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  • Twelve (2015)
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Twelve (2015)


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Updated Sep 11, 2015

Release date
Sep 11, 2015 (United States)


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139 cast members
Name Known for
John Agno
Schoolkid #6 Schoolkid #6   See fewer
Larry Altmayer
Franklin Franklin   See fewer
John Alton
Party-goer Party-goer   See fewer
Patti Amelotte
Dulcimer Player Dulcimer Player   See fewer
Michelle Arthur
Kisser / Party-goer Kisser / Party-goer   See fewer
Laura Azevedo
Jackie Jackie   See fewer
Rik Baron
Walter White Walter White   See fewer
Ariana Basseri
Female Client Female Client   See fewer
Kaitlin Bauld
Life Coach Becky Life Coach Becky   See fewer
Natalie Ann Berwick
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Linda Black
Martha Martha   See fewer
Charles Brettner
Bill / Bagman Bill / Bagman   See fewer
Curissea Buckingham
Schoolkid #2 Schoolkid #2   See fewer
Jennifer Caesario
Restaurant Patron #1 Restaurant Patron #1   See fewer
Tony Calle
Chazz Chazz   See fewer
Michael Capellupo
Tim Botkin Tim Botkin   See fewer
Jordyn Casey
Electra Electra   See fewer
Sophia Cesario
Restaurant Patron #2 Restaurant Patron #2   See fewer
Sean Crampton
Mel / Jake Mel / Jake   See fewer
Sammaya Cummings
Schoolkid #7 Schoolkid #7   See fewer
Natalie J. Davis
Sherry Davison (as Natalie Davis) Sherry Davison (as Natalie Davis)   See fewer
Christian Delgado
Schoolkid #4 Schoolkid #4   See fewer
Pamela Dillman
Polly Botkin Polly Botkin   See fewer
Alon Dina
Party-goer Party-goer   See fewer
Bec Doyle
Cashier Cashier   See fewer
Wesley Edberg
Ex-husband Ex-husband   See fewer
Joseph Faifili
Bodyguard #1 Bodyguard #1   See fewer
Victoria Gauthier
Schoolkid #8 Schoolkid #8   See fewer
Charlotte Gleason
Party-goer Party-goer   See fewer
Beth Goldberg
Girlfriend Girlfriend   See fewer
Devon Goodman
Stuart Vittle / James Stuart Vittle / James   See fewer
William Gabriel Grier
Christoph Christoph   See fewer
Leah Haile
Party-goer Party-goer   See fewer
Susan Han
Principal Stutes Principal Stutes   See fewer
See Hang
Branch Guy Branch Guy   See fewer
Hardhi Harris
Calvin Collins Calvin Collins   See fewer
Kirby Heyborne
Sheldon the Turtle Sheldon the Turtle   See fewer
Daniel Imperiale
Francis Mortimer Francis Mortimer   See fewer
Dawn Izen
Party-goer Party-goer   See fewer
Cyrus James
Luther Luther   See fewer
Vanessa Jaunet
Party-goer Party-goer   See fewer
Adam Johnson
Barney Barney   See fewer
Nina Kazé
Store Owner (as Nina Kaze) Store Owner (as Nina Kaze)   See fewer
Brian Lally
Darren Darren   See fewer
Rosalyn Landor
Victoria the Swan Victoria the Swan   See fewer
Gabriel Lawrence
Larry McCormick Larry McCormick   See fewer
Xenia Leblanc
Cindy (as Xenia Le Blanc) Cindy (as Xenia Le Blanc)   See fewer
Chris Lee
August Parker August Parker   See fewer
Montana Lee
Schoolkid #13 Schoolkid #13   See fewer
Ash Lendzion
Madeleine Madeleine   See fewer
Marijan Malezan
Nick Hazy Nick Hazy   See fewer
Felicia Marie
Geraldine Geraldine   See fewer
Harris Markson
Guy from Marketing Guy from Marketing   See fewer
Luke Martin
Male Client Male Client   See fewer
Amanda Moore
Christoph's Mother Christoph's Mother   See fewer
Jim Nieb
Doug Wheeler Doug Wheeler   See fewer
Camilla Ochlan
Party-goer Party-goer   See fewer
P.J. Ochlan
Callum Callum   See fewer
Stina Pederson
Party-goer Party-goer   See fewer
Sambria Peralta
Schoolkid #12 Schoolkid #12   See fewer
Saman Peyman
Oni's Friend Oni's Friend   See fewer
Sam Puefua
Souza Souza   See fewer
Jeremy Reyes
Schoolkid #9 Schoolkid #9   See fewer
Anthony Robles
Jeffery Killsinger (as Antonio Robles) Jeffery Killsinger (as Antonio Robles)   See fewer
Seli M. Rose
Sallie (as Seli Marset) Sallie (as Seli Marset)   See fewer
Casey Ross
Alex Kidd Alex Kidd   See fewer
Hollie Schwarz
Sergio Hottie / Housewife Sergio Hottie / Housewife   See fewer
Anna Scott
Emily Whitaker Emily Whitaker   See fewer
Alison Sifflett
Schoolkid #1 Schoolkid #1   See fewer
Joel Slabo
Devin / James Devin / James   See fewer
Bradley Stein
Mike / Blade Richman Mike / Blade Richman   See fewer
Arun Stores
Party-goer Party-goer   See fewer
Lisa Su
Sandy Sandy   See fewer
Wes Tate
Michael Hernadez Michael Hernadez   See fewer
Hunter Trost
Hunter Botkin Hunter Botkin   See fewer
Elaine Truong
Anna Lee Anna Lee   See fewer
Chris Valenti
Matt Kemp Matt Kemp   See fewer
Cristina Valle
Katherin Katherin   See fewer
Doug Van Bebber
Brian (as Doug van Bebber) Brian (as Doug van Bebber)   See fewer
Balas Varga
Gary (as Balazs Varga-Smith) Gary (as Balazs Varga-Smith)   See fewer
Aaron Veach
Bodyguard #2 Bodyguard #2   See fewer
Joe Daniel Villanueva
Party-goer Party-goer   See fewer
Linzy Vukovich
Schoolkid #11 Schoolkid #11   See fewer
Tara Wade
Party-goer Party-goer   See fewer
Andrew Wainner
Party-goer Party-goer   See fewer
Julie West
Schoolkid #3 Schoolkid #3   See fewer
Michelle West
Lizzy (as Shelly West) Lizzy (as Shelly West)   See fewer
Ramona Young
Missy Tollegs Missy Tollegs   See fewer
Nicol Zanzarella
Party-goer Party-goer   See fewer
Beatrix Zilinskas
Party-goer Party-goer   See fewer
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