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  • The Brawler (2019)
  • 95 min | Biography, Crime, Drama
The Brawler (2019)
95 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

In 1975, a Bayonne, New Jersey underdog boxer gets a shot to fight the champ.
Robert Dibella (screenplay) | Ken Kushner (screenplay) (story by)
Production Designer
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Release date
Jan 18, 2019 (United States)


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131 cast members
Name Known for
Zach McGowan
Chuck Wepner Chuck Wepner   See fewer
Amy Smart
Linda Wepner Linda Wepner   See fewer
Joe Pantoliano
Al Braverman Al Braverman   See fewer
Taryn Manning
Phyllis Wepner Phyllis Wepner   See fewer
Jason James Richter
John Olson John Olson   See fewer
Anthony Mangano
Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone   See fewer
Robert Clohessy
Anthony Mango Anthony Mango   See fewer
Arthur L. Bernstein
FBI Special Agent Warfield FBI Special Agent Warfield   See fewer
Burt Young
Salvatore Salvatore   See fewer
Tony Darrow
Tommy, Head of the Family Tommy, Head of the Family   See fewer
William Lee Scott
Artie Stock Artie Stock   See fewer
Jerrod Paige
Muhammed Ali Muhammed Ali   See fewer
Nick Loeb
Donnie Wepner Donnie Wepner   See fewer
Jay Willick
Howard Cossell Howard Cossell   See fewer
Anthony Asse
Don King Don King   See fewer
Anthony Aveni
Bobby Vincent Bobby Vincent   See fewer
Randy DeOrio
Chuck's Trainer Chuck's Trainer   See fewer
Scott Coscia
The Welche The Welche   See fewer
Cree Kelly
Flo Wepner Flo Wepner   See fewer
Laith Nakli
Martin Martin   See fewer
Derrick T. Lewis
Eddie, Store Owner Eddie, Store Owner   See fewer
Joe Gawalis
Arthur Chobanian Arthur Chobanian   See fewer
Al Whiting
FBI Special Agent Moore FBI Special Agent Moore   See fewer
Sara Harman
Pub Girl Pub Girl   See fewer
Ashlyn Alessi
Sylvester Stallone's Groupie Sylvester Stallone's Groupie   See fewer
Kenishia Green
Belinda Ali Belinda Ali   See fewer
Connor Hough
Waiter Waiter   See fewer
Alan Bendich
Mike Douglas Mike Douglas   See fewer
Helene Wren
Charlene Wepner Charlene Wepner   See fewer
Judy San Roman
FBI Special Agent Palazzo FBI Special Agent Palazzo   See fewer
Diana Bost
Restaurant Patron / Maureen Restaurant Patron / Maureen   See fewer
Kerry Logan
Party Girl Party Girl   See fewer
Lorin Doctor
Amy (as Lorin Angelica Doctor) Amy (as Lorin Angelica Doctor)   See fewer
Oliver Burbage
Forrest Ward Forrest Ward   See fewer
Reid Carpenter
FBI Special Agent Morris FBI Special Agent Morris   See fewer
Hank Meleski Jr.
Ringside Judge Ringside Judge   See fewer
Jordan Werner
FBI Special Agent Clarke FBI Special Agent Clarke   See fewer
Eleni Lucas
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Lisa Marie Brevogel
Ring Girl Ring Girl   See fewer
Jesse Sean
NYPD Officer (as Jarett Casesa) NYPD Officer (as Jarett Casesa)   See fewer
John J Thomassen
FBI Special Agent Maddox FBI Special Agent Maddox   See fewer
Andrew Koss
FBI Director John Corbin FBI Director John Corbin   See fewer
Ricky Roma
Ringside Judge Ringside Judge   See fewer
John Oppedisano
Little Bully Little Bully   See fewer
Nina Oppedisano
Little Judy Little Judy   See fewer
Brad Bolle
Welcher Welcher   See fewer
Jersey Jerry
Special FBI Agent Romano Special FBI Agent Romano   See fewer
Wendy Diamond
FBI Special Agent Diamond FBI Special Agent Diamond   See fewer
Alicia Dell'Aria
FBI Special Agent Jones FBI Special Agent Jones   See fewer
Francis X. Sepe
Arresting Officer Arresting Officer   See fewer
Christopher Picone
Angelo Dundee Angelo Dundee   See fewer
Sean Martin
Prisoner Prisoner   See fewer
James Dijan Bonavia
Andre the Giant Andre the Giant   See fewer
Joseph Abruzzo
FBI Special Agent Ferguson FBI Special Agent Ferguson   See fewer
Veronica Nerone
Chuck's Daughter Chuck's Daughter   See fewer
Costello Carey
Buster Mathis Buster Mathis   See fewer
Inna Braginsky
Girl in Motel Girl Girl in Motel Girl   See fewer
Matthew Rainey
Sports Illustrated Rep Sports Illustrated Rep   See fewer
Harriet Divine
Young Female Boxer Young Female Boxer   See fewer
Allison Pittel
Margaret Margaret   See fewer
Carl Zingle
Press at Weigh In Press at Weigh In   See fewer
Joseph Fisher
Priest Priest   See fewer
Jim Hoke
Actor / FBI Agent Actor / FBI Agent   See fewer
Earl Majette
Sonny Liston Sonny Liston   See fewer
Sean Verderber
Bear Handler Bear Handler   See fewer
Phillip Kraese
Wise Guy Wise Guy   See fewer
C.C. Hughes
Air Hostess Air Hostess   See fewer
Jen Nolan
John's Girl (as Jennifer Nolan) John's Girl (as Jennifer Nolan)   See fewer
Felicia Heinsohn
Boxing fan Boxing fan   See fewer
Alan Angevine
Man in Alley Man in Alley   See fewer
Christopher Sofsky
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Tess Smith Heino
Ring Side Judge Ring Side Judge   See fewer
Sarah Alvarez
Veronica Veronica   See fewer
Nick Scochemaro
Referee Referee   See fewer
Arthur Zeckendorf
FBI Team Leader Johnson FBI Team Leader Johnson   See fewer
John Grassi
FBI Agent FBI Agent   See fewer
Chris Elmo
FBI Agent FBI Agent   See fewer
Michael Capuano
Customer Customer   See fewer
Samantha Leto
FBI Agent FBI Agent   See fewer
Zarai Acosta
Restaurant Customer Restaurant Customer   See fewer
Scott Stimell
Store Clerk Store Clerk   See fewer
Caryn Landow
Customer Customer   See fewer
Bobby D'Achiardi
FBI Agent FBI Agent   See fewer
Ethan Wayne Smith
Young Chuck (as Ethan Wayne) Young Chuck (as Ethan Wayne)   See fewer
Dustin Gross
Sailor Sailor   See fewer
Kyle Ivey
Sailor Sailor   See fewer
Dave Cassese
Sailor Sailor   See fewer
Mario Del Vecchio
Sage Stallone Sage Stallone   See fewer
Pamela Macey
Angelina Angelina   See fewer
Anthony Aquilino
Referee Joe Cichetti (uncredited) Referee Joe Cichetti (uncredited)   See fewer
John Bernieri
US Attorney Jack Murphy (uncredited) US Attorney Jack Murphy (uncredited)   See fewer
Alexander J. Bernstein
Baby in Crowd (uncredited) Baby in Crowd (uncredited)   See fewer
Carlos Armando Bernstein
Kid in the Crowd (uncredited) Kid in the Crowd (uncredited)   See fewer
Karla H. Bernstein
Sexy Fan (uncredited) Sexy Fan (uncredited)   See fewer
Louis Blaut
Reporter (uncredited) Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Andrea Boehlke
Julie (uncredited) Julie (uncredited)   See fewer
Matt Brady
Victor the Bear (uncredited) Victor the Bear (uncredited)   See fewer
Victor Colicchio
Doctor Mancini (uncredited) Doctor Mancini (uncredited)   See fewer
Adam Falkoff
FBI Special Agent Matheson (uncredited) FBI Special Agent Matheson (uncredited)   See fewer
Buddy Fitzpatrick
Dave (uncredited) Dave (uncredited)   See fewer
Teresa Nash
Waitress (uncredited) Waitress (uncredited)   See fewer
Thomas J. O'Brien
Night club patron (uncredited) Night club patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Angelino Rodriguez
Dino (uncredited) Dino (uncredited)   See fewer
Nick Ruggia
Memorabilia Dealer (uncredited) Memorabilia Dealer (uncredited)   See fewer
Vincenzo Vaccaro
Fat Bruno (uncredited) Fat Bruno (uncredited)   See fewer
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