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Windmills of the Gods

Episode #1.2 (Season 1, Episode 2)
TV Episode | Drama, Thriller

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Updated Feb 9, 1988

Release date
Feb 9, 1988 (United States)
Series awards
1 nomination


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65 cast members
Name Known for
Jaclyn Smith
Mary Ashley Mary Ashley   See fewer
Robert Wagner
Mike Slade Mike Slade   See fewer
Ian McKellen
Chairman Chairman   See fewer
Michael Moriarty
Ellison Ellison   See fewer
David Ackroyd
Dr. Edward Ashley Dr. Edward Ashley   See fewer
Louis Cassara
Senator Senator   See fewer
Christopher Cazenove
Dr. Louis Desforges Dr. Louis Desforges   See fewer
Lou Criscuolo
Pete Connors Pete Connors   See fewer
Gloria Crist
Carmen Carmen   See fewer
Ruby Dee
Dorothy - Secretary to Mary Ashley Dorothy - Secretary to Mary Ashley   See fewer
Stephanie Faracy
Florence Schiffer Florence Schiffer   See fewer
J. Don Ferguson
Ian Villers Ian Villers   See fewer
Kimberly Foster
Woman on Mike's Arm Woman on Mike's Arm   See fewer
Jim Grimshaw
Language Instructor Language Instructor   See fewer
Pat Hall
Deputy Jake Deputy Jake   See fewer
Jim Hatfield
Murdered Marine Guard Murdered Marine Guard   See fewer
Mert Hatfield
Senator Senator   See fewer
Winston Hemingway
Marine Guard Marine Guard   See fewer
Joe Herold
Malden Malden   See fewer
J. Michael Hunter
Dr. Doug Schiffer Dr. Doug Schiffer   See fewer
Nicholas Hunter
Florian (as Nick Hunter) Florian (as Nick Hunter)   See fewer
Raymond Johnson
Gen. Handley Gen. Handley   See fewer
Douglas Kiker
TV Interviewer TV Interviewer   See fewer
Ben Kistler
Dry Cleaner Dry Cleaner   See fewer
Charles A. Kroger Jr.
Sen. Anderson Sen. Anderson   See fewer
Josh Lozoff
Nicu Ionesco (as Joshua Bo Lozoff) Nicu Ionesco (as Joshua Bo Lozoff)   See fewer
Norman Max Maxwell
Romanian Diplomat Romanian Diplomat   See fewer
Robert J. Maxwell
Guest, Romanian Embassy Guest, Romanian Embassy   See fewer
Thomas McGovern
David Victor David Victor   See fewer
Ari Meyers
Beth Ashley Beth Ashley   See fewer
Franco Nero
Ionescu Ionescu   See fewer
Richard K. Olsen
Ben Cohn Ben Cohn   See fewer
Betsy Palmer
Mrs. Hart Brisbane Mrs. Hart Brisbane   See fewer
Lisa Pelikan
Actress Actress   See fewer
Tony Pender
Constable Hanson Constable Hanson   See fewer
Pete Prehn
Ted Thompson Ted Thompson   See fewer
Stephen Reilly
Lecturer Lecturer   See fewer
Greg Reyes
Tabac Bartender Tabac Bartender   See fewer
Anthony Barry Richmond
Insp. Pakula Insp. Pakula   See fewer
G.F. Rowe
French Ambassador French Ambassador   See fewer
John S. Rushton
Diplomat Diplomat   See fewer
Bob Seagren
John Burns John Burns   See fewer
Bob Senseney
Lukas Janklow Lukas Janklow   See fewer
Herschel Sparber
Kidnapper Kidnapper   See fewer
John Standing
Sir George Sir George   See fewer
Nello Tare
James Hatfield James Hatfield   See fewer
Eric Tilley
Romanian Police Officer Romanian Police Officer   See fewer
Michael Titterton
Hyde-White Hyde-White   See fewer
Adrian Van Daalen
Extra - Bad Guy Extra - Bad Guy   See fewer
J.T. Walsh
Colonel Bill McKinney Colonel Bill McKinney   See fewer
Rick Warner
James Stuckley James Stuckley   See fewer
R.J. Williams
Chris Ashley Chris Ashley   See fewer
Scott Williams
Gunny Hughes (as Scott A. Williams) Gunny Hughes (as Scott A. Williams)   See fewer
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