Sharp Objects

Cherry (Season 1, Episode 6)
TV Episode | 54 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A key piece of evidence is discovered, Richard tries to learn more about Camille's past, while Camille and Amma bond during a wild night.
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Gillian Flynn (based upon the novel written by) | Marti Noxon (created by) | Dawn Kamoche (written for television by) (executive story editor) | Ariella Blejer (written for television by) (executive story editor)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Aug 12, 2018

Release date
Aug 12, 2018 (United States)


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52 cast members
Name Known for
Amy Adams
Camille Preaker Camille Preaker   See fewer
Patricia Clarkson
Adora Crellin Adora Crellin   See fewer
Chris Messina
Detective Richard Willis Detective Richard Willis   See fewer
Eliza Scanlen
Amma Crellin Amma Crellin   See fewer
Matt Craven
Chief Bill Vickery Chief Bill Vickery   See fewer
Henry Czerny
Alan Crellin Alan Crellin   See fewer
Taylor John Smith
John Keene John Keene   See fewer
Madison Davenport
Ashley Wheeler Ashley Wheeler   See fewer
Miguel Sandoval
Frank Curry Frank Curry   See fewer
Will Chase
Bob Nash Bob Nash   See fewer
Jackson Hurst
Kirk Lacey Kirk Lacey   See fewer
Sophia Lillis
Young Camille Young Camille   See fewer
Lulu Wilson
Marian Crellin Marian Crellin   See fewer
Elizabeth Perkins
Jackie O'Neill Jackie O'Neill   See fewer
Reagan Pasternak
Katie Lacey Katie Lacey   See fewer
Jean Villepique
Gretchen Gretchen   See fewer
Barbara Eve Harris
Eileen Curry Eileen Curry   See fewer
Ravi Kapoor
Dr. Hafia Dr. Hafia   See fewer
Betsy Baker
Jocelyn Vickery Jocelyn Vickery   See fewer
Stacie Greenwell
Intake Nurse Intake Nurse   See fewer
Cody Sullivan
Nathan Nathan   See fewer
Jessica Treska
Natalie Keene Natalie Keene   See fewer
Kaegan Baron
Ann Nash Ann Nash   See fewer
Daisy Garcia
Bar Waitress Bar Waitress   See fewer
Cristina Spruell
Cheerleader Cheerleader   See fewer
Phoebe Tweddle
Dixie Teen Dixie Teen   See fewer
Micaela Wittman
Girl Teen Girl Teen   See fewer
Kennedy Tucker
Alpha Friend Alpha Friend   See fewer
Jade Duncan
Teen Katie Lacey Teen Katie Lacey   See fewer
Evan Castelloe
Teen Kirk Lacey Teen Kirk Lacey   See fewer
Olive Ryan
Teen Angie Teen Angie   See fewer
Yindra Zayas
Teen Becca Teen Becca   See fewer
Te'a Jones
Cheerleader #2 Cheerleader #2   See fewer
Kayla Gonzalez
Cheerleader #4 Cheerleader #4   See fewer
Sarah Weese
Cheerleader #5 Cheerleader #5   See fewer
Savannah Schafer
Cheerleader #8 Cheerleader #8   See fewer
Rakesh Gosain
Gas Station Clerk Gas Station Clerk   See fewer
Julianne Collins
Party Goer (uncredited) Party Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Cole Doman
Guy Teen (uncredited) Guy Teen (uncredited)   See fewer
Zach Louis
Teen Partygoer (uncredited) Teen Partygoer (uncredited)   See fewer
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