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The Path to 9/11

Episode #1.2 (Season 1, Episode 2)
TV Episode | Drama, History

Two-part drama based on the findings of the 9/11 commission into the events leading up to the attack on the World Trade Center. Muhammad Atta and his accomplices fine-tune their plans to hijack civilian aircraft and crash them into ...See moreTwo-part drama based on the findings of the 9/11 commission into the events leading up to the attack on the World Trade Center. Muhammad Atta and his accomplices fine-tune their plans to hijack civilian aircraft and crash them into buildings in the US. The plan involves flight training at American flying schools. This arouses suspicions in US intelligence, but why are they powerless to prevent the forthcoming. See less
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Daniel T. Cahn (co-editor) (as Daniel Cahn) | Mitchell Danton | David Handman | Bryan M. Horne (as Bryan Horne) & 3 more
Casting Directors
Meg Liberman | Cami Patton (as Camille H. Patton) | Suzanne Smith
Production Designer
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Updated Sep 11, 2006

Release date
Sep 11, 2006 (United States)


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175 cast members
Name Known for
Harvey Keitel
John O'Neill John O'Neill   See fewer
Michael Benyaer
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed / 'KSM' Khalid Sheikh Mohammed / 'KSM'   See fewer
Wendy Crewson
Valerie James Valerie James   See fewer
Shirley Douglas
Madeline Albright Madeline Albright   See fewer
Kevin Dunn
Samuel 'Sandy' Berger Samuel 'Sandy' Berger   See fewer
Nabil Elouahabi
Ramzi Yousef Ramzi Yousef   See fewer
Mido Hamada
Massoud Massoud   See fewer
Barclay Hope
John Miller John Miller   See fewer
Frank John Hughes
Bill Miller Bill Miller   See fewer
Dan Lauria
George Tenet George Tenet   See fewer
Amy Madigan
Patricia Carver Patricia Carver   See fewer
Art Malik
Colonel Raymond Malik Colonel Raymond Malik   See fewer
Michael Murphy
William Cohen William Cohen   See fewer
Stephen Root
Richard Clarke Richard Clarke   See fewer
William Sadler
Neil Herman Neil Herman   See fewer
Katy Selverstone
Nancy Floyd Nancy Floyd   See fewer
Pip Torrens
Paul Kessler Paul Kessler   See fewer
Shaun Toub
Emad Salem Emad Salem   See fewer
Donnie Wahlberg
'Kirk', CIA Operative 'Kirk', CIA Operative   See fewer
David Zayas
Lou Napoli Lou Napoli   See fewer
Martin Brodie
Mohamed Atta (as Martin Brody) Mohamed Atta (as Martin Brody)   See fewer
Patricia Heaton
Ambassador Bodine Ambassador Bodine   See fewer
Ennis Esmer
Mohammed Salameh Mohammed Salameh   See fewer
Frank Pellegrino
Frank Pelligrino Frank Pelligrino   See fewer
Al Sapienza
Donald Sadowy Donald Sadowy   See fewer
Trevor White
Scott Ramer Scott Ramer   See fewer
Stephanie Moore
Deanna Burnett Deanna Burnett   See fewer
Nayef Rashed
Ayman al-Zawahiri Ayman al-Zawahiri   See fewer
Elie Gemael
Mohammed al-Kahtani (as Elie Gamael) Mohammed al-Kahtani (as Elie Gamael)   See fewer
Joel Keller
Peter Zatewski Peter Zatewski   See fewer
Mark MacDonald
N.E.A.D.S Officer N.E.A.D.S Officer   See fewer
Geoffrey Rivas
Perez - Customs Perez - Customs   See fewer
Jean Yoon
Betty Ong Betty Ong   See fewer
Philippa Domville
Coleen Rowley Coleen Rowley   See fewer
Armando Riesco
John Atkinson John Atkinson   See fewer
Youssef Kerkour
Red / Abouhalima Red / Abouhalima   See fewer
George R. Robertson
VP Dick Cheney VP Dick Cheney   See fewer
Don Allison
Gen. Hugh Shelton Gen. Hugh Shelton   See fewer
Jason Jazrawy
Abdelghani Meskini Abdelghani Meskini   See fewer
Karen Glave
Betsy - Customs Betsy - Customs   See fewer
Salvatore Antonio
Ahmed Ressam Ahmed Ressam   See fewer
David Huband
Charley - Customs Charley - Customs   See fewer
Catherine Disher
Diana Dean Diana Dean   See fewer
Alex Karzis
Agent Murray Agent Murray   See fewer
Zee Sulleyman
Zacharias Moussaoui Zacharias Moussaoui   See fewer
Gabe Fazio
J.P. O'Neill J.P. O'Neill   See fewer
Angela Asher
Lorraine Di Taranto Lorraine Di Taranto   See fewer
Noam Jenkins
Marwan al-Shehhi Marwan al-Shehhi   See fewer
Azdin Zaman
al-Omari (as Fahad Hussein) al-Omari (as Fahad Hussein)   See fewer
Neil Crone
Dorsey Dorsey   See fewer
Navid Negahban
Khalili Khalili   See fewer
Sayed Badreya
Massoud Assassin Massoud Assassin   See fewer
Ham Zanoun
Assassin Cameraman Assassin Cameraman   See fewer
Mahmoudi M'Barek
Massoud's Guard (as Mahamoudi Mbarek) Massoud's Guard (as Mahamoudi Mbarek)   See fewer
Cameron Bancroft
Mike McCormick Mike McCormick   See fewer
Marcia Bennett
Jane Garvey - FAA Jane Garvey - FAA   See fewer
Sasha Roiz
Nick Demoia Nick Demoia   See fewer
Terry Serpico
Pulaski Pulaski   See fewer
Vik Sahay
Ahmal Ahmal   See fewer
Ruth Marshall
Johnette (as Ruth Marshal) Johnette (as Ruth Marshal)   See fewer
Ron Lea
Jim Fielding - CIA Jim Fielding - CIA   See fewer
Arnold Pinnock
FBI Staffer FBI Staffer   See fewer
Daniela Saioni
O'Neill's WTC Assistant O'Neill's WTC Assistant   See fewer
Jennifer Ricci
Amy Sweeney Amy Sweeney   See fewer
Abdullah Chikh
Ramzi Binatshibh Ramzi Binatshibh   See fewer
Tarik Ait Ben Ali
Ziad Jarrah (as Tarik Ait Benali) Ziad Jarrah (as Tarik Ait Benali)   See fewer
Daniel Chapman Smith
Salem al-Hazmi Salem al-Hazmi   See fewer
Ben Lourdjane
KSM Courier KSM Courier   See fewer
Hardee T. Lineham
ATC Boston Supervisor (as Hardee Lineham) ATC Boston Supervisor (as Hardee Lineham)   See fewer
Alison Smiley
American Airlines Ticket Agent American Airlines Ticket Agent   See fewer
Shannon Lawson
Reservation Agent N.C. Reservation Agent N.C.   See fewer
Arlene Mazerolle
AA Agent AA Agent   See fewer
Carolyn Scott
Stacey Stacey   See fewer
Karl Pruner
FAA Supervisor FAA Supervisor   See fewer
Christian Lloyd
Boston Controller Boston Controller   See fewer
Nick Baillie
Nerdy Controller (as Nicholas Baillie) Nerdy Controller (as Nicholas Baillie)   See fewer
Nicholas Aaron
Burnett Burnett   See fewer
Youssef Abagourram
Journalist Guide Journalist Guide   See fewer
Amar Adatia
Hamza Yousef Hamza Yousef   See fewer
Riz Ahmed
Yosri Yosri   See fewer
Rita Rani Ahuja
Additional Voice (voice) (as Rita Rani) Additional Voice (voice) (as Rita Rani)   See fewer
Sier Amiri
Osama Bin Laden (voice) Osama Bin Laden (voice)   See fewer
Anthony Ashbee
WTC Firelighter 2 WTC Firelighter 2   See fewer
Russ Baker
Homeless Man Homeless Man   See fewer
Tom Barnett
Tom Burnett (voice) Tom Burnett (voice)   See fewer
Bruce Beaton
FBI Techie #1 FBI Techie #1   See fewer
Steve Behal
Pan Am Instructor Pan Am Instructor   See fewer
Richard Blackburn
FDNY Fire Chief FDNY Fire Chief   See fewer
Isai Rivera Blas
Tricycle Driver (as Gil Rivera Blas) Tricycle Driver (as Gil Rivera Blas)   See fewer
David Boyce
Old Guard Old Guard   See fewer
John Boylan
Josh Bolten Josh Bolten   See fewer
Paula Brosseau
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Alexandra Castillo
Monica Smith (as Alex Castillo) Monica Smith (as Alex Castillo)   See fewer
Fulvio Cecere
Joe Dunne Joe Dunne   See fewer
Jude Coffey
United Ticket Agent (as Judy Coffey) United Ticket Agent (as Judy Coffey)   See fewer
Philip Craig
FDNY Chaplain FDNY Chaplain   See fewer
Marie V. Cruz
Aida Fariscal Aida Fariscal   See fewer
Craig Cyr
FBI Agent FBI Agent   See fewer
Shane Daly
Secret Service Secret Service   See fewer
Richard De Mayo
Marine Guard Marine Guard   See fewer
Roger Dunn
Deputy General Counsel Deputy General Counsel   See fewer
Craig Eldridge
John Anthony John Anthony   See fewer
Laila Fadili
Ishtiak's Wife Ishtiak's Wife   See fewer
Moe Fawaz
Majed Moqed Majed Moqed   See fewer
Fahim Fazli
Voices Voices   See fewer
Richard Fitzpatrick
Judge Kevin Duffy Judge Kevin Duffy   See fewer
Victoria Fodor
Tenet Secretary Tenet Secretary   See fewer
David Fraser
Detective Seymour Detective Seymour   See fewer
Akin Gazi
Owhali Owhali   See fewer
George Ghali
Blind Sheikh Blind Sheikh   See fewer
Colin Glazer
Port Authority Port Authority   See fewer
Demetri Goritsas
American Driver American Driver   See fewer
Deborah Grover
Lt. Col. Deskins Lt. Col. Deskins   See fewer
Nicky Guadagni
Mary Jo White Mary Jo White   See fewer
Gaby Hanna
FBI Translator FBI Translator   See fewer
John Hopkins
English Reporter English Reporter   See fewer
Cecilia Jalaidan
Translator - Customs (as Cecelia Jaladian) Translator - Customs (as Cecelia Jaladian)   See fewer
Penny Johnson Jerald
Condoleezza Rice Condoleezza Rice   See fewer
Olivia Jones
Assistant to Ambassador Bodine (as Olivia Palenstein) Assistant to Ambassador Bodine (as Olivia Palenstein)   See fewer
Daniel Kash
Dave Williams Dave Williams   See fewer
Jeff Kassel
Joe Hanlin Joe Hanlin   See fewer
J.C. Kenny
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
John Koniditsiotis
Security Guard Security Guard   See fewer
Sam Lupovich
Khalid al-Midhar Khalid al-Midhar   See fewer
Phil Luzi
Tired Firefighter Tired Firefighter   See fewer
Peter MacNeill
USAF Colonel USAF Colonel   See fewer
Sam Malkin
WTC Firelighter 1 WTC Firelighter 1   See fewer
Flossie McKnight
Cashier (as Araxi Arslanian) Cashier (as Araxi Arslanian)   See fewer
Kerry McPherson
Paramour Paramour   See fewer
David Michie
Reporter (voice) Reporter (voice)   See fewer
Michelle Moffat
Lynn (as Michelle Moffatt) Lynn (as Michelle Moffatt)   See fewer
Roe Montez
Security Guard #52 Security Guard #52   See fewer
Paul Mota
Airline Passenger Airline Passenger   See fewer
Lubomir Mykytiuk
Ken Williams Ken Williams   See fewer
Dave Nichols
FBI Case Manager FBI Case Manager   See fewer
Rebecca Northan
American Airlines Supervisor American Airlines Supervisor   See fewer
Hani Noureldin
Nawaf Al-Hazmi Nawaf Al-Hazmi   See fewer
Marilo Nunez
Woman victim Woman victim   See fewer
Leo Petrus
Machine Shop Boss Machine Shop Boss   See fewer
Allan Price
Meir Kahane Meir Kahane   See fewer
Omar Abdel Rahman
Self (archive footage) Self (archive footage)   See fewer
John Ralston
Flight School Teacher Flight School Teacher   See fewer
Tulsi Ram
Singer (as Toufig Tulsiram) Singer (as Toufig Tulsiram)   See fewer
Dan Ramos
Filipino Karaoke Singer Filipino Karaoke Singer   See fewer
Gord Rand
Andrew Andrew   See fewer
Diana Reis
Mary McCarthy Mary McCarthy   See fewer
Michael Rhoades
Al Dwyer Al Dwyer   See fewer
Brian Rhodes
PA Maintenance Guy PA Maintenance Guy   See fewer
Maria Ricossa
Key Analyst Key Analyst   See fewer
Joel Rinzler
Steve Simon Steve Simon   See fewer
Kim Roberts
Pan Am administrator Pan Am administrator   See fewer
Joe Sacco
CIA Security Guard CIA Security Guard   See fewer
Jamal Selmaoui
Pakistani Guard Pakistani Guard   See fewer
Andrew Stelmack
Van Driver Van Driver   See fewer
Michael Stevens
Armed Guard Armed Guard   See fewer
Summer Taylor
Madison Burnett Madison Burnett   See fewer
David Vadim
Kevin Shea Kevin Shea   See fewer
Robert Verlaque
Commissioner Commissioner   See fewer
Asim Wali
Ahmed al-Ghamdi Ahmed al-Ghamdi   See fewer
David Webster
FBI Supervisor - Minnesota FBI Supervisor - Minnesota   See fewer
Victor Young
Gen. Myers Gen. Myers   See fewer
Bill Clinton
Self (archive footage) (uncredited) Self (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
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