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  • Mardaani 2 (2019)
  • Not Rated
    103 min | Action, Crime, Drama
Mardaani 2 (2019)
Not Rated
103 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A 21-year old boy Sunny has a penchant for sexually assaulting and killing girls. He's locked horns with top cop Shivani Shivaji Roy. Will she nab him?
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Release date
Dec 13, 2019 (United States)


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64 cast members
Name Known for
Rani Mukerji
Shivani Shivaji Roy Shivani Shivaji Roy   See fewer
Shruti Bapna
Bharti Bharti   See fewer
Sunny Hinduja
Viplav Beniwal Viplav Beniwal   See fewer
Rajesh Sharma
Amit Kumar Amit Kumar   See fewer
Garima Jain
Reporter 1 Reporter 1   See fewer
Pariva Pranati
Aabha Parihar Aabha Parihar   See fewer
Jisshu Sengupta
Vikram Roy (as Jishu Sengupta) Vikram Roy (as Jishu Sengupta)   See fewer
Kirti Choudhary
Reporters 5 Reporters 5   See fewer
Shilpa Iyer
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Virti Vaghani
Priyanka Priyanka   See fewer
Vishal Jethwa
Shiv 'Sunny' Prasad Yadav Shiv 'Sunny' Prasad Yadav   See fewer
Rape Victim (credit only) Rape Victim (credit only)   See fewer
Komal Chhabria
Koyal's Mother Koyal's Mother   See fewer
Deepika Amin
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Prasanna Ketkar
Panditji Panditji   See fewer
Richa Meena
Sunanda Sunanda   See fewer
Leena Balodi
Latika's Mother Latika's Mother   See fewer
Amol Deshmukh
Naman Kedia Naman Kedia   See fewer
Aanchal Sahu
Brij's Daughter Brij's Daughter   See fewer
Sukesh Anand
Raawat Raawat   See fewer
Amit Singh Thakur
Koyal's Father Koyal's Father   See fewer
Mahendra Shrivas
Lavanya's Father Lavanya's Father   See fewer
Ravi Kothari
Sp Vijay Sp Vijay   See fewer
Girish Sharma
Kunwar Kunwar   See fewer
Anurag Sharma
Kamal Parihar Kamal Parihar   See fewer
Ashish Tyagi
Worked as a dialect coach Worked as a dialect coach   See fewer
Sumit Nijhawan
Brij Shekhawat Brij Shekhawat   See fewer
News Channel Crew (as Aishwarya Rajesh Ash) News Channel Crew (as Aishwarya Rajesh Ash)   See fewer
Aditi Patil
Labourer Women Labourer Women   See fewer
Hemant Soni
Hawaldaar Jhaakar Hawaldaar Jhaakar   See fewer
Mukesh Agrohari
Shivani'S Gunman Shivani'S Gunman   See fewer
Tanmayee Umrikar
Latika's Friend Latika's Friend   See fewer
Sunita Hooda
Latika's Principal Latika's Principal   See fewer
Mohammad Nayem
Mohammad Nayem Mohammad Nayem   See fewer
Chandra Prakash Soni
Reporters 4 Reporters 4   See fewer
Azhar Shaikh Ahmed
Policemen 2 Policemen 2   See fewer
Vishal Nath
Pravin Pravin   See fewer
Sweta Paswan
Reporters 3 Reporters 3   See fewer
Pallavi Jadhao
Lahanya's Mother Lahanya's Mother   See fewer
Santosh Sonawane
Policemen 3 Policemen 3   See fewer
Kishor Bachhav
Bhanwar Bhanwar   See fewer
Najma Sultana
Muslim Woman Muslim Woman   See fewer
Akkshay Gunaawat
Policeman Keval (as Akshay Gunawat) Policeman Keval (as Akshay Gunawat)   See fewer
Arjun Vinod Pasan
Lahanaya Lahanaya   See fewer
Noor Mohammed Solanki
Temple Watchman Temple Watchman   See fewer
Ambarish Kumar Saxena
Latika's Father Latika's Father   See fewer
Amit Rai
Cctv Operator Cctv Operator   See fewer
Agasthya. Shanker
Minister Bhardwaj Minister Bhardwaj   See fewer
Vasu Soni
Reporters 2 Reporters 2   See fewer
Rajat Shukla
Reporter Hemchand Reporter Hemchand   See fewer
Kajal Sharma
News Channel Crew News Channel Crew   See fewer
Sagar Thathera
Policemen 1 Policemen 1   See fewer
Kailash Kumar
Kumar Illustrator Kumar Illustrator   See fewer
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