman Piper Chapman   See fewer
Natasha Lyonne
Nicky Nichols Nicky Nichols   See fewer
Uzo Aduba
Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' Warren Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' Warren   See fewer
Danielle Brooks
Tasha 'Taystee' Jefferson Tasha 'Taystee' Jefferson   See fewer
Jackie Cruz
Marisol 'Flaca' Gonzales Marisol 'Flaca' Gonzales   See fewer
Lea DeLaria
Big Boo Big Boo   See fewer
Michael Harney
Sam Healy (credit only) (as Michael J. Harney) Sam Healy (credit only) (as Michael J. Harney)   See fewer
Selenis Leyva
Gloria Mendoza Gloria Mendoza   See fewer
Taryn Manning
Tiffany 'Pennsatucky' Doggett Tiffany 'Pennsatucky' Doggett   See fewer
Adrienne C. Moore
Cindy Hayes Cindy Hayes   See fewer
Jessica Pimentel
Maria Ruiz Maria Ruiz   See fewer
Dascha Polanco
Dayanara Diaz Dayanara Diaz   See fewer
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Aleida Diaz (credit only) Aleida Diaz (credit only)   See fewer
Nick Sandow
Joe Caputo Joe Caputo   See fewer
Yael Stone
Lorna Morello Lorna Morello   See fewer
Kate Mulgrew
Galina 'Red' Reznikov Galina 'Red' Reznikov   See fewer
Laura Prepon
Alex Vause Alex Vause   See fewer
Alan Aisenberg
Baxter 'Gerber' Bayley Baxter 'Gerber' Bayley   See fewer
Emily Althaus
Maureen Kukudio Maureen Kukudio   See fewer
Blair Brown
Judy King Judy King   See fewer
Lori Tan Chinn
Mei Chang Mei Chang   See fewer
Francesca Curran
Helen Van Maele Helen Van Maele   See fewer
La Daniella
Zirconia Cabrera (as Daniella De Jesus) Zirconia Cabrera (as Daniella De Jesus)   See fewer
Jamie Denbo
Shelly Ginsberg Shelly Ginsberg   See fewer
Nick Dillenburg
CO Ryder Blake CO Ryder Blake   See fewer
Asia Kate Dillon
Brandy Epps Brandy Epps   See fewer
Beth Dover
Linda Ferguson Linda Ferguson   See fewer
Kimiko Glenn
Brook Soso Brook Soso   See fewer
Laura Gómez
Blanca Flores (as Laura Gomez) Blanca Flores (as Laura Gomez)   See fewer
Diane Guerrero
Maritza Ramos Maritza Ramos   See fewer
Evan Hall
CO Stratman (as Evan Arthur Hall) CO Stratman (as Evan Arthur Hall)   See fewer
Brad William Henke
Desi Piscatella Desi Piscatella   See fewer
Mike Houston
CO Lee Dixon CO Lee Dixon   See fewer
Vicky Jeudy
Janae Watson Janae Watson   See fewer
Kelly Karbacz
Kasey Sankey Kasey Sankey   See fewer
Julie Lake
Angie Rice Angie Rice   See fewer
Tom Lipinski
Reg King Reg King   See fewer
Richard Masur
Bill Montgomery Bill Montgomery   See fewer
James McMenamin
Charlie 'Donuts' Coates Charlie 'Donuts' Coates   See fewer
Emma Myles
Leanne Taylor Leanne Taylor   See fewer
Matt Peters
Joel Luschek Joel Luschek   See fewer
Constance Shulman
Yoga Jones Yoga Jones   See fewer
Emily Tarver
CO Artesian McCullough CO Artesian McCullough   See fewer
Michael Torpey
CO Thomas Humphrey CO Thomas Humphrey   See fewer
Lin Tucci
Anita DeMarco Anita DeMarco   See fewer
Shannon Esper
Alana Dwight Alana Dwight   See fewer
Arianda Fernandez
Michelle Carreras Michelle Carreras   See fewer
Olivia Luccardi
Jennifer Digori Jennifer Digori   See fewer
Amanda Stephen
Alison Abdullah Alison Abdullah   See fewer
Hunter Emery
CO Rick Hopper CO Rick Hopper   See fewer
Michael Bryan French
Jack Pearson Jack Pearson   See fewer
Gerrard Lobo
Adarsh Adarsh   See fewer
David Roberts
CO Davis CO Davis   See fewer
Brandhyze Stanley
Jayne Cooke Jayne Cooke   See fewer
Simon Feil
Bill Bayley Bill Bayley   See fewer
Mark Hamlet
Leeson Carthage Leeson Carthage   See fewer
Nate Klingenberg
Cute Jim Cute Jim   See fewer
Justin Mortelliti
Officer #2 Officer #2   See fewer
JP Sarro
Cop at Sorority House Cop at Sorority House   See fewer
Yaron Urbas
Officer #1 Officer #1   See fewer
Michael DeBarge
Corrections Officer (uncredited) Corrections Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Regina Ippolito
"Tits on a Stick" Stacy (uncredited) "Tits on a Stick" Stacy (uncredited)   See fewer
Courtney Jacoby
Inmate (uncredited) Inmate (uncredited)   See fewer
Jada Jarvis
Inmate (uncredited) Inmate (uncredited)   See fewer
Beth Katehis
Inmate (uncredited) Inmate (uncredited)   See fewer
Justin Mahalsky
Fraternity Brother (uncredited) Fraternity Brother (uncredited)   See fewer
Ashley North
Inmate (uncredited) Inmate (uncredited)   See fewer
Angela Palmer-Haibach
Inmate (uncredited) Inmate (uncredited)   See fewer
Eric William McGlynn Ruszkowski
Fraternity Brother (uncredited) Fraternity Brother (uncredited)   See fewer
Joseph Ryan
Inmate (uncredited) Inmate (uncredited)   See fewer
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