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  • 2024 (2016)
  • TV Movie | 33 min | Sci-Fi
2024 (2016)
TV Movie | 33 min | Sci-Fi

Ethan Cole, a hardened war veteran, returns to London after 10 years extended service to find his wife missing and everybody he once knew, untraceable.
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Release date
Dec 1, 2016 (United Kingdom)


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37 cast members
Name Known for
Jd Roth-round
Ethan Cole Ethan Cole   See fewer
Jonny Hall
Collin Fisher Collin Fisher   See fewer
John Hyatt
Laurence Wilson Laurence Wilson   See fewer
Patrice Naiambana
John Stihl John Stihl   See fewer
Katharina Gellein Viken
Tia Cole (as Katarina Gellin) Tia Cole (as Katarina Gellin)   See fewer
Emilie Sofie Johannesen
Sasha Reynolds Sasha Reynolds   See fewer
Liam Cogan
Nathan Reynolds Nathan Reynolds   See fewer
Alexander Huetson
SPD Agent SPD Agent   See fewer
Jennie Dunn
Elizabeth Elizabeth   See fewer
Rebecca Darmody
Female Hostage Female Hostage   See fewer
Patrick Burke
Priest hostage Priest hostage   See fewer
Joff Macey
Hostage agent 1 Hostage agent 1   See fewer
Joe Kennard
Fight agent 1 Fight agent 1   See fewer
Adrian Fekete
Fight agent 2 Fight agent 2   See fewer
Kamran Kam
Fight agent 3 Fight agent 3   See fewer
Alan Mathis
Mr. Townend Mr. Townend   See fewer
Dean Spooner
Private Mason Private Mason   See fewer
Lenart Cernilogar
Officer 1 Officer 1   See fewer
Nigel St Lewis
Officer 2 Officer 2   See fewer
Patrick Mihai
Officer 3 Officer 3   See fewer
Kevin Golding
Rebel Leader Rebel Leader   See fewer
Mikey Altoft
Jason Banks (as Michael Altoft) Jason Banks (as Michael Altoft)   See fewer
Fin O'Sullivan
Andrew Cribbs Andrew Cribbs   See fewer
Nic White
Tony Bricks Tony Bricks   See fewer
Bonnie Lockheart
Sarah Scott Sarah Scott   See fewer
Tarja Ambrose
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Nathanjohn Carter
Bar enforcer Bar enforcer   See fewer
Ryan Blake
Cafe worker Cafe worker   See fewer
James Hearn
Prime Minister Prime Minister   See fewer
Chris Woods
Question show host Question show host   See fewer
Tebraiz Shahzad
PNN news reporter PNN news reporter   See fewer
Samantha Rea
BBC new reporter BBC new reporter   See fewer
Stephen Atkins
Drug expert Drug expert   See fewer
Penelope Bouchôt Humbert
Middle class woman Middle class woman   See fewer
Abigail Hamilton
Public woman Public woman   See fewer
Graham Mason
Public man Public man   See fewer
Sam Clifford
UDH user UDH user   See fewer
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