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  • Creation Stories (2021)
  • 105 min | Biography, Drama, Music
Creation Stories (2021)
105 min | Biography, Drama, Music

Creation Stories tells the unforgettable tale of infamous Creation Records label head Alan McGee; and of how one written-off young Glaswegian upstart rose to irrevocably change the face of British culture.
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Release date
Feb 25, 2022 (United States)


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87 cast members
Name Known for
Ewen Bremner
Alan McGee Alan McGee   See fewer
Leo Flanagan
Young Alan Young Alan   See fewer
Richard Jobson
John McGee John McGee   See fewer
Rori Hawthorn
Laura McGee Laura McGee   See fewer
Tess Rowe
Nanna Barr Nanna Barr   See fewer
Ciaran Lawless
Young Bobby Gillespie Young Bobby Gillespie   See fewer
Jack Paterson
Andrew Innes Andrew Innes   See fewer
Gerry Knotts
Bobby's Dad Bobby's Dad   See fewer
James Hicks
Murray Murray   See fewer
Mickey Gooch Jr.
Rich - L.A. Dealer Rich - L.A. Dealer   See fewer
Tom Dunlea
Marc Jardin Marc Jardin   See fewer
Elysia Welch
Monika Monika   See fewer
Theren Raufmann
Martin - Record Shop Assistant (as Theren Raufman) Martin - Record Shop Assistant (as Theren Raufman)   See fewer
Michael Socha
Joe Foster Joe Foster   See fewer
Thomas Turgoose
Dick Green Dick Green   See fewer
Paul Gallagher
Pub Landlord Pub Landlord   See fewer
Thomas Grant
Dan Treacy Dan Treacy   See fewer
Mel Raido
Ed Ball Ed Ball   See fewer
Siobhan Redmond
Barbara McGee Barbara McGee   See fewer
Joseph Marshall
Bobby Gillespie Bobby Gillespie   See fewer
Frank Feys
Dutch Interviewer Dutch Interviewer   See fewer
Alexander Arnold
Jim Reid Jim Reid   See fewer
Matthew Durkan
Will Reid Will Reid   See fewer
Rufus Jones
Bank Manager Bank Manager   See fewer
Ben Dillon
Debt Collector 1 Debt Collector 1   See fewer
Orian Williams
Debt Collector 2 Debt Collector 2   See fewer
Steven Berkoff
Aleister Crowley Aleister Crowley   See fewer
Henry Ashton
Kevin Shields Kevin Shields   See fewer
Jack Morris
Jealous Boyfriend Jealous Boyfriend   See fewer
Paul Kaye
Mitch Mitch   See fewer
John Smith
Large Stockbroker Large Stockbroker   See fewer
Davey Logan
Loan Shark Loan Shark   See fewer
Johnny Palmiero
Boswell Boswell   See fewer
Cop 2 Cop 2   See fewer
Mark 'Bez' Berry
DJ (as Bez) DJ (as Bez)   See fewer
Maiko Takeda
Japanese Tourist No. 1 Japanese Tourist No. 1   See fewer
Sarah Sayuri Leung
Japanese Tourist No. 2 (as Sarah Sayuri-Hare) Japanese Tourist No. 2 (as Sarah Sayuri-Hare)   See fewer
Gary Zylberszac
Black Cab Driver Black Cab Driver   See fewer
Iain Stuart Robertson
Glasgow Train Guard Glasgow Train Guard   See fewer
Tim Abbott
Heckler Heckler   See fewer
Kirsty Mitchell
Susan McGee Susan McGee   See fewer
Jason Flemyng
King Tuts Promoter King Tuts Promoter   See fewer
Leo Harvey-Elledge
Liam Gallagher Liam Gallagher   See fewer
James McClelland
Noel Gallagher Noel Gallagher   See fewer
Brendan Howley
Young LA Man Young LA Man   See fewer
Hercules Hercules   See fewer
Danny John-Jules
Maurice Maurice   See fewer
Clint Dyer
Counsellor Counsellor   See fewer
Brix Smith-Start
Young Woman Patient (as Brit Smith Start) Young Woman Patient (as Brit Smith Start)   See fewer
Perry Benson
Mickey - Drug Dealer Mickey - Drug Dealer   See fewer
Nick Moran
Malcolm McLaren Malcolm McLaren   See fewer
Ed Byrne
Alistair Campbell Alistair Campbell   See fewer
Joseph Millson
Peter Mandelson (as Joseph Milson) Peter Mandelson (as Joseph Milson)   See fewer
Amelia O'Loughlin
Female Reporter Female Reporter   See fewer
Charlie Murphy
Kate Holmes Kate Holmes   See fewer
James Payton
Tony Blair Tony Blair   See fewer
Clare Kissane
Cherie Blair Cherie Blair   See fewer
Alistair McGowan
Jimmy Saville Jimmy Saville   See fewer
Gary Powell
Floor Manager Floor Manager   See fewer
Hannah Atwood
Young Susan (uncredited) Young Susan (uncredited)   See fewer
Ross Bailey
Punk Dude in Pub (uncredited) Punk Dude in Pub (uncredited)   See fewer
Daryl Bestford
Robert Young (uncredited) Robert Young (uncredited)   See fewer
Amy Carrier
Young Woman (uncredited) Young Woman (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul Eibich
Ken Popple (uncredited) Ken Popple (uncredited)   See fewer
Lewis Griffin
Dexter (uncredited) Dexter (uncredited)   See fewer
India Harl
Beckie Hammond (uncredited) Beckie Hammond (uncredited)   See fewer
Sam Huntley-Poole
Tony McCarroll (uncredited) Tony McCarroll (uncredited)   See fewer
Kate Margo
Meg Mathews (uncredited) Meg Mathews (uncredited)   See fewer
Joe McCorriston
Jowe Head (uncredited) Jowe Head (uncredited)   See fewer
Steve Pound
Airline Pilot (uncredited) Airline Pilot (uncredited)   See fewer
Ben Matthew Saunders
Young Robert (uncredited) Young Robert (uncredited)   See fewer
LA Clubber (uncredited) LA Clubber (uncredited)   See fewer
Scott Stevenson
Bonehead (uncredited) Bonehead (uncredited)   See fewer
Michelle Thomas
Dinner Guest (uncredited) Dinner Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Shun Yin
Japanese Girl (uncredited) Japanese Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
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