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Love Live! School Idol Project

Last Live (Season 2, Episode 12)
TV Episode | 23 min | Animation, Comedy, Drama

After a random draw, µ's is the last group to perform at Love Live. The girls have their final practice together and have a sleepover. The next day they arrive for Love Live for their final performance.
Caitlin Glass (adaptation)
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Updated Jun 22, 2014

Release date
Jun 22, 2014 (Japan)
Series awards
1 nomination


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39 cast members
Name Known for
Emi Nitta
Honoka Kousaka (voice) Honoka Kousaka (voice)   See fewer
Aya Uchida
Kotori Minami (voice) Kotori Minami (voice)   See fewer
Suzuko Mimori
Umi Sonoda (voice) Umi Sonoda (voice)   See fewer
Yurika Kubo
Hanayo Koizumi (voice) Hanayo Koizumi (voice)   See fewer
Riho Iida
Rin Hoshizora (voice) Rin Hoshizora (voice)   See fewer
Maki Nishikino (voice) Maki Nishikino (voice)   See fewer
Sora Tokui
Nico Yazawa (voice) Nico Yazawa (voice)   See fewer
Yoshino Nanjô
Eli Ayase (voice) Eli Ayase (voice)   See fewer
Aina Kusuda
Nozomi Toujou (voice) Nozomi Toujou (voice)   See fewer
Masumi Asano
Honoka's mother (voice) Honoka's mother (voice)   See fewer
Ryan Bartley
Mika (voice) (version: English) Mika (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Corina Boettger
Anju Yuki (voice) (version: English) Anju Yuki (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Kira Buckland
Umi Sonoda (voice) (version: English) Umi Sonoda (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Christine Marie Cabanos
Yukiho Kousaka (voice) (version: English) Yukiho Kousaka (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Caitlin Glass
Maki Nishikino (voice) (version: English) Maki Nishikino (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Sayuri Hara
Mika (voice) Mika (voice)   See fewer
Erika Harlacher
Erena Toudou (voice) (version: English) Erena Toudou (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Marieve Herington
Honoka Kousaka (voice) (version: English) Honoka Kousaka (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Noriko Hidaka
Principal Minami (voice) Principal Minami (voice)   See fewer
Natalie Hoover
Fumiko (voice) (version: English) Fumiko (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Xanthe Huynh
Hanayo Koizumi (voice) (version: English) Hanayo Koizumi (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Brianna Knickerbocker
Alisa Ayase (voice) (version: English) Alisa Ayase (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Mela Lee
Hideko (voice) (version: English) Hideko (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Erica Lindbeck
Eli Ayase (voice) (version: English) Eli Ayase (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Faye Mata
Rin Hoshizora (voice) (version: English) Rin Hoshizora (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Maho Matsunaga
Erena Toudou (voice) Erena Toudou (voice)   See fewer
Erica Mendez
Nico Yazawa (voice) (version: English) Nico Yazawa (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Marie Miyake
Hideko (voice) Hideko (voice)   See fewer
Cassandra Lee Morris
Tsubasa Kira (voice) (version: English) Tsubasa Kira (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Ayuru Ohashi
Anju Yuki (voice) Anju Yuki (voice)   See fewer
Tony Oliver
Additional Voices (voice) (version: English) Additional Voices (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Laura Post
Nozomi Toujou (voice) (version: English) Nozomi Toujou (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Ayane Sakura
Alisa Ayase (voice) Alisa Ayase (voice)   See fewer
Megu Sakuragawa
Tsubasa Kira (voice) Tsubasa Kira (voice)   See fewer
Karen Strassman
Director Minami (voice) (version: English) Director Minami (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Julie Ann Taylor
Honoka's mother (voice) (version: English) Honoka's mother (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Nao Tôyama
Yukiho Kousaka (voice) Yukiho Kousaka (voice)   See fewer
Cristina Valenzuela
Kotori Minami (voice) (version: English) Kotori Minami (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Nozomi Yamamoto
Fumiko (voice) Fumiko (voice)   See fewer
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