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  • Lilly (III)
  • 98 min | Drama
Lilly (III)
98 min | Drama

A suspense drama based on the life of Fair Pay activist Lilly Ledbetter.
Rachel Feldman (screenplay by) | Adam Prince (screenplay by)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
Toby Corbett (production design)
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58 cast members
Name Known for
Patricia Clarkson
Lilly Ledbetter Lilly Ledbetter   See fewer
Deirdre Lovejoy
Jocelyn Samuels Jocelyn Samuels   See fewer
Thomas Sadoski
Jon Goldfarb Jon Goldfarb   See fewer
Josh McDermitt
Dan McGinty Dan McGinty   See fewer
John Benjamin Hickey
Charles Ledbetter Charles Ledbetter   See fewer
Judd Lormand
Trevor Dawkins Trevor Dawkins   See fewer
Joshua Mikel
Luke Urskee Luke Urskee   See fewer
Bethany Anne Lind
Vickie Ledbetter Vickie Ledbetter   See fewer
Ned Vaughn
Mike Quinn Mike Quinn   See fewer
Walker Babington
Tristen Everly Tristen Everly   See fewer
Rhoda Griffis
Marcia Greenberger Marcia Greenberger   See fewer
Nancy De Mayo
Rosa DeLauro Rosa DeLauro   See fewer
Amy Parrish
Deborah Deborah   See fewer
Keith Brooks
Andy Guthrie Andy Guthrie   See fewer
Ashley LeConte Campbell
Rosa DeLauro Rosa DeLauro   See fewer
Jordan Cox
Tristan Everly Tristan Everly   See fewer
Chuti Tiu
Dr. Mira Kahani Dr. Mira Kahani   See fewer
Robert Pralgo
Kent Kohler Kent Kohler   See fewer
Jared Simon
Neal Mollen Neal Mollen   See fewer
Steven Reddington
Jury Foreman Jury Foreman   See fewer
Will Pullen
Philip Ledbetter Philip Ledbetter   See fewer
Darin Toonder
Jay St. Clair Jay St. Clair   See fewer
Paul Teal
Timothy Granger Timothy Granger   See fewer
Angela Sant'Albano
Caroline Caroline   See fewer
Brett Newton
Kevin Russell Kevin Russell   See fewer
Tess Malis Kincaid
Sen. Olympia Snowe Sen. Olympia Snowe   See fewer
Andrea Andrade
Susanna Susanna   See fewer
Abigail Rose Solomon
Senator Lisa Murkowski Senator Lisa Murkowski   See fewer
Derek Evans
Bryan Radison Bryan Radison   See fewer
David de Vries
Pastor Roberts Pastor Roberts   See fewer
Elbert Kim
Attorney at firm of Jon C. Goldfarb Attorney at firm of Jon C. Goldfarb   See fewer
Morgan Middlebrook
Factory Worker Factory Worker   See fewer
Gilbert Glenn Brown
Judge Clemon Judge Clemon   See fewer
Shanita Wilburn
Courtroom Attendee Courtroom Attendee   See fewer
Eddie King
Otto Vogel Otto Vogel   See fewer
Carmela McNeal
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Alexander Roberts
Geoff Zwimmer Geoff Zwimmer   See fewer
Kevin Brown
Factory Worker Factory Worker   See fewer
Camille Robinson Rogers
Ruby Lawrence (as Camille Robinson) Ruby Lawrence (as Camille Robinson)   See fewer
Lorenzo Yearby
William Scott William Scott   See fewer
Ray Bengston
Rep. George Miller Rep. George Miller   See fewer
Brandon Sauve
Two Step Chip Two Step Chip   See fewer
Ethan Hernandez
Staffer Staffer   See fewer
Raianna Brown
Two Step Maggie Two Step Maggie   See fewer
Royal Allen
Jude Wilcott Jude Wilcott   See fewer
Randall Moser
Congressman Boyd Congressman Boyd   See fewer
Leah Wills
Darby Lancaster Darby Lancaster   See fewer
Jessica Webb
Dance Judge Dance Judge   See fewer
Luisean Manrique
George Rosario George Rosario   See fewer
Denton Locorriere
Alex Ledbetter Alex Ledbetter   See fewer
Lila James
Grace Ledbetter Grace Ledbetter   See fewer
Bruce Cooper
Townspeople (uncredited) Townspeople (uncredited)   See fewer
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