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  • Emerald Green (2016)
  • 113 min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Emerald Green (2016)
113 min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Adaptation of the final part of famous time-travel trilogy. Gwendolyn's heart is broken, will she trust Gideon again? There's no time to wallow in tears. Something unbelievable happens, and Gwendolyn finds herself in the race against time.
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Katharina Schöde (screenplay) | Felix Fuchssteiner (screenplay) | Barry Thomson (author) (co-writer) | Kerstin Gier (novel)
Tom Blieninger (as Thomas Blieninger) | Philipp Budweg | Felix Fuchssteiner | Hans W. Geissendörfer (as Hans W. Geißendörfer) & 2 more
Florian Emmerich | Ralf Schlotter (as Ralf H. Schlotter)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Jun 14, 2016

Release date
Jul 7, 2016 (Germany)


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44 cast members
Name Known for
Kostja Ullmann
James A.P. Pimplebottom James A.P. Pimplebottom   See fewer
Josefine Preuß
Lucy Montrose Lucy Montrose   See fewer
Maria Ehrich
Gwendolyn Shepherd Gwendolyn Shepherd   See fewer
Jannis Niewöhner
Gideon de Villiers Gideon de Villiers   See fewer
Lion Wasczyk
Raphael de Villiers Raphael de Villiers   See fewer
Johannes von Matuschka
Mr. Whitman Mr. Whitman   See fewer
Matthias Winde
Mr. Mosely Mr. Mosely   See fewer
Rolf Kanies
William de Villiers William de Villiers   See fewer
Laura Berlin
Charlotte Montrose Charlotte Montrose   See fewer
Chris Tall
Gordon Gelderman Gordon Gelderman   See fewer
Timur Isik
Mr. Marley Mr. Marley   See fewer
Roman Kohnle
Fahrer Loge Fahrer Loge   See fewer
Karl Walter Sprungala
Shakespeare Shakespeare   See fewer
Katharina Thalbach
Großtante Maddy Großtante Maddy   See fewer
Johannes Silberschneider
Mr. Bernard Mr. Bernard   See fewer
Friederike Rhein
Sarah Bloomberg Sarah Bloomberg   See fewer
Peter Simonischek
Graf von St. Germain Graf von St. Germain   See fewer
Butz Ulrich Buse
Miro Rakoczy (as Butz Buse) Miro Rakoczy (as Butz Buse)   See fewer
Moritz Wedel
TV-Moderator TV-Moderator   See fewer
Markus Daffinger
Glatzköpfiger Wächter Glatzköpfiger Wächter   See fewer
Florian Bartholomäi
Paul de Villiers Paul de Villiers   See fewer
Justine del Corte
Madame Rossini Madame Rossini   See fewer
Berna Kilicli
Frau mit Maske Frau mit Maske   See fewer
Sascha Girndt
Scherge Scherge   See fewer
Hannes Pastor
Scherge Scherge   See fewer
Asuka Tovazzi
Scherge Scherge   See fewer
Frank Schneider
Pfarrer (as Frank A. Schneider) Pfarrer (as Frank A. Schneider)   See fewer
Emilia Schüle
Lady Amalia Lady Amalia   See fewer
Rufus Beck
Xemerius (voice) Xemerius (voice)   See fewer
Veronica Ferres
Grace Shepherd (archive footage) Grace Shepherd (archive footage)   See fewer
Sibylle Canonica
Glenda Montrose (archive footage) Glenda Montrose (archive footage)   See fewer
Axel Milberg
Lucas Montrose (archive footage) Lucas Montrose (archive footage)   See fewer
Gerlinde Locker
Lady Arista (archive footage) Lady Arista (archive footage)   See fewer
Levin Henning
Nick Shepherd (archive footage) Nick Shepherd (archive footage)   See fewer
Bastian Trost
Lucas Montrose (jung) (archive footage) Lucas Montrose (jung) (archive footage)   See fewer
Uwe Kockisch
Falk de Villiers (archive footage) Falk de Villiers (archive footage)   See fewer
Rüdiger Vogler
Mr. George (archive footage) Mr. George (archive footage)   See fewer
Gottfried John
Dr. White (archive footage) Dr. White (archive footage)   See fewer
Chiara Schoras
Margret Tilney (archive footage) Margret Tilney (archive footage)   See fewer
Maurizio Magno
Robert (archive footage) Robert (archive footage)   See fewer
Martin Östreicher
Lord Brompton (archive footage) Lord Brompton (archive footage)   See fewer
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