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Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows

Part II (Season 1, Episode 2)
TV Episode | 120 min | Biography, Drama, Music

Lorna Luft (memoir) | Robert L. Freedman (teleplay)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
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Updated Feb 26, 2001

Release date
Feb 26, 2001 (United States)


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68 cast members
Name Known for
Judy Davis
Judy Garland Judy Garland   See fewer
Victor Garber
Sid Luft Sid Luft   See fewer
Hugh Laurie
Vincente Minnelli Vincente Minnelli   See fewer
John Benjamin Hickey
Roger Edens Roger Edens   See fewer
Sonja Smits
Kay Thompson Kay Thompson   See fewer
Daniel Kash
Arthur Freed Arthur Freed   See fewer
Alison Pill
Young Lorna Luft Young Lorna Luft   See fewer
Aidan Devine
Frank Gumm Frank Gumm   See fewer
Stewart Bick
Artie Shaw Artie Shaw   See fewer
Tammy Blanchard
Young Judy Garland Young Judy Garland   See fewer
Al Waxman
Louis B. Mayer Louis B. Mayer   See fewer
Marsha Mason
Ethel Gumm Ethel Gumm   See fewer
Cynthia Gibb
Narrator (voice) Narrator (voice)   See fewer
Dwayne Adams
Mickey Rooney Mickey Rooney   See fewer
Rosemary Dunsmore
Ida Koverman Ida Koverman   See fewer
Carley Alves
Judy (2 yrs) Judy (2 yrs)   See fewer
Cara Pifko
Jimmy Gumm, Adult Jimmy Gumm, Adult   See fewer
Zoe Heath
Suzy Gumm, Adult Suzy Gumm, Adult   See fewer
Josephine De Cosma
Jimmy Gumm, Age 7 Jimmy Gumm, Age 7   See fewer
Samantha Gerber
Suzy Gumm, Age 9 Suzy Gumm, Age 9   See fewer
Lindy Booth
Lana Turner Lana Turner   See fewer
Rory Feore
Radio Host Radio Host   See fewer
Nancy McAlear
Wardrobe Woman #1 Wardrobe Woman #1   See fewer
Ellen-Ray Hennessy
Wardrobe Woman #2 Wardrobe Woman #2   See fewer
Elyssa Livergant
Wardrobe Assistant Wardrobe Assistant   See fewer
Brendan Wall
Assistant Director Assistant Director   See fewer
Alex Poch-Goldin
Psychiatrist Psychiatrist   See fewer
Michael Rhoades
Busby Berkeley Busby Berkeley   See fewer
Gerry Salsberg
Charles Bickford Charles Bickford   See fewer
Salvatore Antonio
Clinician (as Salvatore Migliore) Clinician (as Salvatore Migliore)   See fewer
Rodger Barton
Studio Doctor Studio Doctor   See fewer
Tannis Burnett
Commissary Waitress Commissary Waitress   See fewer
Alan Rosenthal
Judy's Personal Doctor Judy's Personal Doctor   See fewer
Gary Brennan
Photographer Photographer   See fewer
Ron Kennell
Reporter at Minnelli House Reporter at Minnelli House   See fewer
Phillip MacKenzie
Victor Fleming Victor Fleming   See fewer
Bruce McFee
Wil Gilmore Wil Gilmore   See fewer
Thea Gill
Lucille Bremer Lucille Bremer   See fewer
Noah Henne
The Scarecrow The Scarecrow   See fewer
James Kall
The Tin Man The Tin Man   See fewer
Michael B. King
The Lion The Lion   See fewer
Amber Metcalfe
Lorna (6 yrs) (as Amber Marshall) Lorna (6 yrs) (as Amber Marshall)   See fewer
Mackenzie Weiner
Lorna, Age 3 Lorna, Age 3   See fewer
Harrison Kane
Joe (7-10 yrs) Joe (7-10 yrs)   See fewer
Alex House
Joe (11-15 yrs) Joe (11-15 yrs)   See fewer
Brittany Payer
Liza (1 & 2 yrs) Liza (1 & 2 yrs)   See fewer
Arielle Di Iulio
Liza (6-8 yrs) Liza (6-8 yrs)   See fewer
Sarah Moussadji
Liza (12-15 yrs) Liza (12-15 yrs)   See fewer
Marie Ward
Liza (23 yrs) (as Brandi Marie Ward) Liza (23 yrs) (as Brandi Marie Ward)   See fewer
Rob Smith
David Begelman David Begelman   See fewer
Christopher Marren
Freddie Fields Freddie Fields   See fewer
Martin Randez
Mark Herron Mark Herron   See fewer
Richard Waugh
Executive #1 Executive #1   See fewer
Steve Cumyn
Executive #2 Executive #2   See fewer
Hume Baugh
Mickey Deans Mickey Deans   See fewer
Richard M. Davidson
Jack Warner Jack Warner   See fewer
Stefan Brogren
Oscar Camerman Oscar Camerman   See fewer
Philip Williams
Oscar Soundman Oscar Soundman   See fewer
Ken Kramer
Judge Judge   See fewer
Adrian Hough
Doctor #1 Doctor #1   See fewer
Jim Codrington
Doctor #2 Doctor #2   See fewer
Thomas Seniuk
Pool Boy Pool Boy   See fewer
Derek Keurvorst
George Cukor George Cukor   See fewer
Aron Tager
George Jessel George Jessel   See fewer
Alan Murley
St. Mortz Hotel Manager (as Allan Murley) St. Mortz Hotel Manager (as Allan Murley)   See fewer
Tom Melissis
William Morris Agent William Morris Agent   See fewer
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