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  • Out of My Mind (2024)
  • TV-14
    102 min | Drama
Out of My Mind (2024)
102 min | Drama

Melody Brooks is navigating sixth grade as a nonverbal wheelchair user who has cerebral palsy. With the help of some assistive technology and her devoted allies, Melody shows that what she has to say is more important than how she says it
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Sharon M. Draper (based on the novel by) | Daniel Stiepleman (screenplay)
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Updated Jan 19, 2024

Release date
Jun 21, 2024 (United States)


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45 cast members
Name Known for
Jennifer Aniston
Melody's Inner Voice (voice) Melody's Inner Voice (voice)   See fewer
Judith Light
Mrs. V. Mrs. V.   See fewer
Luke Kirby
Chuck Chuck   See fewer
Michael Chernus
Mr. Dimming Mr. Dimming   See fewer
Courtney Taylor
Dr. Katherine Post Dr. Katherine Post   See fewer
Sharron Matthews
Mrs. Billups Mrs. Billups   See fewer
Kate Moyer
Claire West Claire West   See fewer
Emily Mitchell
Penny Brooks Penny Brooks   See fewer
Noah Lamanna
Linguini Server Linguini Server   See fewer
Jeff Roop
Mr. Potts Mr. Potts   See fewer
Ian Ho
Connor Bates Connor Bates   See fewer
Gavin MacIver-Wright
Rodney Walsh Rodney Walsh   See fewer
Kim Huffman
Dr. Gardner Dr. Gardner   See fewer
Mish Tam
Check-In Agent Check-In Agent   See fewer
Phoebe-Rae Taylor
Melody Brooks Melody Brooks   See fewer
Catherine McNally
Mrs. Antelucci Mrs. Antelucci   See fewer
Isaiah Rockcliffe
Leon - Dimmings Student (credit only) Leon - Dimmings Student (credit only)   See fewer
David Klein
Production Assistant Production Assistant   See fewer
Miley Haik
Chloe Chloe   See fewer
Lisa Michelle Cornelius
Rose's Mom Rose's Mom   See fewer
Gabriela Francis
Jodie Norcroft Jodie Norcroft   See fewer
Nicholas Fry
Trevor Trevor   See fewer
Jackie English
Maria's Mom Maria's Mom   See fewer
Lauren Piech
Dr. Hughly Dr. Hughly   See fewer
Zander Van Nynatten
Perry Valley Team #3 (Whiz Kid #2) Perry Valley Team #3 (Whiz Kid #2)   See fewer
Paulyne Wei
Sue- H4-6 Teachers aide Sue- H4-6 Teachers aide   See fewer
Thomas Ellenson
Waiting Room Patient Waiting Room Patient   See fewer
AJ Nadeau
People in Line #2 People in Line #2   See fewer
Cleopatra Williams
News Reporter News Reporter   See fewer
Kara Alcorn
Production assistant #2 Production assistant #2   See fewer
Olaf Sham
UPS Driver UPS Driver   See fewer
Steve Hobbs
Guy in Line Guy in Line   See fewer
Carl Hines
TSA Agent (uncredited) TSA Agent (uncredited)   See fewer
Jack Nguyen
Audience Member / Traveller (uncredited) Audience Member / Traveller (uncredited)   See fewer
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