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  • Viral Beauty (2018)
  • 90 min | Comedy, Romance
Viral Beauty (2018)
90 min | Comedy, Romance

She wanted a date. She got a million subscribers instead.
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Updated Oct 19, 2018

Release date
Oct 19, 2018 (United States)


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93 cast members
Name Known for
Casey Killoran
Marsha Day Marsha Day   See fewer
Perez Hilton
Perez Hilton Perez Hilton   See fewer
Mark Junek
Will Durham Will Durham   See fewer
Ruibo Qian
Tara Zhang Tara Zhang   See fewer
Nicola Foti
Nicola Foti AKA soundlyawake Nicola Foti AKA soundlyawake   See fewer
Emma Willmann
Stalker Stalker   See fewer
Pau Masó
Pau Masó Pau Masó   See fewer
Ben Mehl
Rick Bravos Rick Bravos   See fewer
Christy Escobar
Tiffany Tiffany   See fewer
Dion York
Dion York AKA DionYorkie Dion York AKA DionYorkie   See fewer
Stella Rae
Stella Rae Stella Rae   See fewer
Ella Stockton
Assistant to Tara Zhang (as Rorie Stockton) Assistant to Tara Zhang (as Rorie Stockton)   See fewer
Daren Donofrio
Marsha's Bodyguard Marsha's Bodyguard   See fewer
Michael Rizzi
Michael Rizzi Michael Rizzi   See fewer
Raiden Quinn
Raiden Quinn Raiden Quinn   See fewer
Nicolay Sysyn
Nicolay Sysyn Nicolay Sysyn   See fewer
Austin Wallis
Austin Wallis Austin Wallis   See fewer
Victoria Simone
Vanessa / Celebutante Vanessa / Celebutante   See fewer
Shamecca L. Ajavon
Sassy Girl Sassy Girl   See fewer
Jared Anderson
First Diner Date First Diner Date   See fewer
Gina Andros
Staten Island Girl Staten Island Girl   See fewer
Vanessa A. Arthur
Biba Salange Biba Salange   See fewer
Zeshan Bhatti
Puerto Rican Guy Puerto Rican Guy   See fewer
Cornelia Biesold
Cafe Patron 2 Cafe Patron 2   See fewer
Ludwig Biesold
Cafe Patron 1 Cafe Patron 1   See fewer
Brian Bock
Law Student Law Student   See fewer
Riccardo Bonechi
Cafe Owner Cafe Owner   See fewer
Andrew Chaffee
Frat Boy Frat Boy   See fewer
Donald Chang
Sensitive Hipster Sensitive Hipster   See fewer
Kiara Collins
Sorority Sister Sorority Sister   See fewer
Amy Connerley
Young Girl Follower Young Girl Follower   See fewer
Sarah Davis
Car Fan 1 Car Fan 1   See fewer
Leigh DeLollis
Valley Girl Valley Girl   See fewer
Tokyo Demetrius
Religious Guru Religious Guru   See fewer
Judith Anna Di Donato
Jersey Woman Jersey Woman   See fewer
Deirdre Doherty
Robed Cat Lady Robed Cat Lady   See fewer
Lauren Doherty
Fangirl 1 Fangirl 1   See fewer
Linda Colleen Doherty
Fangirl 2 Fangirl 2   See fewer
Mehdya Fessi
Awkward Teenager Awkward Teenager   See fewer
Pia Finnigan
Street Fan 2 Street Fan 2   See fewer
Nicholas M. Garofolo
Italian Man Italian Man   See fewer
Marianna Gerrman
Sensitive Woman Sensitive Woman   See fewer
Mel Gibbon
Male Street Harasser Male Street Harasser   See fewer
Emily Gardner Xu Hall
British Snob (as Emily Gardner Hall) British Snob (as Emily Gardner Hall)   See fewer
Liam Higgins
Mean Boy Mean Boy   See fewer
Carl Holder
Street Heckler 1 Street Heckler 1   See fewer
Miroslava Horvathova
Will Fanatic Will Fanatic   See fewer
Roeshawn Hunter
Street Heckler 2 Street Heckler 2   See fewer
Michael Vincent Iannuzzi
Male Stalker Male Stalker   See fewer
Fola Ibitoye
Street Fan 4 Street Fan 4   See fewer
Eddy Jimenez
Spanish Online Suitor Spanish Online Suitor   See fewer
Kerwin Johnson Jr.
Fashonista Fashonista   See fewer
Kyle James Johnson
Marsha's Lawyer Marsha's Lawyer   See fewer
Female Nerd (as Kalene Speranza) Female Nerd (as Kalene Speranza)   See fewer
Matthew J. Kaplan
Blue Collar Guy (as Matt Kaplan) Blue Collar Guy (as Matt Kaplan)   See fewer
Jenna Kennedy
Assistant to Tara Zhang Assistant to Tara Zhang   See fewer
Deborah Killoran
Marsha's Mother Marsha's Mother   See fewer
Enda Killoran
MeDay Crew 2 MeDay Crew 2   See fewer
Gloria Kim
Street Fan 3 Street Fan 3   See fewer
Vincent Leong
Male Marsha Follower Male Marsha Follower   See fewer
Ho Li
Assistant to Tara Zhang Assistant to Tara Zhang   See fewer
Carl Hendrick Louis
Drag Queen Drag Queen   See fewer
Jacqueline Mason
Car Fan 2 Car Fan 2   See fewer
Alexandra Moro
College Student College Student   See fewer
Kristina Mueller
Female Street Harasser 1 Female Street Harasser 1   See fewer
Hemayat F. Nabiel
Marsha Critic Marsha Critic   See fewer
Meredith O'Donnell
Young Blonde Woman Young Blonde Woman   See fewer
Andrew Penabad
College Diner Date College Diner Date   See fewer
Ethan Perales
Meth Head Meth Head   See fewer
Michael Peters
Metrosexual Cafe Patron Metrosexual Cafe Patron   See fewer
Ariel Pierre-Louis
Car Fan 3 Car Fan 3   See fewer
Jay Rivera
Muscle Builder Muscle Builder   See fewer
Jenilyn Rodriguez
Street Fan 1 Street Fan 1   See fewer
Matthew Ruskin
MeDay Crew 1 MeDay Crew 1   See fewer
Sukhpreet Sangha
Conservative Responder Conservative Responder   See fewer
Larry Schneider
Marsha Lover Marsha Lover   See fewer
Chris Scopo
Online Responder Online Responder   See fewer
Hadley Singleton
Serenading Rapper Serenading Rapper   See fewer
Roland Thomas
Rude Boy Rude Boy   See fewer
Miroki Tong
Mei, Geomancer Mei, Geomancer   See fewer
Katie Tuminelly
Female Street Harasser 2 Female Street Harasser 2   See fewer
Mahogany Turner
Will Fan Girl Will Fan Girl   See fewer
Claudius von Stolzmann
Exhibitionist Exhibitionist   See fewer
Leah Walsh
Finicky Cafe Patron Finicky Cafe Patron   See fewer
Kevin A Wright
Bravos Crew 1 Bravos Crew 1   See fewer
Sook Hyung Yang
Tiger Mom Tiger Mom   See fewer
Melina Zalac
Assistant to Tara Zhang Assistant to Tara Zhang   See fewer
Michael Zampetti
Guy with Beanie Guy with Beanie   See fewer
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