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  • Maestro (2023)
  • Biography, Drama, Music
Maestro (2023)
Biography, Drama, Music

The complex love of Leonard and Felicia, from the time they met in 1946 at a party and continuing through two engagements, a 25 year marriage, and three children.
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Bradley Cooper (screenplay) | Josh Singer (screenplay)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Mar 11, 2023

Release date
2023 (United States)


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43 cast members
Name Known for
Carey Mulligan
Felicia Montealegre Felicia Montealegre   See fewer
Bradley Cooper
Leonard Bernstein Leonard Bernstein   See fewer
Michael Urie
Jerome Robbins Jerome Robbins   See fewer
Matt Bomer
Actor Actor   See fewer
Maya Hawke
Jamie Bernstein Jamie Bernstein   See fewer
Sarah Silverman
Shirley Bernstein Shirley Bernstein   See fewer
Gideon Glick
Tommy Cothran Tommy Cothran   See fewer
Sam Nivola
Alexander Bernstein Alexander Bernstein   See fewer
William Hill
Joseph Joseph   See fewer
Gabe Fazio
Willard the Assistant Willard the Assistant   See fewer
Nick Blaemire
Adolph Green Adolph Green   See fewer
Marko Caka
Stagehand Stagehand   See fewer
Oscar Pavlo
Claudio Arrau Claudio Arrau   See fewer
Jule Johnson
Leonard's Party Guest Leonard's Party Guest   See fewer
Mallory Portnoy
Betty Comden Betty Comden   See fewer
Anthony Gullotta
Bohemian Bohemian   See fewer
Soledad Campos
Julia Vega Julia Vega   See fewer
Brooklyn Rockett
Young Jamie Bernstein Young Jamie Bernstein   See fewer
Tim Rogan
Dick Hart Dick Hart   See fewer
Booch O'Connell
Keg Girl Keg Girl   See fewer
Julia Aku
Olga Kussivitsky Olga Kussivitsky   See fewer
Jace Wade
Navy Officer Navy Officer   See fewer
Tom Toland
Carnegie Audience (credit only) Carnegie Audience (credit only)   See fewer
Gay Haubner
Theatre Attendee Theatre Attendee   See fewer
Andrew Youngerman
Lenny's 'Groupies' Lenny's 'Groupies'   See fewer
Zev Fogelman
Student Student   See fewer
Mark de Freitas
Concert Guest Concert Guest   See fewer
Brian Rodger
Concert Goer Concert Goer   See fewer
Brandon Essig
Partygoer Partygoer   See fewer
Graham j Reeves
Concert Guest Concert Guest   See fewer
Elaine Apruzzese
Upscale Theatre Goer (uncredited) Upscale Theatre Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Portia Backus
Groupie (uncredited) Groupie (uncredited)   See fewer
DJ Nino Carta
Waiter (uncredited) Waiter (uncredited)   See fewer
Saffron Cooper
Audience (uncredited) Audience (uncredited)   See fewer
Gabrielle Manna
Upscale Audience Member (uncredited) Upscale Audience Member (uncredited)   See fewer
Kristi Noory
1940s Broadway Audience Patron (uncredited) 1940s Broadway Audience Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Christina O'Neill
1940s Broadway Audience Member (uncredited) 1940s Broadway Audience Member (uncredited)   See fewer
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