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  • Anon (I) (2018)
  • TV-MA
    100 min | Crime, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Anon (I) (2018)
100 min | Crime, Mystery, Sci-Fi

In a world without anonymity or crime, a detective meets a woman who threatens their security.
Andrew Niccol (written by)
Daniel Baur (produced by) | Andrew Niccol (produced by) | Oda Schaefer | Oliver Simon (produced by)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
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Release date
May 4, 2018 (United States)


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52 cast members
Name Known for
Clive Owen
Sal Frieland Sal Frieland   See fewer
Afiya Bennett
Ima Aug Ima Aug   See fewer
Morgan Allen
Iri Aug Iri Aug   See fewer
Jeffrey Men
Chen Sheng Lu Chen Sheng Lu   See fewer
James Tam
Wei Han Xu Wei Han Xu   See fewer
Amanda Seyfried
The Girl The Girl   See fewer
Jonathan Potts
Dominic Ray Dominic Ray   See fewer
Rachel Roberts
Alysa Egorian Alysa Egorian   See fewer
Toyin Ishola
Chloe Benitez Chloe Benitez   See fewer
Sebastian Pigott
Detective Vardy Detective Vardy   See fewer
David Storch
Karl Niedermeir Karl Niedermeir   See fewer
Billy Parrott
Jason Carr Jason Carr   See fewer
Amadou Kebe
Theo Navas Theo Navas   See fewer
Stephanie Christian
Anna Pieters Anna Pieters   See fewer
Natalie Chaves
Erik Pieters Erik Pieters   See fewer
Colm Feore
Charles Gattis Charles Gattis   See fewer
Jean-Michel Le Gal
James Cray James Cray   See fewer
Daniel Stolfi
Jordan Neese Jordan Neese   See fewer
Sara Mitich
Shirley Shirley   See fewer
Joe Pingue
Lester Hagen Lester Hagen   See fewer
Conrad Coates
Detective Fuchs Detective Fuchs   See fewer
Mayko Nguyen
Detective Dyer Detective Dyer   See fewer
Jaiden Cannatelli
Christian Estrada Christian Estrada   See fewer
Tara Koehler
Anneli Oskarsson Anneli Oskarsson   See fewer
Ethan Tavares
Salvador Jr. Salvador Jr.   See fewer
Sonya Walger
Kristen Kristen   See fewer
Doug Murray
Conrad Conrad   See fewer
Jordan Claire Robbins
Elaine Selak Elaine Selak   See fewer
Marco Grazzini
Officer Alvarez Officer Alvarez   See fewer
Rosalba Martinni
Mirela Rubio Mirela Rubio   See fewer
Cici Ali
Adia Salam Adia Salam   See fewer
Devon Owen
Ina Shayko Ina Shayko   See fewer
Alyson Bath
Krystal Krystal   See fewer
Sherry Hsu
Cipher Cipher   See fewer
Eric Woolfe
Nikita Nagornyy Nikita Nagornyy   See fewer
Mark O'Brien
Cyrus Frear Cyrus Frear   See fewer
Sierra Wooldridge
Amanda Volz Amanda Volz   See fewer
Charlie Ebbs
Max Keener Max Keener   See fewer
Damon Runyan
Jesper Nix Jesper Nix   See fewer
Iddo Goldberg
Josef Kenik Josef Kenik   See fewer
Joe Vercillo
Usman Sadiq Usman Sadiq   See fewer
Zion Forrest Lee
Chel (as Zion Lee) Chel (as Zion Lee)   See fewer
Tim Machin
Tomas Devry Tomas Devry   See fewer
Neil Girvan
Detective Shea Detective Shea   See fewer
Justin Smith
Officer Olsson (as Justin Gabriel) Officer Olsson (as Justin Gabriel)   See fewer
Jason Boyd
Drug Dealer (uncredited) Drug Dealer (uncredited)   See fewer
Rufus Crawford
Herbert (uncredited) Herbert (uncredited)   See fewer
Dani Jazzar
Hispanic Killer (uncredited) Hispanic Killer (uncredited)   See fewer
Mark Lutz
Bekerman (uncredited) Bekerman (uncredited)   See fewer
Miranda Millar
The Girl Double (uncredited) The Girl Double (uncredited)   See fewer
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