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  • Plane (2023)
  • R
    107 min | Action, Thriller
Plane (2023)
107 min | Action, Thriller

A pilot finds himself caught in a war zone after he's forced to land his commercial aircraft during a terrible storm.
Charles Cumming (screenplay by) (story by) | J.P. Davis (screenplay by)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
Mailara Santana (as Mailara Santana Pomales)
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Release date
Jan 13, 2023 (United States)


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45 cast members
Name Known for
Gerard Butler
Brodie Torrance Brodie Torrance   See fewer
Mike Colter
Louis Gaspare Louis Gaspare   See fewer
Tony Goldwyn
Scarsdale Scarsdale   See fewer
Yoson An
Samuel Dele Samuel Dele   See fewer
Evan Dane Taylor
Datu Junmar Datu Junmar   See fewer
Paul Ben-Victor
Terry Hampton Terry Hampton   See fewer
Daniella Pineda
Bonnie Lane Bonnie Lane   See fewer
Lilly Krug
Brie Taylor Brie Taylor   See fewer
Kelly Gale
Katie Dhar Katie Dhar   See fewer
Angel Fabián Rivera
Karim Rahim Karim Rahim   See fewer
Fernando Chang
Chan Yuen Chan Yuen   See fewer
Modesto Lacen
Antonio Ortega Antonio Ortega   See fewer
Joey Slotnick
Matt Sinclair Matt Sinclair   See fewer
Rose Eshay
Ana Fernández (as Rose J. Eshay) Ana Fernández (as Rose J. Eshay)   See fewer
Ricky Robles Cruz
Javier Molina Javier Molina   See fewer
Jessica Nam
Rosalie Jeong Rosalie Jeong   See fewer
Quinn McPherson
Riley Donahue Riley Donahue   See fewer
Oliver Trevena
Maxwell Carver Maxwell Carver   See fewer
Tara Westwood
The Executive The Executive   See fewer
Michelle Lee
Isabella Yu Isabella Yu   See fewer
John J. Shim
Joshua Jeong (as John Shim) Joshua Jeong (as John Shim)   See fewer
Remi Adeleke
Shellback Shellback   See fewer
Matt Cook
Moses Moses   See fewer
Pete Scobell
Jim Lake Jim Lake   See fewer
Haleigh Hekking
Daniela Daniela   See fewer
Jeremy Denzlinger
Marc Richards Marc Richards   See fewer
Edwin Lee
Changi Security Agent Changi Security Agent   See fewer
Yao Tsai
Changi Security Guard Changi Security Guard   See fewer
Jeff Francisco
Lolo - Old Fisherman Lolo - Old Fisherman   See fewer
Ariel Felix
Local Man Local Man   See fewer
Nick Brandon
Drunk Passenger Drunk Passenger   See fewer
Michelle Cortés
Flight Attendant (as Michelle Cortes) Flight Attendant (as Michelle Cortes)   See fewer
Jeffrey Holsman
Trailblazer Captain Trailblazer Captain   See fewer
Enele Ma'afu Tauteoli
Hulking Man Hulking Man   See fewer
Jimmy Fung
Vhong Vhong   See fewer
Manuel Álvarez Kim
Filipino Man Filipino Man   See fewer
Kate Bisset
British Woman - Maria Burnham British Woman - Maria Burnham   See fewer
Kate Rachesky
Second Flight Attendant Second Flight Attendant   See fewer
Thomas Curran
Trailblazer Executive (uncredited) Trailblazer Executive (uncredited)   See fewer
Saif Mohsen
Mosa (uncredited) Mosa (uncredited)   See fewer
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