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  • Jailbreak Pact (2020)
  • 135 min | Drama, Thriller
Jailbreak Pact (2020)
135 min | Drama, Thriller

This drama is inspired on a real event in 1990 when 49 political prisoners escaped from a tunnel that took 18 months to dig.
David Albala (screenplay) | Raúl Blanchet (collaborating writer) | Loreto Caro-Valdes (screenplay) | José Córdova-Llanos (collaborating writer) & 3 more
Jonathan Grandcamp (original soundtrack composed and performed) | Stuart Menderman (original soundtrack composed and performed) | Juan Cristóbal Meza (original music by) | Anita Tijoux (original soundtrack composed and performed)
David Albala (co-editor) (edited by) | José Córdova-Llanos (edited by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Oct 17, 2019

Release date
Jan 23, 2020 (Chile)


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34 cast members
Name Known for
Alberto Ellena
Gastón Velásquez Gastón Velásquez   See fewer
Amparo Noguera
Fabiola Pizarro Fabiola Pizarro   See fewer
Benjamín Vicuña
León Vargas León Vargas   See fewer
Carolina Paulsen
Valeria Estévez Valeria Estévez   See fewer
Catalina Martin
Quena Leiva Quena Leiva   See fewer
César Quintanilla
El Econo El Econo   See fewer
Christian Quevedo
Cabo Bravo - El Perro Cabo Bravo - El Perro   See fewer
David Albala
Arturo Carmona Arturo Carmona   See fewer
Diego Ruiz
Oscar Lira Oscar Lira   See fewer
Edinson Díaz
Cabo Castro - Paco Braulio Cabo Castro - Paco Braulio   See fewer
Eduardo Reyes
Emilio Muñoz Emilio Muñoz   See fewer
Eusebio Arenas
Patricio Velásquez Patricio Velásquez   See fewer
Francisca Gavilán
Paulina Baeza Paulina Baeza   See fewer
Franco Vidal
Felipe Pascual Felipe Pascual   See fewer
Hugo Medina
Cura Fauvet Cura Fauvet   See fewer
Jaime Muñoz
Joaquín Parada Joaquín Parada   See fewer
Jorge Antezana
Pancho Antilef Pancho Antilef   See fewer
José Luis Aguilera
Cabo González - Care' Poker Cabo González - Care' Poker   See fewer
Julio Fuentes
Alejandro Lira Alejandro Lira   See fewer
Luis Dubó
Hugo Salgado Hugo Salgado   See fewer
Mateo Iribarren
Fiscal Andrade Fiscal Andrade   See fewer
Mauricio Roa
El Oso El Oso   See fewer
Mauricio Rojas
Cabo Arévalo - El Mozo Cabo Arévalo - El Mozo   See fewer
Patricio Contreras
Rodolfo Ternicier Rodolfo Ternicier   See fewer
Roberto Farías
Rafael Jiménez Rafael Jiménez   See fewer
Victor Montero
Germán Sanchez Germán Sanchez   See fewer
Vladimir Huaiquinir
Nicolai Castillo Nicolai Castillo   See fewer
Willy Semler
Alcaide Jorquera Alcaide Jorquera   See fewer
Juan Diaz Garay
Cabo Droguett Cabo Droguett   See fewer
Mauricio Rojas
Sargento Árevalo Sargento Árevalo   See fewer
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