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  • Squadron 42
  • Video Game | Action, Sci-Fi
Squadron 42
Video Game | Action, Sci-Fi

Take the role of a rookie UEE Navy combat pilot in a cinematic single-player adventure set in the Star Citizen universe.
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Updated Mar 20, 2019


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113 cast members
Name Known for
Gary Oldman
Admiral Ernst Bishop Admiral Ernst Bishop   See fewer
Mark Hamill
Lt. Cdr. Steve 'Old Man' Colton Lt. Cdr. Steve 'Old Man' Colton   See fewer
Mark Strong
Captain Thomas Wade Captain Thomas Wade   See fewer
Sophie Wu
Po Cara 'Web' Webster Po Cara 'Web' Webster   See fewer
John Rhys-Davies
Randall Graves Randall Graves   See fewer
Liam Cunningham
Captain Noah White Captain Noah White   See fewer
Jack Huston
Cal Mason Cal Mason   See fewer
Ben Mendelsohn
Julian Wexler Julian Wexler   See fewer
Rhona Mitra
Executive Officer Kelly Executive Officer Kelly   See fewer
Gillian Anderson
Captain MacLaren Captain MacLaren   See fewer
Sandi Roberts
Nayara 'Pusher' Fell (as Sandi Gardiner) Nayara 'Pusher' Fell (as Sandi Gardiner)   See fewer
Andy Serkis
Thul'Oquray Thul'Oquray   See fewer
Ian Duncan
The Player The Player   See fewer
Stephen Bisland
Eugene Morrow Eugene Morrow   See fewer
Arkie Reece
Sigfried Behr Sigfried Behr   See fewer
Daniel Ings
Graham Yury Graham Yury   See fewer
Craig Fairbrass
Vat Tagaca Vat Tagaca   See fewer
Polly Eachus
Evelyn Ishitaka Evelyn Ishitaka   See fewer
Art Campion
Brian 'Weezy' Weiters (as Peter Campion) Brian 'Weezy' Weiters (as Peter Campion)   See fewer
Gemma Whelan
Becca Farneway Becca Farneway   See fewer
Avin Shah
Sergeant Grey Sergeant Grey   See fewer
Jason Wong
Michael Shaw Michael Shaw   See fewer
Cristina Dohmen
News Anchor News Anchor   See fewer
Eleanor Tomlinson
Saic Rebecca Trejo Saic Rebecca Trejo   See fewer
Henry Cavill
Ryan Enright Ryan Enright   See fewer
Kate Kennedy
Various Various   See fewer
Jonathan Bailey
Aaron Seetow Aaron Seetow   See fewer
Bentley Kalu
Aciedo Slaver Aciedo Slaver   See fewer
Harry Treadaway
Elias Langtham Elias Langtham   See fewer
Damson Idris
Marcus Corell Marcus Corell   See fewer
Richard Brake
Wounded Miner Wounded Miner   See fewer
Liam Garrigan
Duncan Chakma Master-at-Arms Duncan Chakma Master-at-Arms   See fewer
Eleanor Matsuura
August Beck August Beck   See fewer
Andrea Deck
Grace Bedford Grace Bedford   See fewer
Sam Phillips
Advocacy Pilot Advocacy Pilot   See fewer
Joseph Millson
Hangar Pirate 2 Hangar Pirate 2   See fewer
Luke Mably
Pilot Pilot   See fewer
Alix Wilton Regan
The Player The Player   See fewer
Steven Hartley
Luis Bellosa Luis Bellosa   See fewer
Silas Carson
Jadier Clark Jadier Clark   See fewer
Malachi Kirby
Joachim Steiger Joachim Steiger   See fewer
James Oliver Wheatley
Avo Lincoln Avo Lincoln   See fewer
Stephen Wight
Pirate Prisoner 1 Pirate Prisoner 1   See fewer
Wade Briggs
Galson Captain Galson Captain   See fewer
Callie Cooke
OMC Pilot OMC Pilot   See fewer
Ania Sowinski
Recco Bataglia Recco Bataglia   See fewer
David Menkin
Devin Bautista Devin Bautista   See fewer
Parker Sawyers
Lars Neuer Lars Neuer   See fewer
Jennifer Marshall
Petty Officer Tyler Ford Petty Officer Tyler Ford   See fewer
Brendan Patricks
ER Miner 2 ER Miner 2   See fewer
Hayley-Marie Axe
Lisa Gibbs Lisa Gibbs   See fewer
Sia Alipour
Eddie Par Eddie Par   See fewer
Victoria Emslie
Susan Vise Susan Vise   See fewer
Ben Peel
Michael Alstead Michael Alstead   See fewer
Glenn Wrage
Pit Chief Phil Declan Pit Chief Phil Declan   See fewer
Leemore Marrett Jr.
Will Haines Will Haines   See fewer
Caitlin Innes Edwards
Ship Announcer Ship Announcer   See fewer
Dario Coates
Chop Shop Worker Chop Shop Worker   See fewer
Ross O'Hennessy
Foundry Pirate #1 Foundry Pirate #1   See fewer
Ben Hall
Goofy / Gunner #1 Goofy / Gunner #1   See fewer
Neil McDermott
Aldo Braga Aldo Braga   See fewer
Daniel Adegboyega
Commander Commander   See fewer
Tom Christian
Conrad Vex Conrad Vex   See fewer
Jeremy Ang Jones
Echo Team Hacker Echo Team Hacker   See fewer
Anton Valensi
Criminal / Civillian (as Anton Saunders) Criminal / Civillian (as Anton Saunders)   See fewer
Kezia Burrows
Cass Valon Cass Valon   See fewer
Ethan Kai
Mess Hall CM #1 / Marine #2 Mess Hall CM #1 / Marine #2   See fewer
Harry Taurasi
Detrick Rotobi (as Cesare Taurasi) Detrick Rotobi (as Cesare Taurasi)   See fewer
Kris Mochrie
Starfarer Pilot, Delta Team Searcher Starfarer Pilot, Delta Team Searcher   See fewer
Charlie Anson
Claude Desaily Claude Desaily   See fewer
Neil Grainger
Mocap Character 1 Mocap Character 1   See fewer
James Barriscale
Combat Assist Captain Combat Assist Captain   See fewer
Killian Coyle
Various (credit only) Various (credit only)   See fewer
Ian Conningham
Navy Pilot One Navy Pilot One   See fewer
James Palmer
Nick Robson Nick Robson   See fewer
Waj Ali
Vanduul Vanduul   See fewer
Lorraine Tai
Agent Li Agent Li   See fewer
Cary Crankson
Shubin Pilot Shubin Pilot   See fewer
Grant Gillespie
Sal Drak (voice) Sal Drak (voice)   See fewer
Hara Yannas
Actress Actress   See fewer
Mark Caven
Gunnery Officer 'Gunny' Gunnery Officer 'Gunny'   See fewer
John Wolfe
Pirate prisoner Pirate prisoner   See fewer
Will Bowden
Delta Team Searcher Delta Team Searcher   See fewer
Philip Bulcock
Xi'an Captain Xi'an Captain   See fewer
Elsie Bennett
Connie Hayes Connie Hayes   See fewer
William Meredith
Miles Eckhart Miles Eckhart   See fewer
Tom Gill
Luther Corvin Luther Corvin   See fewer
Iain Batchelor
Shift Miner #1 Shift Miner #1   See fewer
Joshua Akehurst
Marine Lewis Marine Lewis   See fewer
Charlie MacGechan
Elwen Bertram Elwen Bertram   See fewer
Charlotte Harwood
Gauntlet Barracks Crew Member #3 Gauntlet Barracks Crew Member #3   See fewer
Matthew Jure
Pirate Prisoner 2 Pirate Prisoner 2   See fewer
Adam Fitzgerald
Galson Various Galson Various   See fewer
Adam Lannon
Security guard / Engineer 1 / Various Security guard / Engineer 1 / Various   See fewer
Peter Silverleaf
Woodrow Tannan Woodrow Tannan   See fewer
Jack Sandle
Damage Control Officer Damage Control Officer   See fewer
Pano Masti
Fighter Pilot Fighter Pilot   See fewer
Ella Road
MT Representative MT Representative   See fewer
Marshall Griffin
Aciedo Slaver Aciedo Slaver   See fewer
Nathan Ampofo
Various Various   See fewer
Josh Burdett
Alpha Commander & Rescue Transport Alpha Commander & Rescue Transport   See fewer
Alix Martin
Anvil Aerospace A.I. Anvil Aerospace A.I.   See fewer
Edd Campbell Bird
Agent Pickard Agent Pickard   See fewer
Shalen John Flanagan
Commander Slater Commander Slater   See fewer
Toby Laurence
MicroTech Rep MicroTech Rep   See fewer
Matt Andrews
Training Pilot / miner Training Pilot / miner   See fewer
Razak Osman
Generic NPC Generic NPC   See fewer
Joseph Lindoe
Various NPCs Various NPCs   See fewer
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