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  • Forward (2016)
  • TV Movie | Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Forward (2016)
TV Movie | Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

As groups of people begin missing from a small community, a determined investigative journalist finds herself in the middle of a political mystery to determine where the people have gone, WHO is taking them - and WHY.
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Kendra Dobson (co-writer) | Antonio Lowry Edward (collaborating writer) (as Antonio Edward) | Serenity Edward (written by) | Ariel Koska (co-writer)
Antonio Lowry Edward (co-cinematographer) | Robert T. McDorman
Antonio Lowry Edward (as Antonio Edward)
Casting Director
Serenity Edward (casting by)
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67 cast members
Name Known for
Ammie Masterson
Amadelia Richards (as Ammie Leonards) Amadelia Richards (as Ammie Leonards)   See fewer
Nhayah Goode
Marlena Richards-Townsend Marlena Richards-Townsend   See fewer
Sharon D. Bailey
Tene Richards Tene Richards   See fewer
Christopher Winbush
FBI Captain Dennis Bynum FBI Captain Dennis Bynum   See fewer
Fontessa E. Booker
FBI Agent Tonya Walker FBI Agent Tonya Walker   See fewer
Desmond Williams
Joseph Myles Joseph Myles   See fewer
Drew Law
Hanson Hanson   See fewer
Tom Procida
Dr. Richard Arnold Dr. Richard Arnold   See fewer
Woody Wilson Hall
Robert Turner Robert Turner   See fewer
Annette Nullanny
Oya and Deidre Oya and Deidre   See fewer
Wiktoria Wabnyc
MI5 Agent Sheila Grace MI5 Agent Sheila Grace   See fewer
Courtney Elliott
Teresa Dunham Teresa Dunham   See fewer
Michael Hall
Ancestor and Hayes Ancestor and Hayes   See fewer
Tootie Hall
Gbadu and Sheryl (as L. Rene'e Hall) Gbadu and Sheryl (as L. Rene'e Hall)   See fewer
Velia Dana
Actress Actress   See fewer
Eric Aguirre
Gideon Rodriguez Gideon Rodriguez   See fewer
Josie Bailey
Ancestor Ancestor   See fewer
Tiesha Beasley
Ancestor Ancestor   See fewer
Rick Bowen
Richard Lancaster Richard Lancaster   See fewer
Tamara Boyd
Thalia Devenport Thalia Devenport   See fewer
Khyla Brady
Ancestor Ancestor   See fewer
Jeremy Rashad Brown
Randall Jacobs Randall Jacobs   See fewer
Monica Cadena
Sofía Salazar Sofía Salazar   See fewer
Dora Corpus
Camina Salazar-Riveria Camina Salazar-Riveria   See fewer
Jordan Elsass
Dylan Davies Dylan Davies   See fewer
Peyton Flusche
Bryce Hicks Bryce Hicks   See fewer
Donald R. Harrell
Dr. Franklin Thomas III Dr. Franklin Thomas III   See fewer
Nathan Hartley
Brandon Dupont Brandon Dupont   See fewer
Shakedras Hopkins
Ancestor Ancestor   See fewer
Trent Jolie
Trevor Davies Trevor Davies   See fewer
Jarard Kenneth
Ancestor Ancestor   See fewer
Amy Kinder
Agnes Kindress Agnes Kindress   See fewer
Thomas Levrier
Harlan Forrester Harlan Forrester   See fewer
Davida Love
Yemaya Yemaya   See fewer
Tatum Elaine Love
Chelsea Douglas Chelsea Douglas   See fewer
Drake Malone
Derek Atilano Derek Atilano   See fewer
Praneeth Mandavilli
Alex Sharma Alex Sharma   See fewer
Jussara Oliveira
Josefina Salazar-Jacobs Josefina Salazar-Jacobs   See fewer
Katie Mae Peters
Lauren Parker Lauren Parker   See fewer
Ruby Dee Philippa
Jeannie Spearman Jeannie Spearman   See fewer
Billionna Olivia Reyes
Amana DelaCruz Amana DelaCruz   See fewer
Krishun Rhone
Mya Denton Mya Denton   See fewer
Paul Roberts
Patrick Donaldson Patrick Donaldson   See fewer
Ashton-Brette Rusthoven
Audrey Brewer Audrey Brewer   See fewer
Channing Margaret Rusthoven
Melanie Brewer Melanie Brewer   See fewer
LaToya Schmitz
Ancestor Ancestor   See fewer
Benjamin Nathaniel Scott
Harold Devereaux Harold Devereaux   See fewer
Joannie Shedrick
Ancestor Ancestor   See fewer
Jules Shelby
Ancestor Ancestor   See fewer
Campbell Snavely
Actress Actress   See fewer
Rachid Sow
CIA Agent CIA Agent   See fewer
Jordan Stevens
Jonathan Williams Jonathan Williams   See fewer
Courtney Swift
Ancestor Ancestor   See fewer
Gloria Tsai
Paige Cho Paige Cho   See fewer
Jennifer Ugochukwu
Renee Turner Renee Turner   See fewer
Juliette Washington
Ancestor Ancestor   See fewer
Aidan Weatherford
Jeremy Winters Jeremy Winters   See fewer
Leah West
Ancestor Ancestor   See fewer
Zachary Zindler
Michael Whittaker Michael Whittaker   See fewer
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