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  • A Prominent Patient (2016)
  • 114 min | Biography, Drama, History
A Prominent Patient (2016)
114 min | Biography, Drama, History

A period in the life of diplomat and politician Jan Masaryk, who was the son of Czechoslovakia's founder, served as the Central-European country's minister of foreign affairs and has been brutally killed by Russian secret service in 1948.
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Petr Kolecko | Alex Koenigsmark (as Alex Königsmark) | Julius Sevcík
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Release date
Oct 7, 2017 (United States)


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47 cast members
Name Known for
Karel Roden
Jan Masaryk Jan Masaryk   See fewer
Hanns Zischler
Dr. Stein Dr. Stein   See fewer
Oldrich Kaiser
Edvard Benes Edvard Benes   See fewer
Arly Jover
Marcia Davenport Marcia Davenport   See fewer
Jirí Vyorálek
Konrad Henlein Konrad Henlein   See fewer
Martin Hofmann
President's Secretary President's Secretary   See fewer
Zuzana Krónerová
Alice Masaryková Alice Masaryková   See fewer
Jirí Ornest
Tomás G. Masaryk Tomás G. Masaryk   See fewer
Ján Gresso
Milan Hodza Milan Hodza   See fewer
Dermot Crowley
Lord Halifax Lord Halifax   See fewer
Paul Nicholas
Neville Chamberlain Neville Chamberlain   See fewer
Milton Welsh
Georges Bonnet Georges Bonnet   See fewer
Joan Blackham
Mrs. Fitzgerald Mrs. Fitzgerald   See fewer
Katya Hazel Boirand
Barmanka (as Katya Boirand) Barmanka (as Katya Boirand)   See fewer
Gina Bramhill
Lady Annie Higgins Lady Annie Higgins   See fewer
Lenka Burianová
Actress Actress   See fewer
Tomás Chmel
Ochranka predsedy vlady Ochranka predsedy vlady   See fewer
Kevin Michael Clarke
Member of Parliament (as Kevin Clarke) Member of Parliament (as Kevin Clarke)   See fewer
Marek Dobes
Rabiát Rabiát   See fewer
James Flynn
Sir Henry Higgins Sir Henry Higgins   See fewer
Hoji Fortuna
Dr. Sheldon Dr. Sheldon   See fewer
Ivan Herma
Actor Actor   See fewer
Ján Jackuliak
Prime Minister Hodza's Secretary Prime Minister Hodza's Secretary   See fewer
Robert Jasków
Emanuel Moravec Emanuel Moravec   See fewer
Ignat Kinol
Young soldier (as Ignat Kignöl) Young soldier (as Ignat Kignöl)   See fewer
Susan Lawson-Reynolds
Nurse Blake Nurse Blake   See fewer
Katerina Lojdová
Hana Benesová Hana Benesová   See fewer
Stepán Markovic
Saxophonist Saxophonist   See fewer
Stewart Kenneth Moore
Bodyguard (as Stewart Moore) Bodyguard (as Stewart Moore)   See fewer
Robert Nebrenský
Jan Bohumír Syrový Jan Bohumír Syrový   See fewer
Jack John Noonan
Recepcni Recepcni   See fewer
Travis O'Neill
Irish Man Irish Man   See fewer
Rostislav Osicka
Rozhodci v boxu Rozhodci v boxu   See fewer
Anna Pacesová
Cabaret dancer Cabaret dancer   See fewer
Pierre Peyrichout
General Maurice Gustave Gamelin General Maurice Gustave Gamelin   See fewer
Michael Pitthan
Anti-war Protester Anti-war Protester   See fewer
John Poston
Sgt. Moore Sgt. Moore   See fewer
Tim Preece
Sir Robert Vansittart Sir Robert Vansittart   See fewer
Abigail Rice
Chamberlain's Secretary Chamberlain's Secretary   See fewer
Zdenek Sedlácek
Jirí Necas Jirí Necas   See fewer
Joe Weintraub
Man with a gun Man with a gun   See fewer
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