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  • Enigma (I) (2019)
  • 100 min | Crime, Drama, Horror
Enigma (I) (2019)
100 min | Crime, Drama, Horror

Two Detectives are searching for clues to some very unique murders. A close friend finding her faith in search to clear her friend and a very bad man make up the main characters to this thriller.
Jerry Hayes (additional content) | Nancy Oeswein (additional dialogue) | Harley Wallen | Kaiti Wallen (additional contributions) (as Kaitlyn Parker-Wallen)
Steven Ford (original score by)
Michael Kettenbeil (edited by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Nov 1, 2019

Release date
Nov 1, 2019 (United States)


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57 cast members
Name Known for
Bella Shepard
Hannah (Samantha's sister) Hannah (Samantha's sister)   See fewer
Dennis Haskins
Bob Jenkins Bob Jenkins   See fewer
T.J. Storm
Judah Judah   See fewer
Michael James Alexander
Lawyer Sanders (as Michael Alexander) Lawyer Sanders (as Michael Alexander)   See fewer
Julie Kline
Samantha Stout Samantha Stout   See fewer
Jesi Jensen
Carmen Carmen   See fewer
Rose Anne Nepa
Business woman Business woman   See fewer
Heather Fairbanks
Cubicle business woman Cubicle business woman   See fewer
Kara Joy Reed
Det. Monica Navarro Det. Monica Navarro   See fewer
Joe Piazza
Det. Matt Brown Det. Matt Brown   See fewer
Terri Partyka
Lawyers Receptionist Lawyers Receptionist   See fewer
Jimmie Chiappelli
Lie detector administrator Lie detector administrator   See fewer
Kevin Mattson
Mr. Jones (Dead man) Mr. Jones (Dead man)   See fewer
Nancy Oeswein
Celeste's mother Celeste's mother   See fewer
Keyna Reynolds
Stroller mom Stroller mom   See fewer
Daniel Jeffries
Processing Officer Processing Officer   See fewer
Brian Kasgorgis
Business man Business man   See fewer
Jerry Hayes
Chief S Crenshaw Chief S Crenshaw   See fewer
Mark Boyd
Mr. Smith Mr. Smith   See fewer
Scott Huard
Street walker Street walker   See fewer
Pam German
Defense Attorney Defense Attorney   See fewer
Qiana Davis
Brandon's Wife Brandon's Wife   See fewer
Burke Sage
Desk Officer Desk Officer   See fewer
Dennis Marin
Nick 'The Snitch' Nick 'The Snitch'   See fewer
Mike T. Tremblay
Ray Corningstone (as Mike Tremblay) Ray Corningstone (as Mike Tremblay)   See fewer
Brian Martinez
Police officer 2 Police officer 2   See fewer
Angel Matheson
Rita (Samantha's mother) Rita (Samantha's mother)   See fewer
Hani Bay
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Kris Reilly
Det. Chris Sunderland Det. Chris Sunderland   See fewer
Steven P. Hamm
Neighbor (as Steve Hamm) Neighbor (as Steve Hamm)   See fewer
Norman Kuchenmeister II
Police officer 3 Police officer 3   See fewer
Michael Barbee
Brandon Brandon   See fewer
Jynnah Davis
Morgan Morgan   See fewer
Latashia Williams
Street walker Street walker   See fewer
Ray Morgis
The Boss The Boss   See fewer
Katie Fritz
Store clerk Store clerk   See fewer
Harold Rossman Jr.
Police officer 1 Police officer 1   See fewer
Megan Trajkovski
Lindsay Lindsay   See fewer
Leon Sinishtoj
Concerned adult Concerned adult   See fewer
Dennis Pank
Det Tyler Det Tyler   See fewer
Sydney Terenzi
Lawyers assistant Lawyers assistant   See fewer
James Valentine
Office man Office man   See fewer
Madeline O'Green
Sketch Artist Sketch Artist   See fewer
Terry Lewis
Mr. Muscle Mr. Muscle   See fewer
Chris Polack
Officer Randy Officer Randy   See fewer
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