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  • (2016)
  • 89 min | Comedy, Romance (2016)
89 min | Comedy, Romance

Greg and his company provide alibis for infidelities, among other sins. He falls in love with Flo, whose dad turns out to be his customer.
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Philippe Lacheau (scenario) | Julien Arruti (scenario) | Pierre Dudan (scenario)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Nov 16, 2021 (United States)


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62 cast members
Name Known for
Philippe Lacheau
Grégory Van Huffel Grégory Van Huffel   See fewer
Élodie Fontan
Flo Martin Flo Martin   See fewer
Julien Arruti
Augustin Augustin   See fewer
Didier Bourdon
Gérard / Jean-Claude Gérard / Jean-Claude   See fewer
Nathalie Baye
Mme Martin Mme Martin   See fewer
Nawell Madani
Cynthia Cynthia   See fewer
Medi Sadoun
Garcia, le Gitan Garcia, le Gitan   See fewer
Chantal Ladesou
La vétérinaire La vétérinaire   See fewer
Laouni Mouhid
La Fouine La Fouine   See fewer
Michèle Laroque
Françoise Françoise   See fewer
Kad Merad
Monsieur Godet Monsieur Godet   See fewer
Samy Naceri
Le chauffeur de taxi Le chauffeur de taxi   See fewer
Jo Prestia
Prosper Prosper   See fewer
Norman Thavaud
Paul-Edouard Paul-Edouard   See fewer
Mc Stocma (as Joey Starr) Mc Stocma (as Joey Starr)   See fewer
Frédéric Achard
Policier 1 Policier 1   See fewer
David Bancel
Wolverine Wolverine   See fewer
Houssin Ben Warda
Migrant 2 Migrant 2   See fewer
Paco Boisson
Serveur (as Paco Buisson) Serveur (as Paco Buisson)   See fewer
Christian Bujeau
Jacques Jacques   See fewer
Luce Caillol
Vieille Tornade Vieille Tornade   See fewer
Bertrand Chamerois
Jeune homme bolide Marco Jeune homme bolide Marco   See fewer
Christian Clessi
Room service Room service   See fewer
Valériane de Villeneuve
Madame Godet Madame Godet   See fewer
Xavier Dumont
Garçon effeminé Garçon effeminé   See fewer
Norbert Godji
Doudou Doudou   See fewer
Xavier Goulard
Jean-Louis Jean-Louis   See fewer
Patrice Guillain
Gros Spiderman Gros Spiderman   See fewer
Sébastien Hamel
Réceptionniste Beauvais Réceptionniste Beauvais   See fewer
Ibrahim Koudié
Pote McStocma Pote McStocma   See fewer
Huguette Lacheau
Martine Martine   See fewer
Yann Le Corre
Sommelier Sommelier   See fewer
Yann Lerat
Passager voiture Wolverine Passager voiture Wolverine   See fewer
Shyrelle Maï Yvart
Fillette à la bicyclette (as Shirelle Mai-Yvart) Fillette à la bicyclette (as Shirelle Mai-Yvart)   See fewer
Arnaud Makunga
Mec McStocma Mec McStocma   See fewer
Frédérique Marlot
La cougar La cougar   See fewer
Jean-Noël Martin
Assistant du président Assistant du président   See fewer
Sadio Nakaté
Pote de Lee Pote de Lee   See fewer
Julie Schotsmans
Anne-Charlotte Anne-Charlotte   See fewer
Stéphane Van Huffel
Infirmier Infirmier   See fewer
Jean-Pierre Visini
Homme à la voiture Homme à la voiture   See fewer
Mathilde Vitry
La mère de Mamour La mère de Mamour   See fewer
Tony Zarouel
Migrant 1 Migrant 1   See fewer
Natasha Bayli
Actress (as Natacha Buffard) Actress (as Natacha Buffard)   See fewer
Bastien Guio
L'homme dans la voiture L'homme dans la voiture   See fewer
Bastien Leblanc
Liftier Liftier   See fewer
Laura-Sara Lehue
Actress Actress   See fewer
Margaux Ranchon
Actress Actress   See fewer
Jean Vincentelli
Touriste route des vins Touriste route des vins   See fewer
Hafedh Dakhlaoui
Walker (uncredited) Walker (uncredited)   See fewer
Geoffrey Petit-Jean-Genat
François Hollande (voice) (uncredited) François Hollande (voice) (uncredited)   See fewer
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