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Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion

Episode #1.2 (Season 1, Episode 2)
TV Episode | Drama, History

In part 2, recovery begins and so does the finger pointing. A one mile radius around the harbor is basically flattened. The trial is held and a verdict is reached. Some memories are hard to swallow.
Heather Haldane (as Heather Gordon Haldane) | Jenipher Ritchie
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Updated Dec 31, 2003

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2003 (Canada)


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91 cast members
Name Known for
Jeremy Akerman
Rev. George Adams Rev. George Adams   See fewer
Gil Anderson
Woman Dug Out By Sam (as Gillian Anderson) Woman Dug Out By Sam (as Gillian Anderson)   See fewer
Hillary Ashley
Frozen Girl Frozen Girl   See fewer
Bradley Bailey
Ned the paperboy Ned the paperboy   See fewer
Nigel Bennett
Captain From Captain From   See fewer
Zachary Bennett
Ernest 'Ernst' Masterson Ernest 'Ernst' Masterson   See fewer
Bridget Bezanson
Nurse at Train Nurse at Train   See fewer
Sarah Jane Blenkhorn
Nurse #1 (Chebucto) Nurse #1 (Chebucto)   See fewer
Joscelynne Bordeaux
Woman Amputee (as Joacelynne Bordeaux) Woman Amputee (as Joacelynne Bordeaux)   See fewer
Gavin Buhr
Big Convict Big Convict   See fewer
Linda Busby
Mrs. McGill (Laundry Lady) Mrs. McGill (Laundry Lady)   See fewer
Lee J. Campbell
Mayor Colwell Mayor Colwell   See fewer
Stan Carew
Imo Helmsman Imo Helmsman   See fewer
Mary-Colin Chisholm
Mrs. Mackay Mrs. Mackay   See fewer
David Christoffel
Police Officer - Wyatt Arrest Police Officer - Wyatt Arrest   See fewer
Patrick Christopher
Le Medec's Defense Lawyer Le Medec's Defense Lawyer   See fewer
Stephen Coats
Jury Foreman Jury Foreman   See fewer
Richard Collins
Mont Blanc Engineer Mont Blanc Engineer   See fewer
Murray Vincent Countway
Mr. Thomas Mr. Thomas   See fewer
John Dartt
Crowd Member #1 Crowd Member #1   See fewer
John Davie
Coleman's Friend Coleman's Friend   See fewer
Kevin Deagle
Representative #2 Representative #2   See fewer
Lucy Decoutere
Woman #1 at Rally Woman #1 at Rally   See fewer
Adrien Dixon
Walter Brannen Walter Brannen   See fewer
Richard Donat
Patrick Collins Patrick Collins   See fewer
Jacqueline Donovan
Young Mother at Dartmouth Cabin (as Jacqueline Mackenzie) Young Mother at Dartmouth Cabin (as Jacqueline Mackenzie)   See fewer
Paul Doucet
Captain Le Medec Captain Le Medec   See fewer
Brian Downey
Capt. Horatio Brannen Capt. Horatio Brannen   See fewer
Shawn Duggan
Corporal (Looter Shooter) Corporal (Looter Shooter)   See fewer
Angus Duncan
Representative #1 Representative #1   See fewer
Morrissey Dunn
Dr. Sherman Dr. Sherman   See fewer
John Dunsworth
Naval Officer McNabb Naval Officer McNabb   See fewer
Ted Dykstra
Francis Mackey Francis Mackey   See fewer
Dennis Envoldsen
Vince Coleman Vince Coleman   See fewer
Bill Forbes
First Mate Mont Blanc First Mate Mont Blanc   See fewer
Andrew Fowler
Sergeant on Horseback Sergeant on Horseback   See fewer
Jim Fowler
Soldier at Wellington Magazine Soldier at Wellington Magazine   See fewer
David J. Francis
Mr. Hinch Mr. Hinch   See fewer
John Fulton
Councillor #1 Councillor #1   See fewer
Mark Graham
Wyatt's Defense Lawyer Wyatt's Defense Lawyer   See fewer
Glen Michael Grant
Stevedore (as Glen Grant) Stevedore (as Glen Grant)   See fewer
Matt Grant
Mr. Keeler Mr. Keeler   See fewer
George Green
Police Officer at Courthouse Police Officer at Courthouse   See fewer
Graham Greene
Elijah Cobb Elijah Cobb   See fewer
Lynne Griffin
Millicent Collins Millicent Collins   See fewer
Graham Harley
Mr. Cleese Mr. Cleese   See fewer
Brian Heighton
Canadian Surgeon Canadian Surgeon   See fewer
Jeri-Matti Helppi
Doctor #2 (Chebucto) (as Jari-Matti Helpi) Doctor #2 (Chebucto) (as Jari-Matti Helpi)   See fewer
Tamara Hope
Beatrix Collins Beatrix Collins   See fewer
Brian Jamieson
Peddler Peddler   See fewer
Paul Jessen
German Spy #2 German Spy #2   See fewer
Mitchell Landzaat
Mont Blanc Helmsman (as Mitch Landzaat) Mont Blanc Helmsman (as Mitch Landzaat)   See fewer
Miles Leahy
Chicken Farmer Chicken Farmer   See fewer
Susan Leblanc-Crawford
Head Nurse Head Nurse   See fewer
Glenn Lefchak
Reporter (as Glen Lefchak) Reporter (as Glen Lefchak)   See fewer
Gary Levert
Launch Captain Launch Captain   See fewer
Daniel Lillford
Man #1 at Rally Man #1 at Rally   See fewer
Darcy Lindzon
Sergent (Dreamscape) Sergent (Dreamscape)   See fewer
Brianna MacDonald
Senior Student Senior Student   See fewer
Shauna MacDonald
Dr. Barbara Paxton Dr. Barbara Paxton   See fewer
Andrew MacVicar
RCMP #1 RCMP #1   See fewer
Geoff McBride
Doctor #3 (Chebucto) Doctor #3 (Chebucto)   See fewer
Rowe David McClelland
Shipping Manager (as David McClelland) Shipping Manager (as David McClelland)   See fewer
Alec McClure
Jamie Larkin Jamie Larkin   See fewer
Joseph McKibbon
Collin's Clerk Collin's Clerk   See fewer
Geoff McLean
Imo Pilot Imo Pilot   See fewer
Miles Meili
Sailor #1 Calling All Clear Sailor #1 Calling All Clear   See fewer
David Alexander Miller
Wounded Soldier (Hospital Ship) (as David Miller) Wounded Soldier (Hospital Ship) (as David Miller)   See fewer
Jean Morpurgo
Crowd Member #2 Crowd Member #2   See fewer
Max Morrow
Courtney 'Court' Collins Courtney 'Court' Collins   See fewer
Laura Muise
Girl (Mortuary) Girl (Mortuary)   See fewer
Kevin Nugent
Man (Go to the Hill) Man (Go to the Hill)   See fewer
Joan Orenstein
Older Constance 'Connie' Collins Older Constance 'Connie' Collins   See fewer
Adam Pennington
Soldier with Sam's Rescue Party Soldier with Sam's Rescue Party   See fewer
Pete Postlethwaite
Charles Burchell Charles Burchell   See fewer
Leon Pownall
Commander Frederick Wyatt Commander Frederick Wyatt   See fewer
Andy Smith
Sergeant (Cigarette Out) Sergeant (Cigarette Out)   See fewer
Clare Stone
Constance 'Connie' Collins Constance 'Connie' Collins   See fewer
Jackie Torrens
Isabel 'Izzy' Isabel 'Izzy'   See fewer
Kiersten Tough
Nurse (Face Slap) Nurse (Face Slap)   See fewer
Gordon Trites
Soldier Sent to North Station Soldier Sent to North Station   See fewer
Chris Turner
German Spy #1 German Spy #1   See fewer
John Walf
British Naval Officer British Naval Officer   See fewer
Vincent Walsh
Captain Charlie Collins Captain Charlie Collins   See fewer
Jeremy Webb
Mont Blanc Crewman #1 Mont Blanc Crewman #1   See fewer
Gordon Michael Woolvett
Sergeant Sam Barlow Sergeant Sam Barlow   See fewer
Nick Smyth
Armoury Soldier #3 (uncredited) Armoury Soldier #3 (uncredited)   See fewer
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