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  • Action, Adventure, Family
My Jurassic Place
Action, Adventure, Family

A Paleogeneticist and Mother tries to cure her son using DNA from a cloned dinosaur. Trouble ensues when the pharmaceutical company tries to take it all away before she can save her son.
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Danny Bellens | Leopold Hnidek (screenplay)
Istvan Pinter (film editing by)

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Updated Jun 15, 2017


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66 cast members
Name Known for
Paul Sorvino
Mr. McCormack Mr. McCormack   See fewer
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn
Dr. Blythe Dr. Blythe   See fewer
Swen Temmel
Daniel Taylor Daniel Taylor   See fewer
Erwin Leder
Special 20 Special 20   See fewer
Dee Dee Sorvino
Cassandra Grant Cassandra Grant   See fewer
Nick W. Nicholson
Detective Donaldson Detective Donaldson   See fewer
Reinhard Nowak
Alfons Schulz Alfons Schulz   See fewer
Alexander Biehn
Karl Stoisser Karl Stoisser   See fewer
Doina Barbaneagra
Fan-girl Fan-girl   See fewer
Kurk Kasparian
Mercenary Soldier Kurk Mercenary Soldier Kurk   See fewer
Hubert Wolf
Trader Trader   See fewer
Lena Reichmuth
Adelheid Berger Adelheid Berger   See fewer
Bruno Thost
Bartholomew Connolly Bartholomew Connolly   See fewer
Franziska Singer
Waitress at Panorama Restaurant Waitress at Panorama Restaurant   See fewer
Danny Bellens
Truck Driver Truck Driver   See fewer
Nikita Black
Luisa Taylor (Luisa Keller) Luisa Taylor (Luisa Keller)   See fewer
Wolfram Hermann-Hubler
Hunterbuddy 2 Hunterbuddy 2   See fewer
George Arnold
George L. Rawlings George L. Rawlings   See fewer
Gernot Kranner
Klumsi, the hunter Klumsi, the hunter   See fewer
Alexander Rüdiger
Scott Mc Kenzie Scott Mc Kenzie   See fewer
Andreas Du Rieux
Mercenary Soldier Ralph Mercenary Soldier Ralph   See fewer
Edi Finger Jr.
Picture of Father of Luisa Picture of Father of Luisa   See fewer
Gilbert Kahlbacher
Hotel Sacher Baden Receptionist Hotel Sacher Baden Receptionist   See fewer
Henrieta Zanoni
Mrs. Cargill Mrs. Cargill   See fewer
Noel Turner
Pharmacist Pharmacist   See fewer
Dagmar Hellberg
Angel Thone - nurse Angel Thone - nurse   See fewer
Bettina Geiblinger
Smovey Fitness Dancer Smovey Fitness Dancer   See fewer
Golovanov Sonja
Gallery painter Gallery painter   See fewer
Sissi Gotsbachner
Mrs. Holzer Mrs. Holzer   See fewer
Fattinger Anna
Lab Assistant Lab Assistant   See fewer
Sindi Katarina
Fan Girl Fan Girl   See fewer
Juliana Kaefer
Smovey Fitness Dancer Smovey Fitness Dancer   See fewer
Rod Dixon
Self - Frezzor Olympic Runner Self - Frezzor Olympic Runner   See fewer
Alamande Belfor
Smovey Fitness Dance Trainer Smovey Fitness Dance Trainer   See fewer
Martin Schramm
Outdoor Security Outdoor Security   See fewer
Gary Lux
Dr. Ortner Dr. Ortner   See fewer
Mikel Johnson
Mercenary Soldier Lonnie Mercenary Soldier Lonnie   See fewer
Niklas Gogollok
Florian Florian   See fewer
Franz Schlederer
Mercenary Soldier Bubba Mercenary Soldier Bubba   See fewer
Maria Ziermayr
Smovey Fitness Dancer Smovey Fitness Dancer   See fewer
Harold Whitson
P. Moynihan P. Moynihan   See fewer
Michael Eder
Salesman Salesman   See fewer
René Rumpold
Police Officer 1 Police Officer 1   See fewer
Sefelin-Meixner Petra
Math Teacher Mrs. Eva Math Teacher Mrs. Eva   See fewer
Hubert Fritz
Mercenary Soldier Fred Mercenary Soldier Fred   See fewer
Franko Njiric
Max Taylor Max Taylor   See fewer
Tony Rei
Police Officer 2 , Lab assistant Bobby Police Officer 2 , Lab assistant Bobby   See fewer
Manfred Koch
Lt. Charly Lt. Charly   See fewer
Markus Leshem
Indoor Lab Security Indoor Lab Security   See fewer
Erich Krtina
Priest Priest   See fewer
Chiara-Marie Hauser
Julie - young nurse Julie - young nurse   See fewer
Peta Klotzberg
Hunterbuddy Hunterbuddy   See fewer
Ella Burry
Sissi Sissi   See fewer
Heinz Lackner
Seller 'Egghead' Seller 'Egghead'   See fewer
Sonja Pikart
Club patron (extra) Club patron (extra)   See fewer
Gordon Bovinet
Mr. Grayson Mr. Grayson   See fewer
Andreas Hornig
Acolyte Acolyte   See fewer
Oliver Pesendorfer
Landlord Landlord   See fewer
La Hong Nhut
Tailor (extra) Tailor (extra)   See fewer
Mohamed Abo
Waiter Waiter   See fewer
Thomas Netopilik
Taxi driver Taxi driver   See fewer
Wolfgang Zmugg
Grapos Engineer Grapos Engineer   See fewer
Nadine Karlhofer
Hotel Sacher Baden Page Hotel Sacher Baden Page   See fewer
Siegmund Kahlbacher
Valpharm Co-Director Valpharm Co-Director   See fewer
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