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Faith: Pope John Paul II

Episode #1.2 (Season 1, Episode 2)
TV Episode | Biography, Drama

John Kent Harrison (teleplay) | Francesco Contaldo (earlier teleplay) | Salvatore Basile (additional material) | Francesco Arlanch (additional material)
Production Designer
Pier Luigi Basile (as Pierluigi Basile)
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Updated Dec 7, 2005

Release date
Dec 7, 2005 (United States)


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91 cast members
Name Known for
Christopher Lee
Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski   See fewer
Ben Gazzara
Cardinal Agostino Casaroli Cardinal Agostino Casaroli   See fewer
Giuliano Gemma
Navarro Valls Navarro Valls   See fewer
Wenanty Nosul
Stanislaw Dziwisz Stanislaw Dziwisz   See fewer
Stefano Molinari
SS Officer SS Officer   See fewer
Valeria Cavalli
Teresa (as Valéria Cavalli) Teresa (as Valéria Cavalli)   See fewer
Bartosz Glogowski
SS Officer SS Officer   See fewer
Alessandro Demcenko
First Young Doctor (as Alesandro Demcenko) First Young Doctor (as Alesandro Demcenko)   See fewer
Bianca Nappi
Vittoria Vittoria   See fewer
Fabrizio Bucci
Krysztof Zachuta Krysztof Zachuta   See fewer
Luca Capuano
Jeep Clerk #1 Jeep Clerk #1   See fewer
Andy Luotto
Homeless Man Homeless Man   See fewer
Luca Di Prospero
Jeep Clerk #2 Jeep Clerk #2   See fewer
Allan Caister Pearce
Neurologist (as Allan Caister) Neurologist (as Allan Caister)   See fewer
Robert Gonera
Tadeusz Tadeusz   See fewer
Maurizio Di Carmine
Older Doctor Older Doctor   See fewer
Michael Fitzpatrick
Orthopedic Surgeon Orthopedic Surgeon   See fewer
Christoph Pieczynski
Czerny (as Krzysztof Pieczynski) Czerny (as Krzysztof Pieczynski)   See fewer
Stefano Venturi
Parish Priest Parish Priest   See fewer
Christopher Good
Cardinal Konig Cardinal Konig   See fewer
Guido Roncalli
Pope's Doctor Pope's Doctor   See fewer
Michele Alhaique
Young Waiter (as Michelle Alhaique) Young Waiter (as Michelle Alhaique)   See fewer
Giampiero Rotoli
Second Young Doctor Second Young Doctor   See fewer
Carlo Sabatini
Master of Ceremonies Master of Ceremonies   See fewer
Mariusz Sibiga
Dashkov (as Marcin Sibiga) Dashkov (as Marcin Sibiga)   See fewer
Jean Paul Buana
African Journalist African Journalist   See fewer
Jacek Lenartowicz
Lech Walesa Lech Walesa   See fewer
Marcus J. Cotterell
American Journalist American Journalist   See fewer
Giacomo Piperno
Cardinal Felici Cardinal Felici   See fewer
Fabrizio Rogano
British Journalist British Journalist   See fewer
Mikolaj Grabowski
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger   See fewer
Wlodzimierz Chrenkoff
Communist Sec. Officer Communist Sec. Officer   See fewer
Paolo Paolini
Cardinal Villot Cardinal Villot   See fewer
Dimitri Tamarov
Elderly Cardinal Elderly Cardinal   See fewer
Vanni Corbellini
Cynical Journalist Cynical Journalist   See fewer
Sergio Nicolai
First Cardinal First Cardinal   See fewer
Francis Pardeilhan
Engineer Engineer   See fewer
Luis Molteni
Second Cardinal Second Cardinal   See fewer
Carla Verolo
Eva's Mother Eva's Mother   See fewer
Roberto Nobile
Third Cardinal Third Cardinal   See fewer
Tadeusz Bradecki
Father Kozlowski Father Kozlowski   See fewer
Andrzej Blumenfeld
Gierek Edward Gierek Edward   See fewer
Luca Lombardi
French Journalist French Journalist   See fewer
Edward Zentana
Gestapo Officer Gestapo Officer   See fewer
Pietro Sarubbi
José Lopez Portillo José Lopez Portillo   See fewer
Zaneta Babik
Little Girl Little Girl   See fewer
Nicola Pistoia
Cardinal De Furstenberg Cardinal De Furstenberg   See fewer
Lidia Duda
Little Girl's Mother Little Girl's Mother   See fewer
Ronald Dudley Grant
African Cardinal African Cardinal   See fewer
Andrzej Zarnecki
Prof. Kriek (as Adrzej Zarnechi) Prof. Kriek (as Adrzej Zarnechi)   See fewer
Alessandro Zamattio
Gestapo Officer Gestapo Officer   See fewer
Harald Posch
Hans Frank Hans Frank   See fewer
Mariapia Cassarino
Tyranowski Tyranowski   See fewer
Slawomir Sosnierz
Older Nun Older Nun   See fewer
Alicja Bienicewicz
Older Nun (as Alicia Bienicewicz) Older Nun (as Alicia Bienicewicz)   See fewer
Ewa Zytkiewicz
Andrei Gromyko Andrei Gromyko   See fewer
Cyrus Elias
Polish Man Polish Man   See fewer
Maria Bosco
Sister Lucia Sister Lucia   See fewer
Dominik Nowak
Crucitti Crucitti   See fewer
Giulio Base
Pope Paul VI Pope Paul VI   See fewer
Michele Gammino
Leonid Brezhnev Leonid Brezhnev   See fewer
Eddie Roberts
SB Roberts SB Roberts   See fewer
Slawomir Zapala
Seminarian Wiktor Loga / Sharczwoeski Seminarian Wiktor Loga / Sharczwoeski   See fewer
Fabrizio Jovine
Yuri Andropov Yuri Andropov   See fewer
Elisabetta Tucci
Sister Katerina Sister Katerina   See fewer
Andrzej Szopa
Mikhail Gorbachev Mikhail Gorbachev   See fewer
Claudio Spadaro
Soviet Leader Soviet Leader   See fewer
Bruce McGuire
US Embassy Official US Embassy Official   See fewer
Ennio Tozzi
Theatre Director Theatre Director   See fewer
Agneska Popkiewicz
Screaming Woman Screaming Woman   See fewer
Wojciech Leonowicz
Edmund (as Wojciech Leonowocz) Edmund (as Wojciech Leonowocz)   See fewer
Krzys Kremieniecki
Young Boy 12 Yrs Old Young Boy 12 Yrs Old   See fewer
Izabela Kuna
Emilia Wojtylowa Emilia Wojtylowa   See fewer
James Cromwell
Cardinal Adam Sapieha Cardinal Adam Sapieha   See fewer
Cary Elwes
Young Karol Wojtyla Young Karol Wojtyla   See fewer
Karlos Granada
Spanish Journalist Spanish Journalist   See fewer
Jon Voight
Pope John Paul II / Karol Wojtyla Pope John Paul II / Karol Wojtyla   See fewer
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