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  • Rough Riders Episode #1.2 (Season 1, Episode 2)
  • TV Episode | Action, Drama, History

Rough Riders

Episode #1.2 (Season 1, Episode 2)
TV Episode | Action, Drama, History

John Milius (written by) | Hugh Wilson (written by)
Anthony B. Richmond (as Tony Richmond)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Dec 31, 1997

Release date
1997 (United States)


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96 cast members
Name Known for
Tom Berenger
Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt   See fewer
Sam Elliott
Capt. Bucky O'Neil Capt. Bucky O'Neil   See fewer
Gary Busey
Gen. Joseph Wheeler Gen. Joseph Wheeler   See fewer
Brad Johnson
Henry Nash Henry Nash   See fewer
Illeana Douglas
Edith Roosevelt Edith Roosevelt   See fewer
Dale Dye
Col. Leonard Wood Col. Leonard Wood   See fewer
Brian Keith
President William McKinley President William McKinley   See fewer
George Hamilton
William Randolph Hearst William Randolph Hearst   See fewer
R. Lee Ermey
Secretary of State John Hay Secretary of State John Hay   See fewer
Nick Chinlund
Frederick Remington Frederick Remington   See fewer
Chris Noth
Craig Wadsworth Craig Wadsworth   See fewer
Holt McCallany
Sgt. Hamilton Fish Sgt. Hamilton Fish   See fewer
James Parks
William Tiffany William Tiffany   See fewer
Dakin Matthews
Wadsworth, Sr. Wadsworth, Sr.   See fewer
Mark Moses
Lt. Woodbury Kane Lt. Woodbury Kane   See fewer
William Katt
Edward Marshall Edward Marshall   See fewer
Francesco Quinn
Sgt. Rafael Castillo Sgt. Rafael Castillo   See fewer
Adam Storke
Stephen Crane, writer Stephen Crane, writer   See fewer
Titus Welliver
B.F. Goodrich B.F. Goodrich   See fewer
Diana Jorge
Mademoiselle Adler Mademoiselle Adler   See fewer
Eric Allan Kramer
Sgt. Henry Bardshar Sgt. Henry Bardshar   See fewer
Angee Hughes
Sara Bardshar Sara Bardshar   See fewer
Hunter Bentley
Boyo (GT station) Boyo (GT station)   See fewer
Troy Curvey Jr.
Sgt. Buck Sgt. Buck   See fewer
Randy Stripling
Buffalo Soldier Buffalo Soldier   See fewer
Willie Dirden
Butler Butler   See fewer
Jared Chandler
Capt. Allyn Capron Capt. Allyn Capron   See fewer
Rusty Cox
Captain (Shafter's staff) Captain (Shafter's staff)   See fewer
Gary Ragland
Captain (trench) Captain (trench)   See fewer
Art Tamez
Castillo Sr. Castillo Sr.   See fewer
Patrick Gorman
Colonel, 71st NY Colonel, 71st NY   See fewer
Rick Dano
Colonel (Shafter's staff) (as Richard Dano) Colonel (Shafter's staff) (as Richard Dano)   See fewer
Carlos Compean
Cuban rebel Cuban rebel   See fewer
Michael Greyeyes
Delchaney (Apache) Delchaney (Apache)   See fewer
Julie Wilson
Mrs. Fish Mrs. Fish   See fewer
Pablo Espinosa
Frederick Funston Frederick Funston   See fewer
Greg Krutilek
Admiral (at the White House) Admiral (at the White House)   See fewer
Brady Coleman
General (Shafter's staff) General (Shafter's staff)   See fewer
Brian Schmeck
Capt. Grimes Capt. Grimes   See fewer
Robert Strane
Sen. Hanna Sen. Hanna   See fewer
Jack Watkins
Harry Hefues Harry Hefues   See fewer
Robert 'Bob' Primeaux
Indian Bob Indian Bob   See fewer
David Midthunder
Indian Tom Isbell Indian Tom Isbell   See fewer
Mark Duke Dalton
Kid at rail siding (as Mark Dalton) Kid at rail siding (as Mark Dalton)   See fewer
Lonnie Rodriguez
Capt. Max Luna Capt. Max Luna   See fewer
Will Wallace
Man #1 (delivers news to Hearst) Man #1 (delivers news to Hearst)   See fewer
Ted J. Crum
Old codger Old codger   See fewer
Brian Brown
Man at San Antonio station Man at San Antonio station   See fewer
Buck Taylor
George Neville George Neville   See fewer
Billy Driver
New Mexico man New Mexico man   See fewer
Charles Sanders
Newsman Newsman   See fewer
Michael A. Stephens
Opposing man Opposing man   See fewer
Adam Reid
Orderly Orderly   See fewer
Wally Welch
Other New Mexico man Other New Mexico man   See fewer
Jim Morse
Lt. James Parker Lt. James Parker   See fewer
Marshall R. Teague
Black Jack Pershing Black Jack Pershing   See fewer
Stephen Bridgewater
Sgt. Polk Sgt. Polk   See fewer
Curtis Akin
Quartermaster Quartermaster   See fewer
John Barnett
Rough Rider (in jungle) Rough Rider (in jungle)   See fewer
Tom Williams
Sergeant (Exhibition Hall) Sergeant (Exhibition Hall)   See fewer
Patrick Falci
Rough Rider (at campfire) Rough Rider (at campfire)   See fewer
Rodger Boyce
Gen. Shafter Gen. Shafter   See fewer
Louis Gusemano
Spaniard Spaniard   See fewer
Damon Collazo
Steward Steward   See fewer
Larry Randolph
Col. Swayles Col. Swayles   See fewer
Darin Heames
Lt. William Wheeler Lt. William Wheeler   See fewer
Tiani Warden
Woman in stagecoach Woman in stagecoach   See fewer
Danny Kamin
Gen. Young (as Daniel Tucker Kamin) Gen. Young (as Daniel Tucker Kamin)   See fewer
Timberlake Lewis
British observer British observer   See fewer
Bob Hess
French observer French observer   See fewer
Julio Cesar Cedillo
Gen. Toral (as Julio Cedillo) Gen. Toral (as Julio Cedillo)   See fewer
Rupert Reyes
Gen. Toral's interpreter Gen. Toral's interpreter   See fewer
Richard Reyes
Insurrectionist officer Insurrectionist officer   See fewer
Jake Cavelle
Other insurgent Other insurgent   See fewer
Whit Edwards
Sergeant, 71st NY Sergeant, 71st NY   See fewer
Jamy Myatt
Fish's girl Fish's girl   See fewer
Kristi Fleming
Wadsworth's girl Wadsworth's girl   See fewer
Ellen Locy
Kane's girl Kane's girl   See fewer
Richard Nance
Cowhand Cowhand   See fewer
Peter Harrell Jr.
Buffalo sergeant Buffalo sergeant   See fewer
Raliegh Wilson
Saddlery sergeant Saddlery sergeant   See fewer
Oriana Huron
Castillo's girl Castillo's girl   See fewer
Deborah Nunez
Bordello lady Bordello lady   See fewer
Lincoln Lageson
Hearst lackey Hearst lackey   See fewer
Chase Casson
Stagecoach passenger Stagecoach passenger   See fewer
Brian Brooks
Military Band Member, Civil Band Member Military Band Member, Civil Band Member   See fewer
Benny Gibson
Rough rider Rough rider   See fewer
Russ Ives
Rough Rider Solider Rough Rider Solider   See fewer
Javier Medellin
Rough Rider Rough Rider   See fewer
Louie Mendez
Machine gunner Machine gunner   See fewer
Christopher Watson
Soldier / Flag Carrier Soldier / Flag Carrier   See fewer
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