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  • Come Away (2020)
  • PG
    94 min | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Come Away (2020)
94 min | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

When their eldest brother dies, Peter and Alice seek to save their parents from despair until they are forced to choose between home and imagination, setting the stage for their iconic journeys into Wonderland and Neverland.
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Leesa Kahn (produced by) | Andrea Keir (produced by) | David Oyelowo (produced by) | Steve Richards (produced by) | James Spring (produced by)
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Release date
Nov 13, 2020 (United States)


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46 cast members
Name Known for
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Alice Darling Alice Darling   See fewer
Carter Thomas
Michael Darling Michael Darling   See fewer
Ava Fillery
Wendy Darling Wendy Darling   See fewer
Jonathan Garcia
John Darling John Darling   See fewer
Keira Chansa
Alice Littleton Alice Littleton   See fewer
Jordan A. Nash
Peter Littleton (as Jordan Nash) Peter Littleton (as Jordan Nash)   See fewer
David Oyelowo
Jack Littleton Jack Littleton   See fewer
Angelina Jolie
Rose Littleton Rose Littleton   See fewer
Reece Yates
David Littleton David Littleton   See fewer
Jenny Galloway
Hannah O'Farrel Hannah O'Farrel   See fewer
Anna Chancellor
Eleanor Morrow Eleanor Morrow   See fewer
Michael Caine
Charlie Charlie   See fewer
Savannah Read
Orphan Girl Orphan Girl   See fewer
Keith Chanter
Orphanage School Master Orphanage School Master   See fewer
Harry Paul Newman
Twin 1 (as Harry Newman) Twin 1 (as Harry Newman)   See fewer
Oliver Frank Newman
Twin 2 (as Oliver Newman) Twin 2 (as Oliver Newman)   See fewer
Rishi Kuppa
Tootles Tootles   See fewer
Alfie Hoang
Slightly Slightly   See fewer
Jack Veal
Curly Curly   See fewer
Clarke Peters
Hatter Hatter   See fewer
David Gyasi
Captain James Captain James   See fewer
Sean Baker
Mr. Browns Butler Mr. Browns Butler   See fewer
Derek Jacobi
Mr Brown Mr Brown   See fewer
Daniel Swain
Mr Darling Mr Darling   See fewer
Nigel Plaskitt
White Rabbit White Rabbit   See fewer
Roger Ashton-Griffiths
Smoking Overweight Man (uncredited) Smoking Overweight Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Martin Ballantyne
Ironmonger (uncredited) Ironmonger (uncredited)   See fewer
Petra Bryant
Prostitute (uncredited) Prostitute (uncredited)   See fewer
Christine Callaghan
Tea party guest (uncredited) Tea party guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Chloe Collingwood
Tea Party Guest (uncredited) Tea Party Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Natalie Coombs
Gypsy (uncredited) Gypsy (uncredited)   See fewer
Andrew Dunkelberger
Street Performer (uncredited) Street Performer (uncredited)   See fewer
Thomas Goodridge
Riddler's Row Cobbler (uncredited) Riddler's Row Cobbler (uncredited)   See fewer
Tristan Henry
The Butler (uncredited) The Butler (uncredited)   See fewer
Trevor Johnson
Mourner (uncredited) Mourner (uncredited)   See fewer
Sarah Lockett
Mourner (uncredited) Mourner (uncredited)   See fewer
Martyn Mayger
Street Drinker (uncredited) Street Drinker (uncredited)   See fewer
Damian O'Hare
Doctor Richards (uncredited) Doctor Richards (uncredited)   See fewer
James Pavey
Tweedledum (uncredited) Tweedledum (uncredited)   See fewer
Rob Pavey
Tweedledee (uncredited) Tweedledee (uncredited)   See fewer
Samuel Pont
Mickey's Thug (uncredited) Mickey's Thug (uncredited)   See fewer
Richard Stanley
Labyrinth Addict (uncredited) Labyrinth Addict (uncredited)   See fewer
Jo Wheatley
Labyrinth Addict (uncredited) Labyrinth Addict (uncredited)   See fewer
Shun Yin
Geisha (uncredited) Geisha (uncredited)   See fewer
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