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  • ZG80 (2016)
  • 90 min | Action, Comedy, Sport
ZG80 (2016)
90 min | Action, Comedy, Sport

Series of events leading to football fans war on the streets of Belgrade.
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Production Designer
Dusan Radoicic (as Dusan Radojicic)
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Updated Sep 1, 2016

Release date
Sep 1, 2016 (Croatia)


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66 cast members
Name Known for
Mario Petrekovic
Zlatkec Zlatkec   See fewer
Franjo Jurcec
Gospodin Miro u pothodniku Gospodin Miro u pothodniku   See fewer
Slavica Knezevic
Gospodja u pothodniku Gospodja u pothodniku   See fewer
Natasa Dangubic
Prodavacica u ducanu Prodavacica u ducanu   See fewer
Damir Saban
Sef ducana Sef ducana   See fewer
Danica Maksimovic
Dejina tetka Dejina tetka   See fewer
Mladen Andrejevic
Tetak Vladimir Tetak Vladimir   See fewer
Iva Stefanovic
Dragana Dragana   See fewer
Denis Brizic
Konobar u vlaku Konobar u vlaku   See fewer
Vesna Cipcic
Baba na cesti (as Vesna Cipcic Alac) Baba na cesti (as Vesna Cipcic Alac)   See fewer
Srdjan Miletic
Taksist Taksist   See fewer
Niksa Butijer
Kondukter 1 Kondukter 1   See fewer
Josko Sevo
Kondukter 2 Kondukter 2   See fewer
Tarik Filipovic
Milicajac iz vlaka 1 Milicajac iz vlaka 1   See fewer
Dado Cosic
Milicajac iz vlaka 2 Milicajac iz vlaka 2   See fewer
Barbara Nola
Uciteljica Uciteljica   See fewer
Filip Mayer
Mali Filip Mali Filip   See fewer
Luka Mijatovic
Mali Dejo Mali Dejo   See fewer
Toma Medvesek
Mali Zuti Mali Zuti   See fewer
Karlo Maloca
Mali Kizo Mali Kizo   See fewer
Renato Koren
Vozac autobusa Vozac autobusa   See fewer
Dajana Culjak
Filipova djevojka Ana Filipova djevojka Ana   See fewer
Ivan Grcic
Slavonac Slavonac   See fewer
Nenad Ciric
Milicajac Stevo Milicajac Stevo   See fewer
Nebojsa Djordjevic
Milicajac Vaso Milicajac Vaso   See fewer
Djordje Stojkovic
Delija 1 Delija 1   See fewer
Lazar Miljkovic
Delija Lazar Delija Lazar   See fewer
Radovan Vujovic
Delija Aca Delija Aca   See fewer
Filip Dedakin
Delija u crkvi Delija u crkvi   See fewer
Vuk Saletovic
Automehanicar Mile Automehanicar Mile   See fewer
Stefan Trifunovic
Automehanicar Simo Automehanicar Simo   See fewer
Mina Nikolic
Djevojka iz kafica 1 Djevojka iz kafica 1   See fewer
Jelena Velkovski
Djevojka iz kafica 2 Djevojka iz kafica 2   See fewer
Ivan Djordjevic
Grobar Miso Grobar Miso   See fewer
Nenad Pecinar
Grobar Zare Grobar Zare   See fewer
Zeljko Saric
Grobar 1 Grobar 1   See fewer
Sofija Rajovic
Novinarka Novinarka   See fewer
Davor Perunovic
Delija Dule Delija Dule   See fewer
Milica Gavrilovic
Djevojcica na romobilu Djevojcica na romobilu   See fewer
Slavko Ivkovic
Cigan koji krade babu Cigan koji krade babu   See fewer
Slavko Matic
Cigan u pratnji Cigan u pratnji   See fewer
Aleks Milisav
Klinac Klinac   See fewer
Marko Mihajlovic
Milicajac 1 Milicajac 1   See fewer
Nikola Djordjevic
Milicajac 2 Milicajac 2   See fewer
Monika Kis
Striptizeta s pistoljem Striptizeta s pistoljem   See fewer
Vladimirka Kukic
Prostitutka 1 Prostitutka 1   See fewer
Tamara Tadic
Prostitutka 2 Prostitutka 2   See fewer
Sasa Vucetic
Debeli u striptiz klubu Debeli u striptiz klubu   See fewer
Maca Sik
Striptizeta 1 Striptizeta 1   See fewer
Mica Raj
Striptizeta 2 Striptizeta 2   See fewer
Filip Jandrecic
Delija na stadionu Delija na stadionu   See fewer
Tomislav Pecek
Navijac Zagreb Navijac Zagreb   See fewer
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