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  • Winnetou & Old Shatterhand (2016)
  • 117 min | Drama, Western
Winnetou & Old Shatterhand (2016)
117 min | Drama, Western

Apache chief Winnetou forms a friendship with a German immigrant rail road engineer Karl May, named afterwards Old Shatterhand.
Jan Berger (screenplay) | Karl May (novel)
Casting Directors
Roni Lepej (Casting Croatia) | Ulrike Müller
Production Designer

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Updated Dec 25, 2016

Release date
Dec 25, 2016 (Germany)


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56 cast members
Name Known for
Nik Xhelilaj
Winnetou Winnetou   See fewer
Wotan Wilke Möhring
Old Shatterhand Old Shatterhand   See fewer
Jürgen Vogel
Josef Rattler Josef Rattler   See fewer
Milan Peschel
Sam Hawkens Sam Hawkens   See fewer
Iazua Larios
Nscho Tschi Nscho Tschi   See fewer
Rainer Bock
James Bancroft James Bancroft   See fewer
Gojko Mitic
Intschu Tschuna Intschu Tschuna   See fewer
Oliver Masucci
Ugly Joe Ugly Joe   See fewer
Leslie Malton
Mrs. Bancroft Mrs. Bancroft   See fewer
Predrag Bjelac
Tangua (as Pedja Bjelac) Tangua (as Pedja Bjelac)   See fewer
Gottfried Breitfuss
O. Henry O. Henry   See fewer
Luka Cvjeticanin
Indian rider (as Luka Cveticanin) Indian rider (as Luka Cveticanin)   See fewer
Andreas Döhler
Bandidio Aguirre Bandidio Aguirre   See fewer
Yu Fang
Chinese man Chinese man   See fewer
Adrian Franusic
Bandido Bandido   See fewer
Georg Friedrich
Slim Miller Slim Miller   See fewer
Ivan Gallardo
Häuptling Navarro Häuptling Navarro   See fewer
Branden Garrett
Pole Tadeusz Pole Tadeusz   See fewer
Jerry Gerom
Rattler's Gunman Rattler's Gunman   See fewer
Danira Govic
Wife Tadeusz (as Danira Govich) Wife Tadeusz (as Danira Govich)   See fewer
Rijad Gvozden
Conductor Conductor   See fewer
Mirco Kreibich
Journalist Journalist   See fewer
Ronald Kukulies
Mister Hardy Mister Hardy   See fewer
Gotthard Lange
Barkeeper Barkeeper   See fewer
Roni Lepej
Executioner Executioner   See fewer
Carlo Ljubek
Bandido Coyote Bandido Coyote   See fewer
Adrian Maaß
Mavi Takeh Mavi Takeh   See fewer
Katarina Madirazza
Ochina (as Katarina Strahinic) Ochina (as Katarina Strahinic)   See fewer
Michael Maertens
Santer Junior Santer Junior   See fewer
Matthias Matschke
Prof. Traven Prof. Traven   See fewer
Francisco Medina
Father Mavi Takeh Father Mavi Takeh   See fewer
Hanspeter Müller
Sheriff Dubrowski (as Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart) Sheriff Dubrowski (as Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart)   See fewer
Andreas Nickl
Telegraphist Telegraphist   See fewer
Ivan Ozegovic
Pole Zbigniew Pole Zbigniew   See fewer
Robert Alan Packard
Häuptling Sioux Häuptling Sioux   See fewer
Marko Paradzik
Apache Warrior Apache Warrior   See fewer
Igor Pecenjev
Deputy Deputy   See fewer
Darian Polic
Irish immigrant; Railway worker Irish immigrant; Railway worker   See fewer
Mijic Robert
Cowboy Cowboy   See fewer
Emilio Sakraya
Neke Bah (as Emilio Sakraya Moutaoukkil) Neke Bah (as Emilio Sakraya Moutaoukkil)   See fewer
Zeljko Sestic
Pole Czeslaw Pole Czeslaw   See fewer
Blaz Setnikar
Polish worker Polish worker   See fewer
Raphael Souza Sá
Häuptling Cree Häuptling Cree   See fewer
Amila Terzimehic
Magua's Wife Magua's Wife   See fewer
Markus Tomczyk
Santer Killer 1 Santer Killer 1   See fewer
Kleber Valim
Häuptling Hoopa Häuptling Hoopa   See fewer
Anamarija Vrdoljak
Wife Zbigniew Wife Zbigniew   See fewer
Ines Wurth
Wife Czeslaw Wife Czeslaw   See fewer
Tarik Zizak
Zbigniew Zbigniew   See fewer
Jani Zombori
Apache Warrior Apache Warrior   See fewer
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